Latest Zelle Carding Method

Why Zelle Carding is Simple

Some hustlers would have been aware of the latest Zelle carding method, but I’ll explain how this carding method works, and list the requirements.

zelle carding method

Unfortunately, Zelle is one of the carding methods that work in the US only because Zelle does not operate internationally. Regardless, a VPN can bypass the restriction, and you can get a bank drop or create a USA bank account for carding. Shipping is not required, so there is no need for a picker that charges 10% of the value.

Zelle carding is similar to methods such as Cash App carding, Venmo carding, and PayPal carding. The reason is that, like the aforementioned apps, Zelle is a mobile wallet. It requires a different approach as in the Airbnb carding, Amazon carding, etc.

Without boring you, let’s move straight to the history of Zelle, and then the steps to card successfully.

Zelle Carding History

Zelle was founded in 2017 to make a mobile money transfer in the US convenient. The US has many mobile wallets, and Zelle is just one of them that can function from a banking app, including Venmo, PayPal, etc. is integrated into the banking app used by some US residents. It makes transactions easier, and carding becomes even easier, especially with the US bank logs.

Why Zelle is unique among other mobile wallets is that it is owned by Early Warning Services managed by merchants such as U.S. Bank, Capital One, BB&T, JPMorgan Chase, the Bank of America, PNC Bank, and Wells Fargo. Carders believe that Zelle is better than Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, and several other mobile wallets because it can be integrated into a banking app. So, when bank logs are used to access an account from a bank app, it becomes easier to card.

Zelle is not a difficult app to card for funds. If you have a US bank account, you can use it to practice how to move your funds legally before getting bank logs.

Zelle Carding Requirements

To card Zelle, below are the requirements:

Bank Logs carding does not CC in this tutorial. Get bank logs, and verify the bank logs by logging into the account once.

Zelle bank logs

Bank logs

Depending on the bank log vendor, you may purchase it at about $50.

Make sure to confirm it before making payments. Of course, it is the work of escrow to overlook the transaction, and the escrow may charge 5-10 percent of the deal.

Note that bank logs are different from CC. Bank logs information will include bank username, login password, and email address. CC has to do with credit cards only.

Bank App

The next step is to get the bank app of the bank logs. Suppose you purchase JP Morgan Chase Bank logs, you need their bank app.

It is within the banking app that Zelle is built-in for carding.

Some persons already link their bank with Zelle, so you don’t have to link Zelle again if you find it in the bank app.

Bank Drop

A bank drop is an account that you move funds into. You can’t move funds to your bank account to avoid chargeback and your bank account getting frozen.

You can create a bank drop, but it will be a US bank drop in this case. You can’t move the funds in Zelle to a bank drop created in another country because Zelle does not work internationally, unlike PayPal, Payoneer, etc.


OPSEC means Operations Security, and in carding, it involves the measures you take to avoid getting caught. It includes a carding VPN, CCleaner, and a private browser.

Using a bank drop is categorized in OPSEC because it keeps your identity anonymous.

Typically, carders use paid VPNs. Some also use the free versions, but free VPNs limit your IP, and it may have been blacklisted by or the bank.

Latest Zelle Carding Method

Carding Zelle is effortless. In this section, we discover how to card Zelle and cashout fast.

Checkout the Zelle carding method below:

  • Prepare the Requirements
  • Get the Bank Logs
  • Install the Bank App
  • Link Account
  • Move Funds
  • Cashout
Zelle cashout method

Zelle fund

Prepare the Requirements

The requirements include everything I mentioned in the requirement section – carding VPN, bank app, bank logs, bank drop, etc.

Verify that every requirement is active because when you launch the Zelle carding method, you must complete everything before the owner is notified.

The best time to card is late at night when the owner may be sleeping. So, you can look up the time in the US, if you do not reside in the US, to know when to begin carding.

Get the Bank Logs

I use Chase for transactions that involve the bank in the US. It is preferable to me for some reasons to pay bills and others.

To card Zelle, carders recommend Chase Bank and Wells Fargo because they do not request SMS verification when moving funds.

Moreover, you can avoid email verification by purchasing bank logs with cookies.

Install the Bank App

Depending on the bank logs you have, get the relevant bank. For example, if you have the Wells Fargo Bank logs, you need the Chase QuickPay (Chase Mobile). If you are using Wells Fargo Bank logs, get the Wells Fargo Zelle App.

Next, log in with the bank logs to check the account balance.

If the balance is positive, everything is set. The next step is to confirm whether is connected to the account.

If you are using the Chase Bank app, open the app and click Pay & Transfer » Chase QuickPay® with Zelle.

Link Account

The reason for this step is if the owner of the account did not connect Zelle previously. Since Zelle wasn’t connected, create a account. Make sure to use the details of the bank account to open the Zelle account. If your bank logs arrived with cookies, the system will not send a verification code.

To create a account, navigate to, click the option for opening a new account, and provide the details similar to the bank account. Your fake email address must also be similar.

Move Funds

Activate the Zelle account. Login via the bank app, and click Send to move funds to another Zelle account.

Zelle Carding tutorial

Zelle funds

Move the funds to another Zelle account. Follow the on-screen options to set your amount, and send the money to the second Zelle account you created.


You can either move the funds from Zelle to Zelle, or a bank drop directly, but within the US.

Most carders prefer to move from Zelle to Zelle before moving it to a bank drop because Zelle’s transfer is instant. You’ll be charged, though.

Best Bank Bank Logs for Zelle

Some banks are better in the US for carding Zelle. Below are the banks with the best bank logs:

  • Wells Fargo
  • PNC Bank
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Capital One
  • The Bank of America
  • BB&T
  • S. Bank

Final Thoughts

Instead of buying bank logs, you can always collect bank details from clients.

Everything about Zelle has to be done faster because Zelle is delicate since it’s limited to the bank account directly.

Meanwhile, what can happen when someone had your bank account number?

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