How Yahoo Guys Make Money from Yahoo Plus Rituals

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What is Yahoo Plus Rituals

Yahoo plus rituals is an advanced development to that of normal Yahoo Yahoo. Yahoo plus rituals involve the use of fetish ways to make money. Yahoo plus rituals is basically the advanced version of the regular Yahoo Yahoo in all ramifications. It is practised both within and round Nigeria. Those who engage in this act can be noticed without any hitch.

In all cases, they get rich instantly and live a life worthy of questioning. Furthermore, the big dissimilarity between the Yahoo and Yahoo plus is that the former is just about scamming people on net while the latter is quite fetish in nature.

It is important to note that, these Yahoo plus boys do not need to defraud or fleece anyone in order to have money. In most cases, they just need to have sex with girls in order to take their destiny and make them look useless.

We have heard different stories on how Yahoo plus ritual is carried out. Let us take a true life story of one.

A True Life Story about Yahoo Plus Rituals

Chidi is a Nigerian born civilian at age 25 made a confession and disclosed that Yahoo plus is one of the popular trends in Cybercrime.

He went on to say that those who are part of the yahoo plus use charm to mesmerize their victims. This is because the normal yahoo does not bring in the expected result despite using all the yahoo formats that work. Victims who are being targeted are getting smarter and they don’t seem to fall for any deceit.

When he observed that he was not making it in the so-called business, he thought to enquire from some of his buddy who was in the same category of business. Amazement rang through him as he was made to comprehend the in-thing was yahoo plus.

Then he decided to go for a smooth journey to Benin Republic and also Ghana where he approached a herbalist who told them to purchase three live cocks and some other items which he used to arrange some concoction for them.

Immediately he got through with that, the herbalist asked him and his friends to stand at the entrance of the shrine, while he the herbalist chanted incantations that would enable their success in yahoo plus.

As he and his friends returned to Nigeria, they had some concoction which the herbalist said were made with some human parts. He and his friends were told by the herbalist that they need to put the concoction in their mouths whenever they want to get hold of a victim.

The basic reason why Chidi decided to quit was that his close friends had lost some of their close ones because they went astray and because of fear he decided to end it and he boldly asked for forgiveness for those had duped in the past.

How do Yahoo Boys do Yahoo Plus Rituals?

The yahoo plus boy approaches a fetish priest to prepare charms for him that he uses to mesmerize his victim. These charms could come from little souvenirs like the handkerchiefs, rings etc. it is also renewed after maybe these charms must have passed their expiration period.

For instance, the rings which are worn by the Yahoo plus boys in order to influence the victim they are communicating to. It could local or international, wherever the victim maybe he or she will follow whatever the yahoo plus boy asked of him. He or she could even go as far as emptying his bank account for the yahoo boy.

In the case of handkerchiefs, the G-boy is to wipe his personal computer with it whenever is to communicate with any victim. That way the victim will believe everything the yahoo boy says.

yahoo plus ritual room

One that is not too known by people is where a stone is being used by the yahoo boys. They simply put it in their mouth when they interact with their client. These stones have been prepared in the shrine with different concoctions and placed with devilish powers. The words that do come out of the fraudster are usually in full power.

In some cases, the herbalists will tell the Yahoo guys to buy the unique fabrics which are changed into clothing and dashed or given as gifts to the unfortunate victims. Immediately the gifts are received, they become under a spell and they begin to transfer money to the Yahoo guy.

However, the charms are not received free of charge and they are with rules and guidelines. In most cases, you must follow the laid down rules and regulations so as to make the charms to be effective. It is important to note that if the charm rules are not followed or if it is misused, certain consequences will follow. The Yahoo boy might either get sick and die or the charm will lose its value.

Yahoo plus rituals may include;

  • Swimming in the river
  • Sleeping in the marketplaces for days or weeks
  • Eating human feces
  • Sleeping with certain mad women
  • Getting certain animals every month
  • Also getting human parts and taking them to the herbalist.


The human parts gotten will be inserted and mixed in a concoction and be delivered to the Yahoo plus guy to drink. On the completion of drinking the concoction, the Yahoo plus guy will instantly get certain powers which he can use for his own benefit.

Another thing you need to know about Yahoo plus rituals is that you can also be told to be barking like a dog at least once a month. I have once come across a Yahoo plus guy who was barking in his room.

While my friend and I were passing and knowing that there is not a dog within the compound or environment, we deeply suspected that it was one of the things Yahoo plus guys do to make money. And immediately we fled from that environment because we thought we could fall victim to him.

Girls and Yahoo Plus Guys

The next thing you should know about doing rituals in Yahoo plus is that you may be told to wipe a lady’s vagina with a towel after sleeping with her. This is what the majority of the desperate girls fall into.

A girl and a guy who did yahoo plus rituals

While knowing that they are dating a Yahoo plus guy, they get blinded by the amount of money the Yahoo plus guy showers them with. This will enable the Yahoo plus guy complete what he was sent for.

In addition, it is been said that some girls are walking dead nowadays. This is as a result of the Yahoo plus guy wiping their vagina with a towel. They do not die quickly, their death takes time and will not be easily noticed by the general public.

Lastly, you are expected to know that the Yahoo plus guys usually kill their nephew’s for money rituals. Though this is not common among Yahoo plus guys, but then, it happens.

Yahoo plus rituals are what is ravaging in today’s world as we speak. Majority of Youths are making money from this illegal and fetish game. From my point, I will advise you not to indulge yourselves in Yahoo plus because the consequences that come with it can be quite unbearable.

Your Turn

Have you ever seen a yahoo plus guy before?


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