13 Yahoo Boy Orientation (OT) You Did Not Know

There are always the dos and don’ts if a yahoo hustler must survive the space. And one such is to know the yahoo boy orientation that gets you the money from clients, protects your identity, or protects you from other Gees.

Of course, yahoo orientation simply refers to the basics of becoming successful. You just cannot do without observing the proper orientation.

But not to worry, this publication covers the major things you need to know to stay oriented in the hustle. Simply watching your back is not always enough if you do not practice the basics revealed here.

yahoo boy orientation

Yahoo boy orientation

I will try to explain the orientations explicitly, even though a guide like this should be a paid course. But for the record, this is only an educational piece. Neither I nor the editors encourage yahooism.

Know the yahoo boy orientation below:

  1. Never fully trust a G

To coexist with other yahoo boys, there needs to be “trust” but you cannot fully trust your fams. They can sell you out at the slightest opportunity. This does not mean you are a saint and would not do the same though.

Trust is the foundation. Even the yahoo school or G that schooled you needed to trust you enough to give you the knowledge. It is also out of trust that I make publications like this, hoping that you only read to know how yahoo yahoo works rather than engage in it.

  1. Know your scamming format

I read a lot about yahoo boys who fail to cashout or even secure a client. Some even have a problem picking the items they collect from clients. Now, all these go down to having complete knowledge about the scamming format you pick.

Yahoo boy ot

You do not use a particular scamming format because it is the latest or because your closest G cashed out recently using that format. You need a yahoo format “that is you”. I mean a format that you understand well enough.

You need to plan how getting a client with the format will be possible, how convincing them for the funds will be possible, and how to even cashout and get away with it.

In this case, when next you see a scamming format online, get to make it a part of you. You can even invent a format, write, and publish your success stories for websites like mine to pick and educate the general public.

  1. Avoid video calls with clients as much as possible

Sadly, video calls are the yahoo boys’ nightmare. Depending on the format you pick, suppose military dating, a client needs the video call.

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Yahoo scam is all about “convincing” in the first place, so you want to convince a client using reasonable excuses to get away with a video call.

If you cannot, then you need to improvise, but usually, this means revealing your facial identity. Using tools to fake your face does not always work. If you asked for my advice, of which I’m not in support, I would say, “use formats that are video call-free”.

  1. Get Grammarly

If you think you are not the brightest yahoo boy, get Grammarly app for yahoo. Even the free version for a start will help to correct your bad English grammar.

Not being great at English does not make you a dummy. You are smart but just not decent at using English. But it turns out that how you use English is now a major red flag clients use to spot yahoo boys. So, try to improve your grammar.

  1. Always keep your VPN running

No VPN, no party. You cannot just do without it. I know you know having a VPN makes up the yahoo boy orientation. However, you sometimes forget to turn yours on. And I am urging you now to “always keep it running”. Besides, you should be using a dedicated device when running any yahoo format.

Free VPNs are okay but a premium is better. For a beginner, a free VPN will do. Just make sure to confirm the IP address after activating a VPN. A common problem with free VPNs is that other yahoo boys use them, so some platforms you need to access already flagged or banned the IP.

  1. Don’t repeat a profile

You should not use the same profile always. What you do not know is that your client may have screenshot your profile and posted them somewhere, asking others to “beware of the user”.

This may affect your chances of getting a new client since you cannot tell if they have seen the reported profile already or not. When using platforms like Tinder, since it is filled with swindlers, honest people or prospective clients tend to proactively research the profile they are dealing with.

In fact, Users on Tinder, eHarmony, etc., are not scared of heartbreaks. They are actually scared of people like you (yahoo boys) or getting scammed.

The only way they can remedy the situation is to run a simple profile check, which means repeating a profile can make you lose clients to scam.

  1. A valid bank drop is important

The regular solution to cashout is a bank drop, which needs to be updated often or even closed down every now and then.

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It is also a common practice for yahoo boys to use third-party bank drop. This is advisable if you belong in a circle of yahoo boys you can trust. Such that if anything goes wrong with your funds, you simply report them to the clique to get your money back.

Creating and maintaining a reliable bank drop is not always easy though. So, expect to pay a certain percentage for the funds you receive.

  1. Know your picker

A picker picks your carted item and resends it to you. You need a picker if the yahoo format you use involved the client sending a physical package or item. Supposed you cart an iPhone from a client. You may need the services of a picker to receive it.

A picker is good if you need to always hide your identity. Of course, you would pay an agreed percentage of the money to the picker.

I would also add that you need to know a reshipper but they are usually companies who reship to your location. If you happen to regularly scam clients in the U.S., try to repeat the services of a particular reshipper until you sense that you need to use another company.

The idea is to allow your current reshipper to handle the deals as long as you do not encounter issues. A reshipper does not know whether the item you are paying to reship was scammed or not.

  1. Gather multiple OpSec and tools

One OpSec (Operational Security) is not enough. OpSec includes Socks (4 and 5), CCleaner, RDP, VPN, etc. Even the browser you use determines the level of your security. Generally, Tor and Firefox are the most used browsers for yahoo formats.

Regarding tools, you also need multiple tools like your scamming devices, scamming accounts, etc.

Even the SIM card you use is a yahoo tool, so you need multiple ones. Tools like SIM cards should not be registered, if possible. If the scam you run is SIM card-oriented, you need to fake the SIM information during registration.

Note that tools such as Facebook accounts, dating site accounts, and more, should be opened with different fake information according to your format and prospective clients.

  1. Cover your PC camera

An important yahoo boy or girl orientation illegal hustlers miss out is covering their PC camera. If you use a mobile phone that prevents apps from starting the camera without your permission, consider covering the camera using anything at your disposal. It can be chewing gum or paper sellotape.

  1. Target the old ladies and paddies

Younger clients tend to always uncover a yahoo boy from a genuine person, so go after those older men and women who are desperate for whatever your scamming format promises to offer them.

It is also easier to convince older adults to collect their bank details, driver’s licenses, or even SSNs.

  1. Stay up to date with formats

Evolution happens everywhere, including in yahoo format, and the reason is that clients get smarter. Yahoo formats are also being updated with time to cover any loving loophole that comes with technology and others.

For example, before video call was introduced, yahoo boys could easily send fake pictures and change their voice. But technology brought video calls, which means something needed to be done to bypass face time with clients.

Another form of evolution that affected yahoo was tracking ID. Before now, tracking ID was not a thing but with tracking ID, a yahoo boy could deny receiving packages clients send to them. Think about it, if clients are unable to track the items shipped to you, you could say you did not receive them and they resend another.

  1. Play low

Hushpuppi would still be out there if he played low-key. Well, as you already know, he was arrested.

His excessive use of Instagram to flaunt exposed his location, leading to him getting caught. You do not want to end up like him, so play your game and stay low.

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