How To Write A Quality Article in Less Than 15 Minutes

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How To Write A Quality Article Fast in Less Than 15 Minutes.

Have you ever wondered how you can write a quality article fast in less than 15 minutes? I will show you exactly in few steps.

The number one excuse always given for not writing quality articles fast and blog posts is “I don’t seem to have time.” It is true that you can just compile some load of junks and dump it on your blog; it usually will not go down well to your blog subscribers who gave out their emails just to receive quality contents.

I won’t argue that I don’t procrastinate just like other bloggers and internet marketers; most times I just dread switching on my computer to start work (You found it hard to believe, right?)!

Write a quality article fast

Part of my income monthly comes when I write a quality article fast and at least once a day.

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Sometimes I just keep shifting my content creation time for a later date. But I suddenly realized the negative effect it was having on my business (Content creation).



I soon began to lose my follower base. To tackle this problem hands-on, I brought up the idea of dedicating just 15 minutes a day to write a quality article/content. In as much as I dedicated just 15 minutes, I could end up spending about 45 minutes or more. To tackle procrastination, you need to make content creation a habit just like brushing your teeth in the morning (even though some don’t – lol) or taking a long evening walk.

I now spend about 15 – 20 minutes every evening on my article creation as part of my daily ritual, without fail and it has become more of a habit to me.

Secrets to write a Quality Article Faster

For those who have an awesome typing speed you should be able to type about 800-word article within 5 minutes or even more than, but that isn’t the point we are trying to buttress here. We are focusing on trying to create “quality content.”

You need to research your chosen keywords and even your competitor’s content – before you even start writing the article. This should always be done a day before the actual creation begins.

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Do a search of the keywords you are thinking of writing on for the following day.

This action should be carried out immediately you are done writing the article meant for the day. You are still in the euphoria of the recently concluded article and you should capitalize on that. You may want the article to build up on an existing article, or you may choose a completely different topic; it totally depends on you.

Write down the extra keyword suggestions given to you by Google as your main keyword

Take your time to open up the top-ranking contents for the keywords that you have chosen, and use it as the subject of your next article. You can go a step further to search for hash tags that are related to your keywords.

Doing this will give you and eagle eye view of the contents that is already online for the keyword people would be searching for. Copy the titles of the various articles, and the important highlights of the article’s body.

You can also copy the best ranking pictures of the keyword you are going to use in cooking your article. You will need to open up a new word document, where you can paste all the titles, important body highlights, and pictures that you have gathered from several sources.

Weldon! You already have the skeleton of a quality article.

What Next?

Write your article from your reader’s perspective

You should have in mind that your competitor’s article ranked so high because of the quality and other technical factors he implemented while writing the article. But you should know that you can create a better article than your competitors, by simply visiting the comment section of their blogs and getting to know some unanswered questions of their readers. Write down the suggestions or ideas that their readers are yearning for. Go through the most liked comments on Facebook and write them down too.

There you go! That is all the work you need to do as you prepare to churn out mind blowing quality content the next day. This is how to build the skeleton or outline of your next article. That is all the hard work (which isn’t really that hard per say).

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The next morning, just find a quiet corner and arrange your article (if you prefer to do all of them the same day, then you should consider taking a break after the first section). If you follow the methods I just outlined above, then you can create a great and quality article within just 15 minutes.

If possible, create a video for the article you just created (not longer than 3-minutes). Videos are kind of helpful for some readers who wouldn’t want to read your articles now. You should load the video into YouTube and link them back to your site (Google would love you for that and reward you with SEO ranking increase).

Quickly promote your articles on several social media sites (This will help you get initial hits and shares). I always do recommend Pinterest and Facebook for initial marketing of contents.

In the quest to write a quality article fast, you shouldn’t sacrifice giving out quality ideas. This will also interest your readers to follow you for more.



To get my Pinterest Demon guide; type in the comment section.

Now that you have seen my secret of creating quality articles within 15 minutes, would you still give the excuse of “I don’t have much time?”

Questions should be written in the comment section and I will attend to them all. If you wish to get my secret links to quality articles, you can comment below and I will send you to your mailbox.




Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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