Wish Carding Method 2022 [Updates]

Sup, hustler? I just noticed I omitted to teach about the Wish carding method. Well, today, this tutorial will disclose everything you should know about carding on Wish. Of course, you want to card the latest jewelry, clothes, iPhones, electronics, etc. from Wish.com, and I will teach you how to make it happen.

Wish carding method

Carding Wish is possible, and you require a live CC, a picker, Wish.com account, drop (location), and VPN to card Wish. Moreover, you may use a smartphone or a PC to card Wish, but I recommend using a PC.

The reason why carding is interesting on Wish.com is that the site does not require OTP for verification. However, in some countries like India, Wish requires OTP to for authentication. Therefore, carders in India and other affected countries will have to forget about carding Wish.com.

In this carding tutorial, I will expose the right tools, and the procedures to card Wish successfully. Below are the steps regarding the Wish carding method.

History of Wish.com Carding

Like other cardable websites, Wish.com also has its history. Wish was formerly known as ContextLogic before 2011 when it was changed to Wish. The idea of creating Wish is to link buyers and sellers who are willing to sell very cheaply.

The carding industry identifies Wish.com as a potential ground for carding, which it is today. Moreover, several carders worldwide, including Indians, Russians, Nigerians, Chinese, and Americans, have joined the platform.

The general payment methods on Wish.com are PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Klarna, Ebanx, iDeal, Visa and MasterCard Debit cards, and Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Cirrus, Maestro, and Discover).

For the reason that Wish supports credit card transactions, carders have taken to card successfully on Wish.com. Carders use the non-VBV (non-Verified by Visa) card to card Wish.com, and it is the best CC to use for Wish carding. It is because the non-VBV live CC can bypass the OTP verification.

Requirements for Carding Wish

In this section, I will disclose all the tools you need for the Wish carding method. Of course, if you do not know what tools to use, you will not card successfully, and your Wish.com account will be disabled.

If you do not want your Wish account to be disabled, make sure to have every tool I list in this article. Otherwise, do not bother. Below are the requirements for carding on Wish.


Regarding how to card Wish, you do not necessarily require a picker. The reason is that you can manage your billing address and add a new address. However, if Wish.com does not support your country, you need a picker in a supported country to collect the order and ship to your location. Another reason why you may need a picker is if you do not want the courier to know you in person.

Meanwhile, you may refer to the List of shipping Countries for Wish before signing up.

Drop (Shipping Address)

The Drop is the place where your carded order will arrive. You can refuse to set a Drop address unless you do not want to come in contact with the courier. I also advise that you do not use your residential address as the drop location because if issues arise, it will be easier for Wish.com to track you.

You can set the drop location to a random place such as an eatery, a government office, etc. Inform that office that you are expecting a package so that they will tell you to pick up your carded order.


If you can’t afford a premium VPN, you can download, set up, and use Socks4 or Socks5. We also have free VPNs that you can use, but the servers are not usually robust. Go to any app store and download a free VPN. And make sure to read the reviews before downloading. If you see bad reviews, search for another free VPN.

PC or Mobile Phone

A PC is the best option, but because you may not be able to afford a PC, I recommend an Android phone. However, the Android phone must have at least 1GB RAM size and must not have Google apps installed. You can disable all Google apps until your Wish carding is successful.

Email Address

When you buy CC fullz, you will be given the email address of the CC holder. Moreover, some CC vendors do provide the email address for CCs that are not CC fullz. After collecting a live CC, copy out the email address and create a similar email address. For example, if the CC email address is topwritersden@gmail.com, your new email address should be topwritersden01@gmail.com.

Live CC

The problem that most carders face is getting a real CC that works. When you want to buy a CC, online via a forum, use the admin or moderator of the forum as an escrow. Escrow here refers to the middleman that will hold the money until you confirm that the CC is a live CC fullz.

Note: Buy a CC that contains the exp. date, BIN, and CVV. You can as well request other details such as SSN, address, phone number, etc. but these are only available for CC fullz and it will be costlier.

Note: When you collect the CC, test whether the balance is negative and also test whether it is live before carding Wish.com.

Wish Account

For the Wish carding method to work, you require a cracked Wish account. You can crack a Wish account, but it will take time, and you may not know the procedures. You can buy a cracked Wish account for about $12, depending on the seller.

how to card on Wish.com

Proof of Carded Jewelry

You can buy a cracked Wish account from the dark web or visit carding forums directly. And like I mentioned earlier, do not enter a deal with anybody without involving an escrow. Otherwise, you will be scammed.


Do not use a browser like Chrome when carding Wish. Google will track your activities, and it can be used against you in the future.

Wish Carding Method without CC Fullz

In this section of the tutorial, I will drill you on the Wish carding method that works. Below are the steps regarding the Wish carding method:

  • Decide on Your Drop (Shipping Address)
  • Get a Cracked Wish.com Account
  • Buy Live CC Fullz
  • Sign Up with the Email Address and CC
  • Cart and Order an Item
  • Change the Shipping Address
  • Receive the Order
Wish carding for beginners

Carded Gold Watch

Decide on Your Drop (Shipping Address)

Regarding how to do Wish carding, you require a drop address if you do not want to receive the order directly. However, I advise you to use your country as the shipping country/region. But you can set the billing address to a place that is far from where you live.

If you do not want to pick up the order, you can pay a token to someone that will serve as a picker. The truth is that you can use anybody as a picker. Usually, I do not recommend using a stranger that is also into carding. Otherwise, you will never see your carded order from Wish.com again.

Get a Cracked Wish.com Account

After deciding on whether you will be using a picker or not, find a cracked Wish account. We have willing sellers online who will give you the account and even an email address. Without a cracked Wish.com account, carding will be difficult, and you do not want to waste time carding Wish.com.

Nevertheless, I will show you how to crack a Wish.com account as you read on.

Buy Live CC Fullz

The next difficulty in carding Wish is to get a live CC fullz. Many of the CC that people sell online are fake. However, you can search and find a real live CC for Wish carding. And when getting a CC, it must be a non-VBV CC because that is the best. Do not buy a MasterCard CC because it will send OTP to the holder of the credit card.

Sign Up with the Email Address and CC

Once you have the non-VBV live CC fullz and a cracked Wish account, create an email address. If the vendor of the CC gave you an email address, make sure to create an email address that is similar to the email of the CC. Carders do not generally use email addresses different from the addresses on the CC. If you do not know the email address of the CC, use a random email address, and hope that it works.

Cart and Order an Item

Wish carding tutorial

Latest Carded Clothes

After signing up, endeavor to select the credit card as the payment method. Add the CC details and start adding items to the cart immediately. Try to choose your items as quickly as possible before Wish.com disable the account.

Once you click Order and it is successful, you have successfully carded the items on Amazon. However, you still have to hope that the holder of the card does is not alerted of the order. Once you click Order or Check Out, Wish will bomb the email of the original owner of the CC to prevent him/her from receiving the alerts.

Change the Shipping Address

If the order is successful, quickly change the shipping address to wherever you want. You can change the Wish.com shipping address by navigating to the items you have ordered. Go to Order History> Contact Support> and click Change My Address. You should change the shipping address very fast because once Wish.com ships the item, you can no longer change the address.

Also, Wish uses various shipping methods, including Standard shipping, Wish Express, 2-Day Delivery, Ship to Store, and Pickup Now. If you use standard delivery, it will take days for you to receive the item. But if you use other express delivery options, you will receive the carded items in a few days.

Receive the Order

When your order arrives in your country, Wish.com will not require any means of identification to release the order. However, if the courier requests for identification, you can issue a fake ID. So, start now to design a fake ID so that you will bypass the ID verification.

card Wish.Com

How to Crack Wish Account

In this section, I will teach you how to crack a Wish account with a balance. Note that you do not require a VPN to crack a Wish account. Below are the steps for cracking a Wish account.

Remove Antivirus from Your PC

The first thing you must do is disable any active antivirus on the computer. The reason is that the software you will be using to crack a Wish account is considered malware by the antivirus software.

Install the Software

Visit https://exee.io/wishcrackingtut, download, and install the cracking software.

Extract the Files

After installations, extract the files and open Slayer Leech.

Insert keywords in the black box named ‘keywords.’

Now, click the icon you find near Search Settings and mark all of the options.

Next to Resultats, select Weekly.

Wait for Resultats to Process

Now, you have to press Start and allow Resultats to reach a high number. If Resultats freezes while counting, click Stop and restart.

Click Stop.

Now, click Filtring and Click Grab.

Set the Threads

After you click Grab, click Pass to Leecher to move to the next page where you will set the threads. Here, you have to set the threads to 63. And it should read “Email: Password combo” next to Result Type.

Now, allow the links to be ultimately used up and then click Start. Next, click Remove Duplicates and save the Resultats to your desktop or any location you can easily access.

Download and Extract a Proxy List

The next step is to download a list of proxies online. Make sure to take note of the proxy type, whether it is HTTPS, SOCKS4, or SOCKS5. Now, extract the proxy list file and save it to your desktop (or any location).

Load the Proxy File

Now, open the Wish account checker in the .zip file. Check the proxy you just downloaded online and load the file. Also, load the file you saved at the start of this carding tutorial with your Resultats into Load Combo and set the threads to 63. Finally, click Start and wait for it to complete.

After the Wish account is cracked, you will find the account on the right-hand side of your PC. If not, check the Result folder and you will find the account.

How to Use Cracked Wish Account without Getting Banned

A significant problem with using a cracked Wish.com account is that the account will be banned. Fortunately, you can bypass being banned in a few steps.

What you require to avoid getting a cracked Wish account banned is the HQ proxy. You need the HQ proxy of the location you are ordering on Wish.com. And like I mentioned earlier, you should only change the billing address after ordering the item. Make sure to use a specific region of proxies for Wish not to identify the cracked account.

How to Get HQ Proxies for Wish Carding

To get HQ proxies for Wish is relatively easy. In this section, I will simplify the process so that you can quickly get your HQ proxies for carding Wish.

Visit Moxyproxy.pw

Moxyproxy.pw is a Russian website where you can get free HQ proxies for carding Wishh.com. Since the website uses the Russian language, you require a page translator plugin to translate the site to your language if you do not speak Russian.

On Moxyproxy.pw, you will receive a free 30-minute HQ proxies trial, which you have to activate to use. To start the proxies, provide your Telegram ID and type in your number. The site will send you a notification in which you have to agree to the terms.

Now, go back to moxyproxy.pw and activate the free trial. You should see something like http://moxyproxy.pw/key/XXXXXXXXX. Click the URL, and you will be presented with a list of proxies to choose from. After checking the menu of your key for IP addresses, click the next button for your IP. If you can view your IP, it means that the proxies are running.

how to card Wish

Carded Phones

Note: The free trial ends after 30 minutes. So, you have to be fast about carding.


The purpose of this article is to inform the general public that carding Wish is real. I do not advise anybody to card Wish.com. And note that you are responsible for the consequences.

Final Thought

In this article, I have drilled you on all you have to know about carding on Wish. Of course, it is trickier than carding Amazon, but the security protocols are less.

With this tutorial, you no longer require the Wish carding method PDF. You can simply save this page for the Wish.com carding guide, or you save the URL of this article on your phone.

Finally, when dealing with the vendors of CC and crack Wish account, be careful not to fall victim to scammers. But then, note that you are just like them, and do not weep if you get scammed. Again, carding is an offense punishable by law. If you get caught, you will be punished.

Card Wisely…

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