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Where to Sell Refurbished Furniture for Most Profit


Where to sell refurbished furniture? You need to understand that where you sell your furniture determines how much money you’d make from it. You’ll usually have to do some work like a wood filling, sanding, and painting, to mention a few, for the pieces to look great.

People on some platforms are looking for cheap things mostly—you don’t want to be low-balled by potential buyers on these kinds of platforms. The goal is to sell your refurbished furniture for what they are worth. Now, this publication reveals places where you can sell your high-quality refurbished furniture. Depending on the buyer’s location, you may have to ship it, so make sure to include in your description whether you’re interested in locals only or internationals as well.

Where to sell refurbished furniture

Where to sell refurbished furniture

You could even start a refurbishing business or just sell the refurbished furniture you no longer need. And as mentioned earlier, you want to sell at the right place where the furniture value is acknowledged for the most profit. Below are places where you can sell refurbished furniture:

1. Craigslist online ads

It’s easy to sell items on Craigslist (CL) or any similar online sale site for the most profit. Even replicas are sold here. Nonetheless, it can be tricky, and you have to look out for lowballers and potential scammers.

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When you create an online listing on CL, you want to provide as much detail as possible to entice buyers and cut off further questions. Details you want buyers to know include:

  • Furniture brand and model
  • Clear pictures
  • Size and dimensions
  • Condition of the furniture (refurbished)

You also want to mention the things you did during the refurbishing process, including painting, repairs, filling, etc., to attract serious buyers.

Craigslist is a place to sell refurbished furniture online for the most profit. You also want to look out for potential scammers and people who will try to lowball. Meanwhile, one way to avoid lowballing is to list a reasonable price and stick to it or only negotiate slightly.

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You don’t also want to give out your home address to strangers. Meet the buyer at a public place or use any common location like a popular store or mall parking lot. If the furniture is too large to transport back and forth, you can have the buyer show up at your place—place the refurbished furniture outside.

2. Etsy

Etsy is not a platform for selling only vintage clothing or handmade jewelry. You can sell your refurbished furniture to make money fast.

To sell refurbished furniture on Etsy, you need to first create a custom shop. You’d also need beautiful photos of your refurbished furniture to upload, along with a description and reasonable price to entice potential buyers.

The standard shop option on Etsy is free, so if you’re looking to sell your refurbished furniture one time, you can use the free plan. If you intend to make a business out of selling refurbished furniture, consider upgrading to the plus option.

On Etsy, sellers may be required to pay various fees, including:

  • Listing fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Advertising and promotional fees
  • Etsy ad fees
  • Offsite ads fees

Refer to for the current Etsy fees and the commission to pay when you sell your refurbished furniture.

Etsy listings stay active for 4 months or until you sell your item.

3. Antique or consignment shops

Antique and consignment shops are food places to sell your refurbished furniture. However, you would be selling your item through a third party, which means you may get less profit.

It’s also possible that the antique shop will price your item expensively, meaning it can be a bit harder to sell.

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Selling through consignment is really worth it if you need someone else to negotiate and sell your furniture on your behalf. Make sure to check the different shops in your area for the one with the best profit-to-sale ratio before you commit your furniture to them.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place where you can sell refurbished furniture online. Facebook typically shows the item to potential buyers closer to your location.

To list an item on Facebook takes a few seconds. Just follow this Facebook guide to list your refurbished furniture.

Make sure to add descriptions and photos for your listing, and include there that it is “refurbished”. You could also post your listing to local Facebook garage sales websites to boost your reach.

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Listing on Facebook Marketplace place is free and you handle the transaction yourself, including arranging for the buyer to pick up the furniture.

5. eBay

eBay offers you different selling options—you can sell your refurbished furniture at a fixed price or at an auction.

The furniture listing process on eBay is fairly straightforward. Just make sure to add photos of your listing for it to stand out. Give your listing the right title and include the necessary details in the description. You also want the buyer to know beforehand that the furniture is refurbished.

On eBay, when your furniture sells, eBay will keep a portion of the sale. For most categories, the final value fee is 12.9% of the sale price or lower, plus $0.30.

You can select local pickup for the furniture if it’s too bulky and expensive to ship internationally.

6. Flea Markets and swap shops

If you intend to start a refurbished furniture business, consider renting a booth at a flea market or swap shop. Look up your local markets and choose one with the following combination:

  • Enormous exposure
  • Similar average prices to yours
  • Cheap booth rental price

A market may have a very cheap booth price but may not get enormous traffic. The booth you rent should be part of the flea market or swap shop with exposure to foot traffic. Lastly, make sure to look for one that meets your refurbished needs in an area drawn to your furniture prices.

7. Community boards

You can post flyers of your refurbished furniture on community boards. Make sure to include lots of details, including the brand name (if any), color, size, and dimensions, to mention a few. You’d also add catchy photos and your contact information – phone number or email. Don’t include your home address to prevent strangers from showing up on your doorstep without informing you.

Posting on a community board is free. You’d have to obtain permission from the admin to post your business flyers listing the refurbished furniture you have to advertise.

8. Facebook garage sale groups

This method is free-to-list with your Facebook account. Just enter “garage sale” or “furniture sale” in the search bar and tap the Groups tab to view local sales groups to join.

Make sure to read the group rules carefully before you post your refurbished furniture. You’d have to post pictures of your furniture and details, including price, dimensions, and location.

Interested buyers will get in line in the comments showing interest with words like “interested”. When you figure out your most interested buyer, you give them your preferred location for pickup and payment.

Selling your refurbished furniture on a Facebook group is good because you can go through individual profiles to know the person you’re dealing with.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to use your real Facebook profile, here are steps to fake your account without a ban. The downside is that this method hides your true identity from potential buyers, which is not good for the deal.

What to look for when picking a place to sell your refurbished

Look for the following when picking a location for your refurbished furniture sale:

1. Location

Decide if you would be willing to ship internationally or sell only within your local area. Make sure to specify shipping in your description if you’re willing to offer that. Otherwise, specify “locals only”. Selling within your area also saves shipping costs and gets the furniture to the buyer quickly.

2. Relevant categories

You need a place that has other items in sync with what you have to sell—furniture. So, when you select a website, look at the categories to be sure if you can list yours. If it’s a general platform like community boards, go ahead and list your furniture.

3. Reasonable fees and commission

If the place you choose to sell operates as an e-commerce website, make sure the fees and commission are reasonable. You do not want to sell via a platform that takes so much of your money, reducing your potential profit.

Compare fees and other seller charges before you proceed. Or, consider hosting your refurbished furniture on free platforms like Facebook Marketplace where you don’t pay to list.

4. Provision for a detailed description

Join a platform where you can post at least 3 photos to showcase the excellent condition of your refurbished. Also, make sure your furniture looks good. The pictures should be clear and well-lit with plain backdrops. Take your shots from different angles and include close-up images to entice potential buyers.

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