Top 5 Best Sectors Where you can Invest in Nigeria and Make Good Profit

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Looking for where to invest in Nigeria? This post has the complete and detailed answer to that question. The Nigerian economy is growing into one of the best economies in the world. Despite the recession which engulfed the country’s economy, the country is slowly moving out of that problem.

However, the government in Nigeria has seen the need and importance to make the country’s economic profitable as possible. Especially for people to invest their capital, knowledge and skill. Most sectors in Nigeria are engaged by people who deem it possible to make money from them. Every successful entrepreneur who invested in any sector must have seen the lucrative opportunity that comes with it before investing.

The reason why you are expected to invest in any profitable Nigerian sector is that of the high profit that comes with it. Check out any successful man’s story, they in one way or the other invested in any profitable sector they found catchy. If you are looking for where to invest in Nigeria, then you should consider only the profitable sectors.

To invest in any profitable sector in Nigeria, demands you to have a strong mindset. As well as enough capital which will help you boost the sector and your business. The most important thing is to be committed and have belief in what you are doing.

Below are the lists of profitable sectors Where Investors can invest in Nigeria:


where to invest in Nigeria



Amongst other countries of the world, Nigeria is included amongst the list of the quickest growing internet users around the world. In fact, according to a research conducted, an estimation of about 76.2million Nigerians made daily use of the internet in the year 2017. However, this figure was said to have almost doubled considering a research conducted in 2013 that saw an estimation of about 51.8 million internet users.

Majority of Nigerians especially the youths who know what Information and Communication Technology has to offer in terms of money wise now seek for every opportunity to invest in the sector.

What makes this sector superior to that of others is because it does not demand your presence in a particular location either to invest or to make money. You can literally be anywhere and still make money or invest.

There are even some companies in the US that seek to invest in the Information and Communication Technology sector. All in all, the Information sector is a very profitable one. Most forward-thinking investors have identified the ICT sectors as one of the profitable sectors to invest in Nigeria.



Agriculture is another fast booming sector in Nigeria. We as individuals eat natural foods from Agriculture. Whenever we go to the markets, we see Agricultural products being sold far and wide. To simply state it, Agriculture is part of our daily living.

Almost one-third of working class people in Nigeria engage in the Agricultural sector. However, the government in Nigeria has laid down plans to assist in developing and merchandising the Agricultural sector.

Agriculture does not only provide food items for the public. It also provides raw materials for industries needed for their day to day running. Since raw materials are very much important and needed, it has then made Agriculture very cherished in the country.  The raw materials and foodstuffs which Agriculture produces have made investors buy into the idea of having to invest in Agriculture because of the potential profits that come with it.

Where to invest in Nigeria? The agricultural sector has answered that question for serious investors. It will guarantee you a big return on your investments owing to the low investment start-up money and low running fee. The Nigerian government seeks to also invest and encourage individuals to practice Agriculture.


The entertainment industry is a profitable sector if you are looking for where to invest in Nigeria. The profit you stand to gain from investing in the entertainment industry is very attractive.  In the case of Nollywood, an investment of about 4 million Naria could mean that your potential profit could more than triple.

While in the case of the music industry, endorsing artists with your investments could make your profit which is to come instantly double. Since the majority of Nigerians watches the entertainment part on a daily basis be it films or songs, it has made the entertainment sector one to behold and pursued by many.

Despite the past recession which engulfed Nigeria, the entertainment industry is still making its mark and it is being seen by millions of Nigerians on a daily basis and lastly, investors now smile to the bank as at when their profits set in.



Though investing in real estate is risk inclined, but it is worth trying. The amount of money you are likely to receive after a period of time after your investment is very big. Examples of real estate investment opportunities range from the selling of land to open space leasing, property developments and renting your house or a building.

A real estate business profit comes either quarterly or annually depending on your negotiations with your client.

The real estate sector is worth trying especially for investors who are seeking amazing benefits as profits. The real estate business is lucrative if you know the secrets of the business. Real estate has become one of the ways I earn money even from my bedroom. All I do is just advertize the houses and get interested investors to buy them at such a huge price. It all boils down to your creativity and willingness to put in lots of hours working for your financial future.



The number of skilled personnel’s and computer literates will only increase if there is a proper education in the country.

Nigeria as a country is filled with unemployed youths. There is a lot more potential that can arise in Nigeria is there is a lot of investment being put in.

Majority of individuals who seek education often ends up being a school drop-out because of their low financial capabilities. But with the help of individuals willing to invest, then the educational background will boom with highly educated and well-skilled individuals.


With the growing population in Nigeria, movement from one place to another has a growing issue. Investors have taken the opportunity to invest in the transportation sector and it has yielded so many dividends for them. Transportation business has surely answered the question “where to invest in Nigeria” for people who have the resources to invest.

transportation business is one of the places to invest in Nigeria

All you need is to pick the type of transportation you need to start up. In a commercial city like Lagos, there are several places to invest in.

  • Uber (Cab business)
  • Long distance Journey (Inter state)
  • Short distance (Tricycle business)

You should decide which of the above would solve your money problems, then you can invest in it. No matter how much you invest in the transportation business, you are sure to recoup your money as far as possible.

Rounding up, there are profitable sectors in the Nigerian economy where you can invest in. The right thing to do is to find the right sector that matches your taste and which you know you will be comfortable with and invest. And be sure to receive your investment money in the double fold when it comes.

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