Whatsapp Earning Method: How to Make Money on Whatsapp

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My Secret Whatsapp Earning Method; How I make Money from Whatsapp

It is no longer a secret that people spend so much on data without knowing how to make money online. I will show you some of ways to make money from Whatsapp,  and also my secret Whatsapp earning method you can achieve with your android phone, iPhone, or any other phone that has Whatsapp functionalities. This post will show you how to do the following

  • How to earn from Whatsapp status
  • Help those who are Looking for Whatsapp earning methods
  • How to make money from Whatsapp group
  • Also, how to make money from Whatsapp account



I make approximately about $150 monthly from Whatsapp, and the tactics are entirely for simple for those who are tired of chatting endlessly on Whatsapp without making any impact. You can go ahead and download Whatsapp before you start reading.

Whatsapp Earning Methods

How to Make Money from Whatsapp

There are certain kinds of people you would get to see on Whatsapp, and they include;

The Spammers

They have no business with chatting or exchanging useful information. All they are interested in is just forwarding spam messages to all their contacts.

The Chatters

All they know is chat and chat; as long as someone is ready to stay with them, they are ever prepared.

The stalkers

They have nothing else to achieve online but to stalk people and monitor them. It is quite annoying, but they are just doing what they know best.

The busy minds

They are just online to chat and keep in touch with whoever needs to be held in contact with. That way, they have little or no time to engage in frivolous discussions unless you are a close friend or pal.

The Money Crazy assholes

These guys are practically the combination of all of the above mentioned plus the fact that they are also making money using all the other traits mentioned. They have all the techniques and strategies to convert Whatsapp into a money-making tool. This is the class I belong to, and I will show you in details how I do it. If you want to make money from Whatsapp, then you need this information I am about to share.

Can you make money from Whatsapp?


how I make money from Whatsapp

A Payment I received just yesterday

Before writing this post, I decided to research some tactics that other people were using; trust me when I say that it is BULLSHIT!!!

I saw many people advising others to do some stupid stuff like;

  • Clickense
  • Link shortening
  • Blab la blab la bla

All those of the above are bullshit and don’t work. If you don’t know the secret to convert your Whatsapp into money-spinning media tool, then it is time I show you the secrets.

You may wonder what I am about to write and imagine me as a celebrity; the truth is that I am just a regular guy with no significant following. I have the right set of people on my list and do what I need to do to make money.

“Oh! Maybe I am thinking of running sponsored posts for people like celebs do on Instagram” You might scream. You should know that Instagram and Whatsapp are different and don’t have the same functionalities.

Now, let’s cut a long story short!!! Let me show you how I make money from Whatsapp!!!

“Please Note: Some of the advice here might not be a good one for those with morals. Please take the ones you can deal with and leave the rest for people who can.”

5 Simple Whatsapp Earning Methods with an Android Phone

I won’t lie to you; I work a full-time job. This means that I work every day excluding weekends from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. I am a project manager with a foreign organization, so we use the European timing for our job.

It is so stressful that I barely update this blog you are reading now. But then I discovered that I could spend time on Whatsapp. The curiosity rose as to how I could make money on Whatsapp. Just after a period of thinking, I discovered that I could make money on Whatsapp with my android phone and add it to my sources of revenue.

Let me show you how;

Create a paid group and Train people

I run three Whatsapp money groups where I train people in several areas to help them improve their lives. Some are legit, while the others are not legally – but who cares. I discovered that having training has answered the question “how to make money on Whatsapp group” without stressing yourself.

People want to improve their lives and find ways to help themselves. So if you know that you are skilled in anything, and that skill can be transferred, then this is the time to make money.

Whatsapp money groups

One of my Groups, where I teach people how to make money

All you need to do is just the following;

  • Create the group
  • Attract people to your group via forums, Facebook, adverts, and blog comments.
  • Charge them the low amount of money. Let’s say you have 50 people; you can charge them just $5 each. If done correctly, you’d have $250 only from 50 people.
  • Start teaching and urge them to invite their friends to also join the class.
2nd Whatsapp money groups

My 2nd Whatsapp group for making money

Sell your products

The first objection to the point that most people will raise is “I don’t have anything to sell.”


We all have something we are good at that we can sell. A guy on my Whatsapp contact does international passport, installs GoTv and DSTV for people, and he advertises all of them and uses it to earn money from Whatsapp status.

making money from Whatsapp status

A Whatsapp status advert

If you don’t have anything to sell, then you should find your products. I explained some of the hottest products to import and sell in this post, so you can read it and get more ideas. But if you don’t have the mind to invest your own money, then you should consider number 3.





Sell products for people

I am business oriented, no offense to all my friends. So I understand the need to help people succeed, but we all have bills to pay.

It takes time and effort to create the right groups and contacts on Whatsapp, only to then start showing off your products/services for free. I also need to make money on Whatsapp, so we need to reach an agreement.

You can then negotiate a commission that would be given to you if you help them and market their services. If you have the right contacts, then you would surely make so much money from Whatsapp status using this method.


Scam Indians from Facebook

I deliberately had to include this because it is becoming annoying. As long as you are a girl on Facebook, these Indians won’t let you rest.

Just of recent, I opened a female Facebook account to experiment something, and I got hundreds of requests from these Indians. I had to quickly change my Whatsapp number to a foreign number and invited him over to Whatsapp.

He requested my nude pictures, and I asked him to pay before gaining access to the videos and photos. Luckily he resides in the United States, and he paid via iTunes gift cards.

akazon gift cards sent via Whatsapp

The gift cards he sent to me

I blocked him and moved over to the main business that made me open the account – while I waited for another prey.

This isn’t morally right, but I had no option because I needed to make money from Whatsapp. Lol…


How to Set up Your Whatsapp Account to start making money

Become an Authority on a Subject

You must be known for something before people can move their money over to you. You can’t be a “nobody” and expect to have a Whatsapp Earning method that will pay your bills.

I am an authority on internet marketing and making money, so people can easily trust me to share my knowledge with them.

If you can make shoes, creams, write books, let people know what you are good at doing. When you promote yourself using the Whatsapp earning methods I have written, you will get clients.


Add the right people to your Contacts.

You can’t be a land seller and keep adding young girls of 18years and boys of 23 years to your contact list.

Are they the ones to buy the lands you are advertising?

Know the demographics of people you are targeting, reach out to them and add them to your Whatsapp group. That is the way to make money on Whatsapp!



Never advertise all the Time

Too much of everything is bad, and I hope you know that saying. When someone bombs my timeline with just adverts, I go ahead and just mute the status and move on. There should be some atom of flexibility to the way you advertise your products.

Make it fun, lively, educating, inspiring, while still retaining your advertisement goals.

These are some of the testimonials from people who have used these methods to their advantage.

Ella FumilayoThe Female Shoemaker

I make shoes and ladies slippers. After attending one of his tutorials on Whatsapp, I was able to transform my Whatsapp into an effective money-spinning media tool. I saw how to use other media channels to boost my business on Whatsapp.

I love his teaching tactics. I love Topwritersden.

Jerry AbuzebeThe iTunes Gift Card Master

He already taught these methods in our learning group before he wrote it as a post. Obinwanne the founder of this blog is a pure hustler whose methods are crude but functional.

I was able to turn my Whatsapp status into money, don't ask me for what I do, it is just between me and him.



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