How I make Money with my Car Everyday – Working 100% [My Secrets]

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Simple and creative ways to make money with your car

You may have read blogs writing about how to make money with your car, and you give up the fact that you can’t risk your car for such a purpose. I will show you the practical ways that you can achieve such with little or no damage to your car.

You may have heard that your “car is a liability” as soon as you buy it. What if I can show you how to transform it into a money-making asset?

The truth is that a car loses 30% of its original value once it leaves the parking lot. And after a month, it loses 50% of its value. Mathematically, you can then consider what its value would be after 3 months.

Using these simple and creative methods I will write to make money with your car especially in Nigeria, will move your car from being a liability to becoming an asset.

This post is basically for those who want to make extra money as working-class people. It will show you all you need to get started, using your personal car as a case study.

All the tips I have given in this article to help you make money with your car is certainly there to help, but there are some “things” that will surely make it fail. What are they?


Without the right mindset, you can never convert one of your highly placed liabilities into an asset. The irony of everything is that most people treat their car – which is a highly placed liability as an asset without it really becoming an asset.

Once you have the mindset that your liability (car) is an asset without it generating money, then you will have serious problems with this post.


One of the ways to make money with your car involves keeping your pride aside and going for your money. But pride is a huge factor might limit you in that aspect and cut you off that source of income for you.


Let’s face it; this is also a very crucial factor to consider. If you don’t move out or combine your daily source of income with the techniques I will show you, it will be difficult to make money from your car.

I own a car and I know how difficult it is to ask me to go through the stress of making money with a car. Most people buy the car as a source of pleasure, but this post isn’t for them.

If you are willing to convert your biggest liability into an asset, the hunger will force you to utilize all the tactics on this post.

Back to the original motive of the post, this is to learn how to convert your car into a money-spinning asset.

So how do you make money with your car?


ways to make money with your car in Nigeria


Pick and drop to work

Now, this is the simplest way to make money with your car. Every morning as you go to work, you can raise the money for your fuel by using this simple hack.

Let’s assume you spend one thousand Naira every day on fuel – which eats deep into your income. You can make up to 2000 Naira daily by picking and dropping people on our way to work and back from work.

This way you can buy gas and maintain the car from people’s money instead of from your monthly paycheck.

Register with Uber and Taxify

This has become the most convenient way to make money with your car in Nigeria. These companies offer you the opportunity to work at your own time, pace, and leisure while still making money.

All you need to do is just to register your car with them, they will direct you on the necessary steps to take to get your car approved.

For the busiest personnel with cars; depending on when you get back from work, you can go ahead do small pick-ups before heading back home. Since this job doesn’t require you to stress yourself physically, it becomes a good option to make money without leaving your car.

If you are interested in registering your car with UBER, just know the Uber car requirements in Nigeria. I have written broadly on the steps to follow to get your car registered with Uber. Taxify and other taxi services have theirs, so you can look it up the internet .

Sell products in your car

This is another less-stressful way of making money with your car in Nigeria. The ability to combine more than one job is what makes you a real hustler.

When I was working on the Lagos Island, I had this small car I used to go to work every day. I realized that I wasted so much money on fuel while paying my salary. I decided to venture into the clothing business.

Every day I am coming back from work, my clothes were always at the back of my car. I would find a busy place, open my car booth, and bring out the clothes. Just by doing this daily, I was able to cut down the expenditure from my salary and made about 1 million Naira in 3 months.

You can also find something that you intend to sell and start. This time around, you don’t need a shop for it. You can use your car and achieve all of them in one piece.

Every other way to make money with your car in Nigeria apart from these will make you give out the car totally – which isn’t the reason for this post.

There are other thousand ways to make money with your car in Nigeria like;

  • Giving it out like taxi
  • Using it as a means of advertising
  • Converting it for interstate transport
  • Logistics means of transportation.

All these are good but I advise you to get a proper car for that specific purpose instead of your personal ride.

To make money, you must be able to think outside of the box. It is called financial intelligence. If you need more insights to make money generally, you can always reach me up by email.

Till we meet again, keep the hustle going.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

Obinwanne Umunna
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