5 Ways to Kill Unemployment Forever

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Just yesterday I read a pitiable story of a woman who was trying to help a suicidal husband search for a job. Personally, I felt nothing (pity) because on daily basis informative posts keep coming on several platforms on how to

  • Create a side hustle
  • Start a side business
  • Learn a skill that will make you money, etc.

But most people feel either we are wasting our time by posting all these; or in the worst case, hungry bloggers. I have been fired 4 times from my job, but I’ve never gone broke since I discovered how to kill unemployment and discover what others who are making money discovered.

So if you are out there depressed, thinking on how to move on with your life, looking for a direction to move in life, thinking of how to commit suicide, this post should be the solution you seek for.

I am going to go through these steps once more; so if you are wise, you stand up and take action. The best time to have started all these steps were 6 years ago, but the next best time is today!!!

how technology has helped to kill unemployment

How technology has helped to kill unemployment

[box]How can you kill unemployment forever?[/box]

When I mean forever, I mean you’d never beg anyone to submit your CV. You’d be so proud of yourself, and it would reflect in the way you network to people.

Have you seen someone with a fat bank account and someone who is broke talking? The way they talk is totally different. One would talk with lots of confidence, while the other would be scared of what to say.

That is the same way you’d feel when you know you have so much value in yourself.

[box]Who are those who should take this post serious?[/box]

  • If you are a serving corps member
  • An unemployed Graduate
  • A low salary earner
  • Someone who is scared of losing his job
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What is the only step to take?

[box]Learn a skill that adds value to you.[/box]

Without this, you are just a piece of rag to be used and discarded. Forget about your degree, it is worth nothing to any CEO if you have nothing tangible to offer him/her.

I will take time to list out some promising skills that would help us achieve our aim of killing unemployment in our lives. The following skills below are what you should learn almost immediately after reading this post. They are the most lucrative at the moment, and people are cashing out big time with these skills.

Web Development

Coding is a goldmine and a key to help you kill unemployment. I borrowed my little bro 90k to learn this skill, and he paid me back just after 2 months after he made 400k from a project – I wish I learnt it too. You no longer need to pay 90k to learn it, after I discovered where you can learn it at a cheaper cost. Web Development is a gold mine because of the rate at which online businesses are becoming so popular.

Do you know that 5 out of the world richest people are all developers? Don’t be shocked, you can check it out yourself.


Digital Marketing

If you don’t have the mental capacity to become a developer, then you can possibly go for this. You shouldn’t ask “how can I make money online again” because this course would teach you how you can keep making thousands of Naira without leaving your house again. If you have a phone and an internet connection, why should you lament about being unemployed? Get busy!!!

Software Development

Nigeria imports software every year to the tune of 2Billion Naira. This shows that the software developers in Nigeria aren’t even enough to create software that would solve problems. This is creating a huge gap in the ratio of demand and supply – yet people prefer slavery jobs!!!


Learn a Language

A female friend of mine just got a job with a multinational coy because she could speak 3 local languages and 3 foreign languages. Out of the 3 foreign languages, she only paid to learn the German language. The rest were learnt using learning sites on the internet.

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While you sit down every day and debate on the two political parties in Nigeria, some people are adding value to themselves. Stand up and do something!!!

There are several other skills you can learn and kill unemployment forever, but I just gave you the most lucrative.

After learning, what next?

[box]Start up a side hustle[/box]

If you are currently employed, then it should be a side hustle. But if you aren’t having anything to do, then it should be your full-time hustle.

I have written extensively on how you can use your skill and develop a side hustle, and this is exactly what you need to make money.

Don’t be scared of losing your job, you have a side hustle to fall back on when the going goes tough.

Don’t be unemployed again, when you have the skills to kill unemployment that people are looking for, and willing to pay a lot to have them.

Don’t ever pay 90k to acquire any skill again; you can learn at a cheaper cost with higher value.

Don’t just read and click the return button, take action and dream of becoming financially independent with or without working for someone.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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