Latest Venmo Carding and Cashout Method

One of the prestigious ways to cashout is the Venmo carding and cashout method that I will disclose in this article.

venmo carding and cashout method

Venmo is an easy platform to card, however, it is a bit complicated than Apple Pay carding, Amazon carding, carding, and Nike carding. It is also easier than Cash App carding, whether you reside in the US and the UK or not.

To card on Venmo, you need the primary tools including bank logs or CC, a VPN, fake email, and SSN.

If you must cashout faster on Venmo, then you need a prepaid card and it is advisable to use bank drop to stay anonymous.

In this article, I expose how Venmo carding started, the tools you need, and the latest steps to carding Venmo successfully.

Background of Carding on Venmo

Venmo was developed in 2009 with the idea of creating a unique and faster form of mobile payment.

With the weak policies of Venmo, compared to the likes of MoneyGram, if Venmo was introduced in the 90s, there would have been many pickups from the Venmo store by carders.

Venmo Carding tutorial

Venmo owned by PayPal

Venmo is owned by PayPal but the downside is that it is restricted to residences in the US. Regardless, you can bypass the restriction from any location with a VPN.

To demonstrate how rich Venmo is, in 2018 alone, about $12 billion was sent and received on the platform.

The only difficulty with Venmo currently is that you need an SSN and any US source of ID to verify your identity to complete the move and cashout money.

Also, Venmo allows you to transfer not more than $3,000 per week, but you can exceed the limit by opening multiple Venmo accounts.

What You Require to Card

If you do not have the right carding tools, you will either expose your identity or fail the carding.

Check out the carding requirements for Venmo below:

SSN means Social Security Number and it is needed in the US as a means to verify identity and enjoy government benefits.

Some online activities such as Venmo money transfer also need SSN to confirm that you are a US citizen. If you are buying a CC or prepaid card, you would require SSN alongside because will request it before you can cashout.

Phone Number

Whether you stay in the US or not, you need a new phone number registered in the US. In most cases, it is preferable to use a burner or temporary US phone numbers online.

Note that Venmo does not accept a phone number that is not a US number. Typically, the code for a US phone number is (+1).

Fake Email

The next tool you need is a fake email address. Tour email address should be similar to the email address registered on the CC or prepaid card. Otherwise, Venmo will suspect foul play and subject your account to further investigation.

Let’s assume that the email address on the CC is, your fake email address would be Note that you must use the email services registered on the CC. For example, if it is .gmail or .protonmail, it means you will use their services to open the fake email address.

Venmo App

You need the Venmo app for the Venmo carding method. Since Venmo is not designed for use internationally, you cannot download it from app stores like Google Play and the Apple app store. However, a VPN will let you download the app and the VPN must be set to the US servers. You may also download the app from third-party sites online.

Source of ID

Venmo requires a source of identification that shows that you stay in the US and that reveals your identity before you can transfer with their mobile service.

Venmo carding bins

Sample fake US ID

Since you may not have an ID accessible to you, get a fake ID online, or design a fake ID to use for verification. You can download fake US Ids such as a drivers license online.


A VPN is needed to ensure anonymity online and to allow you to access various servers in the US. Without a VPN, you cannot, for instance, you cannot download the Venmo app from the Play store and you cannot create an account with Venmo to continue with the carding method.

Venmo Carding and Cashout Method

In this section of the Venmo carding and cashout tutorial, you will discover the steps to card Venmo and cashout faster.

Note: I am disclosing 2 methods for carding and cashing out on Venmo.

First Method

Check out the steps for the Venmo carding and cashout method below:

  • Open a Venmo Account
  • Verify with ID
  • Add CC
  • Open Multiple Fake Email Addresses
  • Move Money to the Email Address
  • Cashout
Venmo CVV cashout

Sample Venmo balance

Open a Venmo Account

The first step is to open a Venmo account online, but you need a VPN and you may be redirected to the mobile app to start an account.

To download a Venmo account, you need a VPN. If it does not work, then you can download it from third-party sites.

For instance, if you need a Venmo app for an Android phone, you can get the .apk from sites such as,, and

If you are an Apple device user, you need a .ipa Venmo app. You can install from sites such as

Verify with ID

After creating the Venmo account, you must verify it to send funds instantly.

To verify your ID on Venmo, open your Venmo account and click the Menu button, then go to Settings>> Identity Verification, and complete the verification. is required by federal laws to collect the identity of people that use their services for withdrawal, so you need a fake ID to bypass the process. If you fail the verification, you will still be able to move funds with bank debit only.

Add CC

To add CC to your Venmo account, log into your account, and do the following:

  • Click the Menu option.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Payment Methods.
  • Click Add Bank or Card.
  • Click Card.

Now, enter the details of the CC to the provided fields including the CC number, expiry date, and CVV.

Note: The cars must be a live CC fullz that is non-VBV (non-verified by Visa).

Open Multiple Fake Email Addresses

After opening and verifying the Venmo account for carding and cashout, create new email addresses (at least 3 email addresses).

One of the email addresses will serve as the sender account that sends money to other email addresses.

Like I mentioned earlier, Venmo does not allow you to send more than $3,000 in a week, so, you only new multiple accounts if you intend to send more than $3,000 from the CC. As a smart hustler, I do not think it is smart to be greedy by trying to card more than $3,000.

Move Money to the Email Address

Now, in your Venmo account, do the following to send funds to a new email address:

  • Click the Payment option at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Enter the username of one of the other Venmo email addresses you created.
  • Enter the amount you want to move for the Venmo carding. You can also describe the payment in the box provided.
  • Click Pay.
  • Select how you want to send the funds (credit and debit cards or bank account).
  • Click Pay.

Now, the funds will be debited from your Venmo balance and moved to the other email address within 30 minutes.

If you have not registered the other email in a Venmo account yet, the funds will hang until you open an account with the email address (not recommended).


When the funds move to the other Venmo accounts successfully, you can transfer to a bank drop or directly to your bank account if you have a US bank account.

Note that you can also use a Venmo account drop. A Venmo account drop is the Venmo account that you can send funds to without opening another receiving Venmo account.

Second Method

In this section of the Venmo carding and cashout tutorial, I will show you how to use bank logs for cashout.

The first method above uses ACH transfer that can cause a chargeback if the transaction hangs for up to 3 days.

Sample of bank logs:

CC Name

Account Number

Name of Bank

Routing Number


ZIP Code



Method 2 Venmo Carding Requirements

  • Venmo Account
  • Socks
  • Prepaid Checking Account (must have bank logs)
  • Bank drop

Below are the steps for carding and cashing out on

  • Buy CC with Bank Logs
  • Open Venmo Account
  • Add Checking Account
  • Load Your Venmo Balance
  • Checkout
Venmo carding method

Venmo fast loading

Buy CC with Bank Logs

The first step is to get bank logs online from e-stores such as and Note that the prepaid card must have bank logs and I have given an example of bank logs above.

Within 3 days, your prepaid card should be activated and you must not make any changes to the account to avoid notifying the holder of the account.

Open Venmo Account

Once your bank logs are in place, create a Venmo account immediately and make sure the sign-up details match with your registration details. Examples would include your email address, name on Venmo account, date of birth, and country (USA).

If you are asked to enter SSN and DOB, refer to the bank logs you purchased online.

Add Checking Account

After opening a Venmo account, wait for about 24 hours to add the bank logs of the prepaid checking account.

When you add the bank logs eventually, you may be asked to verify your identity to be eligible to send funds. On occasions, you may have to use the bank logs and checking account details for verification.

Load Your Venmo Balance

After 3 days, load the balance of your Venmo account with not more than $9,000 only.

Venmo allows you to send $3,000 per week and you need multiple Venmo accounts to move funds that exceed $3,000. Typically, carders move only $3,000 and dump the account, especially if they reside in the US.


After 24 hours from the time you load your Venmo balance, log in to your Venmo account and cash out the funds to your prepaid account directly. As I mentioned, do not load more than $9,000 to your Venmo balance.

After some time, you should receive a mail containing your card. Now, login and move funds to your account immediately.

Final Thoughts

In this carding tutorial, I have disclosed the information regarding the Venmo carding and cashout method and you do not require a PDF to learn to card Venmo.

While carding on Venmo, do not be greedy and card every available fund to avoid being suspected or get your Venmo account disabled.

The rule of thumb is to ensure that every detail on your CC, bank logs, or prepaid cards tally with the details you use to sign up for the Venmo account.

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