How I Started My Uber Taxi Business in Nigeria and Made So Much Money

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How To Start Uber Business In Nigeria

To start an Uber business in Nigeria requires you to know the Uber Nigeria car requirements. This would allow you to start the Uber business in Nigeria and make much money than you’ve never anticipated.

Do you believe that starting an Uber business can change the story of your life? If yes, you really need to read on how you can start the business. Truth be told, we are in the country where there is a high rate of unemployment, and people are having low salaries. This post will help those who wish to use Uber as one of their side hustles.

Hence, this is a better chance of creating employment for yourself. There is so much information on the genesis of this business. In fact, some people claim that Uber business in Nigeria is very difficult to start! As long as you know the Uber Nigeria car requirements, you will see that the easiest thing on earth the Uber business in Nigeria. There is no doubt; the business is stressful to those people that don’t know the necessary requirements before they get started. Knowing about Uber Nigeria and their car requirements will make your start to be stress-free.

Uber Nigeria car requirements and how to start Uber Business in Nigeria


What is Uber Nigeria?


Uber Nigeria is known as a taxi company in Nigeria which is built on the knowledge of technology with the aim of making transportation easier, as their customer can easily book transport from anywhere using their smartphones.

The video above would show you how to use the Uber App for drivers


However, the customer will need to download the Uber Nigeria application on his or her phone– The application is only available for both Android and iPhone smartphone. When a taxi is needed, all you need to do is to just press the request button. The platform is programmed with a special algorithm which matches the customer to the nearby driver with a pre-verified taxi. Not only that, it also provides the estimated price for the transport. The Uber Nigeria application also charges each customer through their registered card (Verve, Visa and Mastercard), and drivers are also paid directly into their respective bank account on weekly basis. There is no room for unemployment in as much you know the Uber Nigeria car requirements.



How people make money through Uber


Uber Nigeria only provides the application to connect or link the driver with riders. This simply means that the company doesn’t own any vehicles or cars of their own. However, this is the point which partnership comes to play. People make money on the Uber Nigeria platform by driving their own cars by themselves, also picking up Uber customers. Better still, they can put a fleet of cars on Uber Nigeria platform and hire drivers to drive them. The affordable, profitable and easiest one is to drive your own car on the platform.

Uber doesn’t accept any kind of cars or vehicles. However, there are Uber Nigeria car requirements which driver need to have in place before they start the business with uber.


Uber Nigeria car requirements


There are several requirements that must be fulfilled before your car can be accepted into becoming an Uber Affiliate, and they are;


  • The car or vehicle must be a product of at least 2005 which is the year the car or vehicle was released or any car that is above.


  • The car must have four working passenger doors. This should be tested and see that they are working properly because Uber Nigeria doesn’t allow two doors cars.


  • Your vehicle or car must have a “valid insurance policy document” before you applied to be an Uber driver.


Finally, a genuine vehicle inspection report is also required. If all the Uber Nigeria car requirements are completed then you are good to go.

How to start earning as an Uber Nigeria Affiliate Driver

how to make money from Uber Nigeria


Starting the Uber business in Nigeria is very easy, all you need to do is to get the Uber driver app or from their website, you can easily register as a driver. Not only that, you need to be specific if you are driving your own car or you are renting it out. These options will be seen on their platform and also you need to upload some necessary documents before you can get started.

Not only that, it is necessary that your vehicle will be checked before approval. This simply means you need to meet up with Uber Nigeria car requirements which are listed above. It is an opportunity for a driver to be self-employed and as such, you have full dominance over the hours you are willing to work. You can also shift your availability to make it comfortable for you as Uber only provides you with customers only when you are available during your working hours.

After you have applied to be a driver on the Uber Nigeria platform, they will review your application and also check if your car or vehicle satisfy the Uber Nigeria car requirements. If everything is in place, then there are high chances that you will be verified. Furthermore, you need to link your bank account with your profile before you start and ensure that the Uber driver application is installed on your smartphone.


It is not necessary to haggle or informed the rider about prices as the transport fare prices are only determined by the Uber software which is based on the distance and time.


This calculation is done automatically by the app with the aid of the Google map. Moreover, 20% commission goes to the Uber and your bank account is being credited at the end of each month or week with the money that you’ve earned. Several testimonies have been looming on how Uber business changes the life story of people.


A driver discloses how he started with Uber some years back and guaranteed the minimum of 7 jobs on daily basis. Take, for instance, if the average fare is ₦1,500 per ride, this simply means that


=N= 1,500 Naira per trip × 7 trips a day ×7days of the week


This is equivalent to ₦100,800 weekly after the commissions. Also, a driver is giving 6 days in a week as the working hour. It all depends on the distance you are covering; a driver also reported to me about his earnings. He claimed to be making about ₦110,000 each week even after commissions.

He reported monthly net income flow of ₦240,000 and ₦260,000 even when he has paid approximately ₦112,000 monthly for petrol and also ₦60,000 monthly for insurance and maintenance expenses.

This video would help you understand more about Uber Nigeria car requirements and how to start an uber business in Nigeria.

Uber Nigeria Competitors

Just should in case you think Uber isn’t good enough for you, there are some other competitors that offer competitive commissions and rates for their drivers. Before you decide on becoming an Uber driver, you should also check if the other companies who offer the same services as Uber will offer you a unique commission rate. Who are the other competitors with Uber?


Taxify is another competitor to uber, and they collect just 15% commission, which is 10% lower than what Uber charges its drivers. Uber collect 25% commission, which many drivers consider to be on the high side. Their modulus of operation is almost similar and they have also a very high customer base.

Smart Cab Nigeria

This is another online cab request service provider that was launched in February 2017. According to the CEO of SmartCab, their aim is to provide stiff competition to what Uber and Taxify offer their customers. One of the unique business models of the Smartcab Nigeria is the fact that riders can choose their preferred car and drivers from their app – should in case they have a favourite driver. It also offers a free WiFi on board, alongside a driver/passenger liability insurance.

Oga Taxi

Oga Taxi is also just another Uber competitor. They also allow people with cars to sign up for their program. The advantage of this company is that they allow cars starting from the 2004 model – unlike Uber that limited their to 2007 upwards.

Uber Vehicle Inspection Officers in Lagos and Abuja


Total Sevice Station,Asokoro, Abuja

15 minutes
Total Service Station, Asokoro.
Shehu Shagari Way, by Ribadu Diko Junction, Asokoro

Total Service Station,Wuse,Abuja

15 minutes
.Total Service Station, Herbert Macaulay
Herbert Macaulay way Wuse, Zone 5 Opposite Sky Memorial Plaza Abuja

Lagos Island

Fast Repair Auto Garage, VI, Lagos
15 minutes
26,Karimu Kotun Street
Off Akin ADESOLA st
Opposite Heritage Bank
Victoria Island

Total Service Station,Sura
15 minutes
Lagos Island.Lagos

20 minutes
Lekki- Epe Express Road, Olokonla
Landmark, Lagos Business School, Opp NIPCO.

Lagos Mainland

Nationwide Service Station,Yaya Abatan Road,Ogba
15 minutes
By Excellent Hotel

Total Service Station,Alapere
30 minutes
By Third Mainland Bridge,Lagos


Truthfully, to start the Uber business it is necessary to get your own vehicle which meets the Uber Nigeria car requirements. Non-owner driver on Uber is not really making much profit unlike being the driver of your own car.


So I suggest that in conclusion, getting your own car into the Uber program is really a great way to make money as a full-time worker in Nigeria.



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