7 Funny Types of Internet Users – Which one are you?

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If you are a heavy internet user which I believe that most of us reading this post is, I’m pretty sure you must have come across these types of internet users. Their names might be quite funny, but they are truly in existence.

To be frank with you, the combination of these types of internet users are the reason we have so much fun online – especially in forums and on the social media. They have unique characters that differentiate them from one another.

These might not be their personality of the internet, but the characteristics to be listed below are what define them on the internet. It doesn’t make them less of their original personality, it is just the fun.

Types of Internet Users You would meet Online

types of internet users


The Trolls

Annoying is the best word to define this special type of internet user. Just like the definition of their names, they can bring up anything just to ruin your stay on the internet. They feed on your anger and try to press you harder to get more of it. The more you feed with your attention, the more they go for a home run on your emotions.

The basic trick about Trolls is that they survive when you get angry and respond back in anger. They aren’t after nothing except your emotions – the negative one.

Attention Seekers

Attention is one thing that makes these types of internet users happy. If you want to see people who would go any length just to trend on the internet, then watch out for the attention seekers. They can go any length just to accomplish their aim – even to the detriment of anything valuable like personality and etc.

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Every other internet user might have a similar character like an attention seeker. But the real attention seeker takes it to a whole new level where others can never just get to.


Probably these unique internet users failed logic back at school, so they are looking for every opportunity to show that they are actually smart. Whether the show of smartness is necessary or not, they are just going to show it.

Most likely it gives them a certain kind of feeling of accomplishment and probably helps boost their egos. They would type differently, make unnecessary corrections to people’s post, argue in a weird but fascinating manner, and end up pissing everybody up. This breed of internet users is unique; and in as much as they are annoying, they also deserve some accolades.

The Braggers

These online users can personally brag about everything they have – whether real or not they don’t care. They just want to intimidate others and make themselves feel like they are on top of the world. Any little exchange of words will result in them bragging about all they have.

Research has shown that out of 100 people who brag about several things online, only about 5% truly have all they brag about.

The Scammers

They are the online criminals who are ever ready to take the little you have away from you. They care about nothing, and they have devised several means and yahoo formats you should know just to scam you of your hard earned money.

These scammers have several ways of operating, but one useful tool that they prey on is your greed. Whenever you see a deal that is too good to be true online, it is surely not going to end well on your own part.

The Beggars

These types of internet users are just there to constitute a nuisance for everyone. They can beg just for anything and they can lie to any extent to get what they want. Most of them will claim that they can’t feed, but you wonder how they were able to afford a smartphone and an internet connection alongside the phone.

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To some people, it is another way to promote their scam business, and they are doing it perfectly fine.

The Detectives

When something controversial pops up, just be sure to see them right on spot. These internet users can dig up your past, present, and even your future – that you will wonder whether they know you from anywhere.

Online detectives have no certificate in cybersecurity, but they perform wonders when it comes to exposing cybercriminals. I think every internet user should be friends with internet detectives.

There are so many other types of internet users, but this is where I stop. You can feel free to add up to the list and tag a friend who belongs to any of the categories.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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