Types of Graduates in Nigeria – No 1 will blow your minds

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I have studied the average Nigerian graduate to an extent to know the several categories of them. We all had the impression that once we get out of school, we would all come out, get good jobs and become rich.

I guess I wasn’t the only one who has such mindset – we all did.

Reality has dawned on us a little bit and it is clear that it doesn’t work that way any longer if you don’t have “long legs”.

This gave rise to mental conditioning and created a new mindset that becomes the real drive behind our personalities of late.

In this article I will be explaining the types of graduates that we have around us, so you can choose which one you would want to become.

Are you ready?

Types of Graduates in Nigeria


The Talk and Play Graduate

Have you heard someone say “I must make am” while sleeping almost every day, surfing the internet, and chatting all day?

That is the typical “talk and play” graduate.

They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. They always believe they can become who they want to be with no actionable plan to back it up.

They graduate from school and keep wishing for that fairy tale job. They stay at home and visit job sites with the sole aim of fulfilling all righteousness. They don’t really care about starting out small.

All they want is become rich – the only problem is that they don’t know HOW!

The “God will do it” Graduates

Talk about those who spend more time praying than making impact in their lives. They have all the opportunities to acquire skills, develop their personal lives, but they always believe that God will do it in his own time.

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Come on!

I am not against religious beliefs, but God has given us all that we need to succeed already. Praying from money till night in the church won’t give you the job you need if you aren’t qualified for the job.

Praying won’t give you a high paying job if you don’t have the qualifications.

Will God do it for you? Hopefully, if you first do it for yourself!

The “There is no job anywhere” Graduates

These ones don’t believe that there are jobs in Nigeria. They believe that you can either get a job through connection or you get a low-paying job.

They believe that good jobs are meant for those children of politicians. So when you tell them success stories of people who have gotten jobs by learning new skills and using them to apply for jobs, they term it a huge lie.

In most cases, they ask “HOW?”

They forget that the process is quite simple. Are you among the “there is no jobs” type of graduate?

Sorry to tell you, the last type of graduates will prove you wrong.

The “Talk and Do” Graduate

He knows what he wants, he goes after them, and he becomes successful. His friends call him lucky, haters will say he is into something illegal, and main friends will term him hardworking.

His goal is to earn a monthly income of more than 150k Naira as a young graduate – and he is building that future.

He may not graduate with the best results, but he knows the secret to get a high paying job.

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When you ask him the steps, he will reply you frankly;

  • Choose a lucrative skill (Software development, Mobile Application development)
  • Register and start learning
  • Use your skill to apply for a job
  • Start making money easily.

It is as simple as the way I have outlined here. The “Talk and do” graduate understands this, so he has done it already and making money already.

He wants to become rich just like you and I wants too, so he is already going after what he wants. He understands that only a lucrative skill can get you a good job, so he is busy learning skills that will make him money.

What type of graduate are you? Reply frankly using the comment section

See you all next time, peace!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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