How to Turn Your Hobby to a Successful Full-Time Job

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This article was written by Segun Conde.

I always wanted to write on how to turn your hobby into a successful full-time job. Working from home or starting a business from home is one of the current employment trends. For most people, this work at home might mean a source of side income or just a hobby. But the desire to make it more productive would always surface.

Imagine you have a job you choose your own schedule, set yourself a paycheck you love and a job you love so much. Who would resist such?

“Not Me!”

Unless you don’t have the right skills. But you can learn new skills for free online without stress.

A few years ago I was happily working for someone in a job that made me feel depressed almost all the time. They were lots of deductions in my salary and my monthly paycheck was barely enough to buy me pizza. I finally attended a sales conference where I met with top players in the industry.

What started as a hobby soon became a job. A few months later, I decided to turn that job into a career. I have turned my hobby into a successful full-time job, and I couldn’t be happier.

Here are my five tips for turning your hobby into a successful full-time job

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turn your hobby into a successful full-time job

Know what you want

If you have ever thought of turning your hobby into a successful full-time job, then this should be your first task. I knew I was ready to make coding a full-time job, so I kept thinking over the possibility of making it so. I was already an App developer, but I needed to make it look like a business with a great model. My bills were on the increase, and one thing I always wanted was to live a great life.

With making more money as my motivation, I was able to set clear goals, which helped smooth my way to success.

Have the right foundation

The right foundation is what basically keeps you going when it becomes so tough. It is easier to set up your own business when you have a backup system. This means that you aren’t afraid to fail – then you can take the risk.

Assume you have a paying monthly job, you can easily turn your hobby into a full-time job without being scared of failure.

Get your support system on the same page

Even with the enthusiasm, I used while starting up, I couldn’t have gone far without my dearest girlfriend kept encouraging me.

A support system is made up of those who share your dreams and aspirations, and are always cheering you to success. Even when the going gets tough, they are always there to motivate you.  After I hit the rock during the initial stage of designing my first major software solution, she, my family was so supportive. Having the right support system is very important.

Find your balance

The hardest part of my transition was the issue of time management. It is just as easy as to go overboard with work and forget other pressing issues that would help shape one’s life. Figuring out a way to maximize my time has been the biggest challenge.

The moment I got my schedule right, every other thing fell into its place, and I have kept reaping the reward.

Take the leap

The moment I decided to launch out, I realized that the only way to make it happen was if I made it happen. You can stay a year trying to figure out your priorities, talking to family, weighing your financial situation and job situation. At some point, you have to just launch out and take the leap.

After I made the leap, I have never had a course to regret at all.

Conde Segun is a software developer and co-founder of Online-Wisdom, a security software development firm. He is a single guy, with mad love for coding and software development.

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