Triplets Ghetto Kids: The Success Story Of Kids Behind “Unforgettable” Video

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Triplets Ghetto Kids; from Ghetto to Stardom!!!

If you have ever watched “Unforgettable” by the Moroccan American-Based rapper called French Montana, you would have seen the little kids who danced at the background. Well, they are called the Triplets Ghetto Kids. Are you wondering how such Ghetto kids could grace the video of such a renowned rapper?

It has been a journey of pains, hard work, despair, emotional trauma and finally, happiness and joy for those little kids you saw dancing. Back at the slums of Uganda, this group of children has finally shown the world that Africa has got real talents.

Early Begining

The “Triplets Ghetto Kids” is a dancing group of originally, eight young children named Alex Sempija (Late), Ada, Patricia, Kokode, Nyangoma, Fred, Issac, Ronnie, Man King, and their little baby Ashley.

These Triplets Ghetto Kids was originally founded as a dancing group, with the aim of entertaining people in the streets and surviving with the proceeds that came out of the donations given to them as appreciation.

They rehearsed under the sun, rain; and even sickness resulting from malnutrition wasn’t enough to stop them from doing what they loved doing. The brain behind the formation of the group and its survival at an early stage was known as Alex. He was Patricia’s elder brother; Alex died after him and his sis had a bike accident after returning from one of their street performances. Patricia went into a coma but was so lucky to survive.



Triplets Ghetto Kids Alex

Alex is the boy wearing the Red Polo and a Green short while dancing with his crew in a street


Ghetto Kids Alex

Late Alex smiling


When the going became hard, and the struggle for survival was becoming intense, they were picked up by a man called Ticha, who later turned out to become their manager.

Ticha promised their various parents that he could harness their talents and find a way to give them a better life with the dancing talents they all possessed. The Triplets Ghetto Kids continued to dance in the street, getting appreciations from onlookers. Along the line, their manager Ticha decided to go digital. With the help of YouTube, the Triplets Ghetto Kids were able to showcase their dancing skills to the whole world. Views after views, dance after dance, and likes after likes, they became a force to reckon with in the dancing world.

Suddenly, Boom went the recognition that they all struggled through tears and pains to get. Someone got interested in their dancing style and offered a deal to the Triplets Ghetto Kids to feature in his new song video. Negotiations were done, and the American based Rapper French Montana was live in Uganda to shoot his video with the Triplets Ghetto Kids dancing crew.

“I always knew that such dancing talent could be seen in Africa. I just waited for it to come forth” said the Moroccan born French Montana.

“I bet they gat more moves than Chris Brown” French Montana was reported to say to an American Journalist during one of his interviews with an early morning show.

The Triplets Ghetto Kids have become a worldwide known dancing group, and they have attracted themselves several deals that have seen them tour major countries in America and Europe. They now move with Artistes who can now afford their services.

Triplets Ghetto Kids at the bet

Ghetto Kids with French Montana at the BET Awards

It has been an emotional story of pain, hunger, starvation to happiness, joy, and fulfillment for the Ghetto Kids who finally moved from Zero to Heroes in the dancing world.

However, they still pay respect to the pioneer of their group, who made sure that the group not only came into existence but reached its potentials and remained united.

Triplets Ghetto Kids: The Success Story Of Kids Behind “Unforgettable” Video 1

The Ghetto Kids during their formative years

When asked why they still retained the Ghetto in the band’s name, Patricia reportedly said: “It reminds of where we are from and how far we have gone.”

Triplets Ghetto Kids

Before their U.S Tour

Triplets Ghetto Kids: The Success Story Of Kids Behind “Unforgettable” Video 2

With Their manager

Just in case you are thinking of giving up in your endeavor, always remember the story of these kids, who never allowed present challenges to deter them, as they moved from the Ghetto to Stardom.

When Opportunity meets Preparation, Success is bred in full force.

Triplets Ghetto Kids: The Success Story Of Kids Behind “Unforgettable” Video 3

Few days to their Tour at Europe

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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