How to Earn More Money as a Writer

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The secrets to earning more as a professional writer is something that has been hidden for so long from average or upcoming writers. These secrets if utilized, will open up a stream of cash inflow and give you the necessary foothold to stake your claim as a writer. Below are some of the secrets used by top writers, to earn more.

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Learn to pitch:

Crafting a good sales pitch is by far, one of the hardest tasks a writer will always face. This is because your sales pitch is the only evidence to show that you can handle the job even before you are hired. Every writer with the zeal to earn as much as possible as a pro writer, must be able to create wonderful sales pitches that land him/her every writing job. In creating a sales pitch for a writing job, there are thing that you must consider.

  • Create a fantastic headline
  • Personalize the sales pitch
  • State the purpose of the pitch and establish credibility by referring them to some of your existing works.
  • Outline your services and encourage them to reply.


Create a strong social media presence:

Writing just like other professions is a job that needs you to create a strong online presence for yourself, and this helps to build your profile online. People would love to know more about you and your personality, and no other place to get such info than an online platform. Whether you are using a blog, Facebook, twitter or Instagram, be sure to create a profile that would leave a mark in the heart of followers. Just like creating a brand, you are easily spotted when you have a very strong online personality.

Be sure to create and make friends with other writers and create a sort of community. Visit their blogs, comment on them, and by dropping useful hints, you might end up meeting people who may require your services. Creating a strong online presence might be a gateway to accumulating lots of followers, who will always look forward to get and see something new from you all day and every time.

Establish your brand: Establishing a brand is something most writers don’t even take note of, and it affects their personality. A writer who is known for writing sexual fiction stories, have a higher chance to earn more than one who jumps from one genre to another.

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Establishing your brand, helps define you, create a personality in the mind of readers and explain how and what you want to be known for.

Creating a targeted brand of writing also helps readers to be able to identify with you, and makes it easier for them to identify your works even in a crowded market. Your brand would be the benchmark that will be used to judge you. It is very common to hear people say “He is such a bad writer”. Such a statement comes up because you are known for nothing.

It is about creating a unique personality. Wouldn’t it be weird to wake up one morning and see a Coca-cola T.V or a Samsung Burger?


Define your workday:

Defining your workday is about creating a daily routine for each day at work. It is about setting targets, milestones and making sure they are all covered. Most professional writers wake up each day without a specific agenda for how the day would go. For them, it is all about doing whatever thing that comes to mind for that day. This in turn will lead to little or no productivity for the day. To find a clear example of what separates a successful writer from a non-successful one, take a look at their daily schedule.

In order to utilize the potential embedded in you as a gifted writer, you are expected to create for yourself a daily routine. A typical example of a daily routine can look like this…

I wake up and get to my office by 8:00am, with the loads of ideas in my head; I quickly dump all of them into files. I start writing on my existing story for about 3 hours, I take a rest for about an hour listening to music or grabbing some lunch. I come back and pitch sales to clients on freelance sites for about 2 hours. I complete client’s job as fast as possible to leave the office by 5 or 6:00pm.

It might look a little bit boring, but it helps you gain focus and understand exactly how you want your day to go.

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Writers are readers, so says an ancient proverb. The more you read, the more you know and the more you know, then the more you write. The moment you stop reading as a writer, that is the day ideas will become stagnant up your head. “Reading is important if you want to earn more as writer”. You may have heard it from your mentors, Teacher, fellow writers and even me. The idea of reading other people’s work might sound scary or boring to some writers, but you don’t have an option if you really want to expand and improve on your writing skills.


There are more secrets that top writers have used to create a name for themselves, and it all boils down to you looking out for them, and putting it into practice. Writing is an art and it requires you mastering that art well enough before you can become a pro at it. Hope it helped.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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