Top Ways to Make Money from Google Online

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As days go by, new forms of making money arises including making money from Google online. From how the world has been structured today, making money becomes pretty easy for all humans. Imagine sitting at home and getting the alerts. Sometimes you refuse to have it cool with your phone because of the disturbing money alert tones.

In the advanced countries, sit at home money-making is the trend. It may that they are lazy but that is not true. They are making and spending money as if they are the makers of money.

Back here in Nigeria, we can be equally thankful because this money making package does not exclude us.

After months and years of graduation, you are awaiting a white-collar job, why? Did you not call your money bag friend to inquire his source of income? Get your phone man! Give him a call; ask him questions and let reality dawn on you too.

See? It has become even more easy and fun making money these days. So, let us focus on the ways to make money from Google online.


Making Money from Google Online in Nigeria – Top Ways!


As usual without much time wasting, below are the ways you could make millions of money from Google online;

The first thing you need is a google account. Also note that one Google account controls all Google extensions. With this, no need to worry about too many storing too many passwords. One password can moderate your YouTube Account, Google PlayStore and lots more.


Create a YouTube Channel

You will now be going to the main thing here. When you hear of Vloggers, YouTube is one of the Vlog platforms that makes them. I want you too to be rich and to help promote Nigeria in the online money making sphere. YouTube is one of the leading money making venture. It is all about uploading videos and amassing subscribers to promote your YouTube channel.

The interesting part of YouTube money making is that it can make you a celebrity without hassles.

As earlier stated, all you need to kick-start this venture is just a google account. You do not even pay to create an account instead people will be paying to view some of your videos as time goes on.

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Walk-through to Having a Successful YouTube Channel
  • Create a YouTube account
  • Inside your YouTube account, create a channel
  • Name you channel (A decent name matters)
  • Make your first video with a standard or high quality camera
  • Do not upload porn which of course does not meet the YouTube requirement
  • Upload and share to various media platforms
  • Advertise your channel on a long run
  • Never upload videos made by other channels (If any, give credits)
  • Create interactive sessions with your subscribers
  • Make sure to always have some giveaways for your subscribers

The jolly about this YouTube work from home is that it can be done with mobile phones.


The Google PlayStore

It is time for you to expel yourself from that path of persons thinking that the Google PlayStore is only for Android apps and games download.


Guide to Running an Effective Google PlayStore Account
  • Avoid installing spywares in your products
  • Do not attach unnecessary prices to your apps as a starter
  • Think of an App that the audience require and give it to them
  • Optimize your Google Apps
  • Be sincere with the content of your App (False content statement cause less downloads)
  • Share your app links to other platforms

Also note that this platform is where Google is most security conscious about. The quickest way to make money here could be initiating viruses in your products which bad. It does not take any second for Google to spot it and once they do, you are banned for life. This will ruin your chance of making money from Google online.


Owning a Google Blogger

Google Blogger is a free blogging tool from google for sharing multimedia. It is very easy to earn from because all you need is a blogger account to setup. Blogger was developed by Pyra labs and brought on by Google in 2003. It has since been one of the leading blog makers for online money making. You would love to try this out although is requires a lot of time to build. Talking of time, why should it be a delimitation to what you require in order to make money? Time shouldn’t be a problem for you else you’ll be on the losing side.

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With Blogger, information sharing is easier. Not only will it be easy but you will also make lots money from it.


Make Your Google Business Boom

On a normal condition, it takes time, patience, determination and hard work to boom your Google money-making way. But there are few things you could do to bolster the whole process and they include;

  • Inviting friends and families to your new Google business site
  • Aligning your Google account with the social media
  • Advertising your products and services
  • Being active and audience-friendly
  • Merging and learning from others in the field
  • Making high quality contents


Is it Google a Safe Money-Making Medium

Hmm, There are questions that do not require answer. When it comes to money, we have Google and when it comes to safety, we also have Google. So, Yes! Google is one of the safest means of making money. No security agency will come after you. It is better than the Yahoo done worldwide.

To make money from Google online is never a difficult thing. It is as easy as stated above and can be done by just sitting at home. Nobody hates making money as a lazy lad. Man, get up and be a part of this blessing. Tell me, what more would you need from Google? Obviously nothing because so few platforms offer opportunities such as this.

I am sure that this post got you moved. Your money making spirit is awake having seen this delicious article. As vivid as it appears, you can without stress, without sweat, without hassles make all the money you have been craving for in life. All you need is your brain and focus to accomplish the milky juice in Google online money making. You can checkout other ways of making lit money from us. Do well to check in always for newer, fresher and trending ideas of making excess money lying in your bed.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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