top skills in Nigeria advanced excel

This should be one of the top skills in Nigeria every graduate should have. I say so because it has proven to be a determiner when it comes to the selection of candidates. Without the knowledge of advanced excel, you are seen as a liability in the company.

I was opportune to speak with an HR person, and she told me that one of the skills they always look out for in CVs is the Excel skill because it is one of the top skills in Nigeria that graduates should have in them. If you have been looking for a job without success, then you should try out the Advanced excel skill because it would surely boost your career.

Why every career-minded professional needs to learn Advanced Excel as one of the top skills in Nigeria to learn.

top skills in Nigeria advanced excel

Microsoft Excel is not just a tool for arranging records in rows and column. Neither is its advanced features for just accountants. But this is one of the top skills in Nigeria that differentiates jokers from talented people. It is a tool used by professionals in Human Resources, Engineering, Logistics & Supply Chain, Inventory, Quality Control, Sales & Marketing etc.

Make yourself indispensable.

When a company wants to cuts cost, many a time the first area they look at is the human cost. They reduce staff benefit, outsource jobs or even sack. HR recommends those to be sacked to management but a business head unit can save your job if you have an indispensable skill. advanced excel can be that skill

To avoid career-threatening errors

It does not happen every day, but there are lots of horror stories about disastrous spreadsheet errors. An Excel catastrophe can strike anywhere and anyone: from Harvard professors whose internationally-renowned research on government austerity was found to contain a significant error in a spreadsheet formula to a UK government department that failed to understand the assumptions a spreadsheet was based on, costing their taxpayers.

To have more time for the good things in life

Depending on your position on the Excel skills spectrum you probably have seen friends or colleagues spending hours doing something that, which with the proper Excel knowledge and expertise, should only have taken minutes. So a weekend or two spent on Excel training could mean some few hours spend less in the office. To show that this is surely one of the top skills in Nigeria, you can see that there are only a few graduates out there with this skill.

To attain office hero status

There are few things in life more satisfying than the hearing the hushed gasps of surprise and admiration as you casually show someone a fantastic Excel shortcut or demonstrate a little-known, but potentially life-changing, Excel feature. Then there is the outpouring of relief and gratitude when you solve, in a few minutes, the Excel problem that’s been keeping someone awake night after night.


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