Top 5 funny factors that can give you a job in Nigeria

Top 5 Funny Factors That Can Give You A Job In Nigeria

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Many job seekers believe that having either a first class or a second class upper is the sure way to getting a job in Nigeria. This is not so true when it comes to getting a job in Nigeria. In this article, I will be listing the top 5 funny factors that can give you a job in Nigeria. It may sound ridiculous, but those who have witnessed it can testify to it. Below are the top 5 funny factors that can give you a job in Nigeria.


Who You Know (Connection)

This tops the list of the top 5 funny factors that gives you a job in Nigeria. Most times during interviews, the interviewer will ask you “how did you hear about the job”.  Simply referring to the MD of the company, a senator in the country, or a top ranking official in the country automatically lands you the job.

Most times I tell people, strive so hard to include a top ranking government official as your referee in your CV and make it very bold. They immediately consider you a valuable asset and offer you the job on a platter of gold.

Top 5 funny factors that can give you a job in Nigeria

Poor Results

I saw people lamenting about the last FRSC recruitment exercise and how they called up those with 3rd for interviews and neglected the first class candidate. Let me explain, most of those officials heading those top positions graduated with mostly poor results and they wouldn’t want “Young Threats”. Most times they feel comfortable commanding graduates with poor results that those with exceptional results.

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In some cases, they hire graduates with poor results because they believe they wouldn’t pay such a graduate a very high amount of money because of his grade level. This is, in fact, one of the top 5 factors that give you a job in Nigeria

Type of University

If you studied abroad or you went to a top level private university, then be rest assured that getting a job in Nigeria won’t be a hassle. In some cases, they select only students that attended top Federal universities and discard the rest.

I decided to include this in my top funny factors that can give you a job in Nigeria because it keeps repeating itself over and over again. In the last Zenith bank requirement exercise, it was only students who schooled outside the country, U.I, Covenant, Babcock, and Uniben, and the University of Abuja. Next times the type of university might just change, so be at alert.



Level of Education

Your level of Education is now considered to be a powerful factor in the search for a job. During Mass recruitments, graduates with OND (Ordinary Diploma) are considered with much priority especially within the banking sector because they believe they would be used a cheap labor. During call center agent’s recruitment, even students with SSCE are considered above graduates because they can be paid easily without stress.

Salary Scale

Here is an example:

Interviewer: “How much do you earn currently”

Applicant: “70thousand”

Interviewer: “So how much can we pay you?”

Applicant: “Anything above 80thousand”

Interviewer: “Okay, we will get back to you”

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Interviewer: “How much do you earn currently?”

Applicant: “20thousand”

The interviewer will now smile and ask

Interviewer: “So how much can we pay you?”

Applicant: “Anything within your salary scale

Interviewer: “We pay 40thousand to graduates like you”

Applicant: Okay sir, I accept it.

Interviewer: “Perfect! You will start work on Monday next week”


This is Nigeria and anything can happen. I am asking you to underprice or undervalue yourself; I am only trying to show what I have encountered in my years of job searching. You can add up yours using the comment section.

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