Top 4 Job Sites in Nigeria To Apply For Jobs in 2017

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Just today, I decided to list out the top 4 job sites in Nigeria to apply for jobs in 2017. I believe this would help our job seekers who are either fresh graduates or those who wish to have a career change find jobs in the right places. So if you are a fresh graduate who is new to the labour market or an already working-class graduate who wants to have a change of job or career; I have listed top 4 job sites in Nigeria to apply for jobs in 2017. It is obvious that there are lots of job sites to apply for jobs in Nigeria; but most of the time, the jobs listed are either scams or non-verified. These websites are tested and trusted, and most of them will surely look like “New Revelation” sites.

Without wasting much time, below are the top 4 job sites in Nigeria to apply for jobs in 2017 and get genuine invites from employers.

Top 4 job sites in Nigeria 2017

[highlight color=”yellow”]Top 4 job sites in Nigeria to apply for jobs in 2017[/highlight]



From whichever city you are searching from, this website is your sure key to success in the job search. It had a slow start coming into the limelight, but it has proven to be a top job website in Nigeria for job seekers. It doesn’t have the “regular” premium membership, and this makes it open and fair to all applicants. A lot of websites like Jobberman and NgCareers have cultivated the habit of blocking applicant’s applications, just because they didn’t subscribe for premium membership. So from my rating, I will list them as the No 1 job website to look at, when you feel you want to search for a job that is genuine.


This forum allows people and firms to list jobs especially when they don’t wish to go through the regular job listing sites. Every day, hundreds of jobs are listed in the Job Vacancy section of the forum. You have to register as a member to be able to interact with most of the job advertisers. A lot of people post jobs daily. It is up to you to know which to apply for and which not to apply for. Just go to the homepage and click on the Job/Vacancies section. You can now choose and check out the job listings.

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Employment Nigeria

Another wonderful job recruitment platform in Nigeria that posts verified jobs. There is no room for premium and paid membership, as everyone is treated fairly and equally. It is known for its several unique jobs that are listed on their website and it is considered among the top 5 job websites to always look out for. Most of the jobs listed are not always seen on other job search platforms, and it makes it a wonderful opportunity with fewer applicants.


Assist to Hire

It is a new platform that was just launched and is already ranked among the top 5 job websites. They help applicants submit CV’s to various recruiters and do the application and submission on your behalf. All you need do is to submit your resume on their website and fill up your profile details. You can either choose to apply personally or allow them to do the submission for you.

Other websites might be doing good, but my years of job search and how I finally landed a job made me look at the list once more. Most of other job sites will allow only premium users the privilege to get their applications across; thereby neglecting those without enough money of becoming premium users. E.g. Ngcareers, Jobberman.

Other sites just pick up unverified job in a bid to bolster the job contents on their sites. E.g. of such sites include the popular Jobberman, Jiji, Joblistnigeria, and so many of them. Spending time on these sites and looking for a job will only be a waste of time and productivity to the job seeker! If you think you know of others, do well to mention them using the comments section.

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