Top 4 free websites to acquire skill online

Forget about the overpriced training institutes located in the country. Do you know that there are over top 4 free websites to acquire skills online? These websites allow you to gain the necessary skills that can make the difference in your career and position you for top jobs when the time comes.

In one of the articles I wrote concerning “TOP SKILLS THAT GIVES YOU A JOB”, I received a lot of emails asking where some of this skills could be learnt at a reduced or even at a free cost. I have decided to compile just the top 5 free websites that anyone can acquire such skills from at a FREE cost. You would find skills that range from Digital marketing to Programming to Article writing and so on.

The top 4 free website to acquire skills online are;

Top 4 free websites to acquire skills online

Alison Courses

ALISON is an e-learning platform and an academy founded in Galway, Ireland in 2007 by Mike Feerick. It’s stated objective is to enable people to gain the basic education and workplace skills.

Alison is a world’s leading provider of free online courses with certificates. It is an online learning platform that allows you choose from a broad bank of courses in any area that interests you. Forget about the big money tag attached to lots of physical training. Alison free courses will enable you to develop expertise in any area you wish.

Before starting out my blog, I used Alison courses to learn more about digital marketing and it paid off well very much. Free courses offered on Alison courses includes

  • Language courses
  • Management courses
  • Digital Marketing
  • Programming
  • Article writing and lots more.
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Instead of giving excuses on why you can’t afford a physical training due to its cost and others, it is advisable to pick up a free course and equip yourself with the latest selling skills.


Code Academy

Codeacademy is another online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 various programming languages including Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL and Sass. It also tutors students in markup languages like HTML and CSS.

If you ever had an interest in becoming a programmer or a web designer or even anything that has to do with coding, Codeacademy is where you have to be. Most of the training institutes charge a whole lot of money to transfer this knowledge down to interested participants. But with the help of this free learning platform, everything has become so easy.

Codeacademy offers a step to step guide in whatever aspect of coding you wish to learn. Ranging from building common websites to advanced programming, Codeacademy offers free courses for all of them. I built my first website using Codeacademy and the impact was delightful.



Youtube to some people who needs to acquire skills online might be a perfect platform to kick start their skills acquisition. It is perfect for those who wish to learn theirs via video learning. Virtually everything you need to learn can be learnt via Youtube. One of the courses that are easy to be learnt via Youtube is Graphics design.

A friend recently clinched a contract with Etisalat network to create their next animation advert. When I asked him where he learnt how to do all that despite being a graduate of Agronomy, he said: “With Youtube, everything is possible.” Why waste data on various gossip sites, when you can use it to transform your personal abilities.


Flexylearn is an online platform that offers free courses on various subjects. The uniqueness of this online platform is that it is mostly for professionals who are willing to advance their course. One of the hot selling course on this online platform is the FREE mini-MBA that is being offered for professionals and young graduates. Flexylearn offers flexible learning, anywhere and anytime with interactive contents. They are partners with top UK universities, which make their certificates and very interesting one.  The free professional courses can be located on the free courses section of the website.

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Recent surveys have put those with a skill in the pole position to clinch the available jobs in the country. Foreign countries only accept workers with special skills as conditions for immigration. Only a skill can change the fate of things today. We have seen the top 4 free websites to acquire skills online, so it boils down to you to take action. Thanks for reading and comment or observations would be appreciated.

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