15 Trending Things to Sell in Nigeria in 2020

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If you do not know the best things to sell in Nigeria, you won’t earn large.

Do you doubt this? If yes, answer this question. If someone produces or imports artifacts (art works) to sell in Nigeria, will it boom like the selling of rice? Give yourself a sincere answer and you’ll understand what’s up.
When we talk of booming businesses in Nigeria, we’re referring to fast selling products in Nigeria.

Those products with you, can they serve as fast selling products online in Nigeria or offline? If they can’t, then there is no marketability about them, which is what matters.

I like to advise both the highly and lowly educated entrepreneurs that the things we sell determine what we earn. You don’t expect people dealing on fast selling products in Nigeria to be at your level unless they doesn’t know how to set up things for sell.

When the demand for particular products are high, it qualifies them as the things to sell in Nigeria with gains.
I have compiled a list of 15 fast selling products in Nigeria for you. They can be easily sold through the online market places and offline stores as well. Go through and select the most favourable for your venture.

1. Laptops/Accessories/Parts and Software

When laptops arrive in Nigeria, they usually arrive in bulk quantity. This is due to the high demand of it in Nigeria. Usually, UK used laptops in stock are very fast selling products in Nigeria. What one really needs is a proper avenue of advertisement to boost sales.

On the other hand, the laptop parts are also things to sell in Nigeria and gain enough. For instance, the flex of a laptop is what usually goes bad thereby stopping a laptop user from completing his work or being able to work at all.
As for the accessories, believe me, they sell even more than the laptop and its parts. These are what compliments a laptop and gives it an added function. If you plan to omit anything on the list, it shouldn’t be laptop software.

People buy computer software daily and this is because they’re cheap. You also lose nothing here, except that you’ll buy the CD for to store the software. Computer software sells between 200 Naira and 500 Naira, depending on the location.

2. Body Soaps and Detergents

things to sell in Nigeria

Body Soaps

These are really fast selling products online in Nigeria. What makes these things to sell even faster in the online market is a seller’s ability to place targeted ads.

This could be rosier if you can produce your own high quality soaps and detergents. It sells faster when targeted at women between the ages of 18 and 60. Making money here is quite simple if you offer these products in ranges and sizes.

Please, avoid these mistakes in investments!!

4. Used/Readymade Cloths

Specific days that are dedicated to a particular market in your locale is the perfect time to earn here. If you can lay your hands on UK used cloths or others, you should return home with big pockets daily. If you venture into readymade cloths, it might take a bit of your time to sell out because they cost more.

However, readymade sell better online and also when presented to rich people in their various offices.
What do you think? Going for either readymade, used cloths or both? I would recommend establishing your authority in one field instead. If you’re opting for used cloths, know your primary audience to be the common man in Nigeria.

5. Articles and eBooks

Apart from material things, write-ups are things that sell blazingly in Nigeria. Need I mention the growing demand for writers in Nigeria? To sell this kind of things, one must be academically sound to get to the spotlight. Even at that, lowly educated persons still succeed by hiring people to write for them and presenting the piece as theirs. You could even sell your books and eBooks beyond Nigeria by using virtual markets like Amazon, Fiverr, etc. The more your clients, the better your chances to earn bigger. Where the job piles up more than yourself, hire writers on short or long term contracts to ease the stress.

6. Phone and Phone Accessories

With the likes of Tecno and Infinix releasing premium designs at cheaper costs, the business becomes a banger. Selling phones, no doubt, boom even more on online market places than offline stores.

Although offline stores make good earnings, Nigerians tend to see online market phones as cheaper and faster selling. Have an account with the likes of Jumia and Konga and watch your product sell out in no time. How about phone accessories? Nigerians buy phone accessories almost every minute of the day. Owing to the power supply state in Nigeria, power banks tend to sell really fast. If you’re not going in full time on phones, you could start with selling phone accessories, even from your home.

7. Deodorants and Perfumes

things to sell in Nigeria

Good Perfumes

Nigerians love to smell nice and they need these products to achieve that. You must either be an authority in a particular brand of perfumes or multiple brands. Dealing on a particular brand might reduce your customer base, but it gives you an identity in the field. And on the other hand, you have a broader customer base when dealing on multiple brands.

Perfumes are one of the fast selling products online in Nigeria as far as I know. Selling imported brands that come from places like Dubai means more than just having customers. Respect accompanies the sales. Make a proper advert online and you’d be getting infinite orders across Nigeria.

8. Hair Extensions/Wigs

You can take anything away from a Nigerian woman but not her beautiful looks. In most states across Nigeria, there are business centres that deal specifically on women hair extensions.

This is to say that women make much buys of hairs than almost any other thing on their body. For costly hairs, the woman might take longer to get another but despite that, she’d still order for something nice.
To win a woman’s heart for your hair extensions, packaging matters. If you’re using the online market place, consider taking the best possible shots of the hairs. Avoid using ugly mannequins to sample the hair.

You can boost sells by importing fast sell selling products directly from China.

9. Cakes

things to sell in NigeriaCake
The cakes we all know as deliciously baked foods from mixture of flour, egg, sugar and fat attracts lots of money. Today, the entrepreneurial level of an individual determines how far he/she can go in earning from selling cakes. Moreover, countless events require cakes for a complete celebration. Would you like me to name them? Okay, we have birthdays, inaugurations, coronation, wedding, anniversaries, etc. The list is countless and this suggests that the demand for cake never runs low.

What you require is competence and good delivery. When you fail to satisfy a customer with your product, you lose the chance of garnering more patrons. Also, a lot of people order for cakes online. So, just go on and make beautiful cake crafts on your business page(s) to attract potential clients.

10. Electronic

One of the things to sell in Nigeria is electronic. You need to be stationed in good locations to make good sales. These products equally make great sales in the online markets as people place orders frequently. Consider making it an option, but you must have some level of experience in the field of electronic in Nigeria.

The customer base extends to both male and female sexes. However, males often make the purchase. When placing ads on platforms such as Facebook, your prioritized gender should be men between the age bracket of 20 and 60.

11. Groceries

things to sell in Nigeria


Consumable foods are essential for Nigerians to exist. Without food, the amazingness of Nigerians will be absent because food provides the needed energy.

This is one of the things to sell in Nigeria that is not limited to any gender, location and more. Everything, including animals consume food and in all locations within and outside of Nigeria. Consumables make good profits but do not really function in the online market. Although it sells online, the business flow isn’t that high. And if you must advertise, the target audience should be those closest to you. Moreover, situation your grocery store in a busy environment boosts your chances of earning in Nigeria.

12. Beds/Beddings

If beds don’t sell fast, the coverings and other bad materials would. Ever since the introduction of bed, there has been an improvement in the type of feeling or comfort Nigerians derive while sleeping.

In occasions where there isn’t a provision for bed or no bed at all, there are smart beddings that still make sleeping comfortable. People buy these extra bed materials, like pillow, to give a better rest to their leisure. In addition, beddings do not cost very high. There are beddings that are way cheaper and some that cost a bit. And this is determined by the brand, size and of course the quality of the bed or the bedding.

13. Jewelries

If possible, order for jewelries outside of Nigeria because you’ll so sell them in Nigeria. Jewelries are patronized a lot in Nigeria, most especially by the Nigerian women. Be it silver or gold plaited, it sells and the customer also determines how much of it sells.

Costly jewelries would often sell faster with the rich because they have the financial strength to afford them. If you deal on cheaper jewelries, your targets should be younger women and men, especially the students. People of this category may not always have the money to buy or order for luxurious jewelries. Make online advertisements too because this is one of the fast selling products online in Nigeria.

14. Male and Female Bags

things to sell in Nigeria

Latest Male & Female Bags in Nigeria

Consider venturing into making and selling handbags here in Nigeria. No matter how funny it might seem, your most patronage will be the women.

Having your own brand might be quite messy if you lack the appropriate tools for beautifully crafted bags. Unless you have the tools, go for used bags or readymade bags with good quality and sell them out. You know the sort of bags that men like, get them and advertise them to attract buyers across Nigeria.

To really make it big with this sort of product, check out for the trending designs around you. Focus your market on the trend and be innovative, if you’re a bag designer.

15. Shoes

things to sell in Nigeria

Corporate Shoes

You can win every man’s soul with good looking shoes coupled with superb leather quality. If you pull this, both male and female genders will patronize your venture.

Do yourself more favour by picking out the best shoes and hitting public offices. If you do not sell all, you’ll sell half. Also, get a good camera or a mobile phone with excellent camera quality and take photos of the shoes from all angles.

CreateFacebook pages, upload the photos and advertise with Facebook. Check your inbox and you’ll be amazed by the influx of persons in need of the samples. Own an online store with the likes of Jumia and Konga to hasten your sells.


Nigeria is one of the world’s best countries for commerce. And if you’re in Nigeria without ceasing this advantage, you’re on a long thing, trust me. I have provided you with a list of top 15 things to sell very fast in Nigeria this 2020.

Even when you go online, you will still be able to make money with the listed things above. If you have problem with money to start, don’t worry. There are places you can get loans without collaterals. You can even gather money by convincingly asking peoplegather money by convincingly asking people.

Do not allow your years in the university to waste. Do not also attempt to sell products that don’t move markets. If you try this, on your own. To know which one will sell faster around you, take some time and study the environment, ask questions and conclude.

Selling these things in Nigeria may not come rosy during the starting phase. Just be smart with your dealings and you’ll eventually become an authority with your products.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

Obinwanne Umunna
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