The Lawn Men (No one gives without collecting)

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It was a serene environment in one of the bushy suburbs at the country side. Mark was moving around spreading the gospel from house to house.


“Can I help you sir” The voice Mark heard as an elderly lean looking man replied him after he knocked on the door of a particular man.


“Hey, I am Mark and I just came around to share the gospel with you” he said. “woah, come on in, the man replied and quickly opened up the door properly for Mark to enter. They were seated already and after some brief introduction, Mark began his speech.


“John 3:16… For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that…”


“You really believe that?” The elderly man interrupted “You think a man could allow his son to die for you just because he loves you?” he kept asking


“I think so” Mark replied with a smile.


“Let me tell you a story, and maybe you will change your mind about that” The old man said…


There was a brief silence before he started!!!

A beat up, purple, rusted ’86 Ford truck pulls up to the cut down. While the doors open two scruffy looking individuals emerge. One appears about sixty with stark white hair and a weathered look. His lean frame is muscular and tanned to a leather crispness. His younger assistant is much less muscular and however each bit as looking highly weary and depressed.

Rambo, the guy who watches over the house, nominally protects the backyard even though his best protection days are in the back of him. Glaucoma, weight problems and arthritic legs have decreased him to a figurehead security guy. He grudgingly allows the 2 men to approach the house and ring the doorbell.

Charles Gathers opens the door, stares at the two men momentarily puzzled, then smiles. “I almost forgot about you men. You have to be the landscapers. “I’m Charles” The older man said,

“I’m Mike and that is Ralph. We’re right here to do your lawn.”

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Stepping outdoor Charles gestures toward the front yard, “you could see my hassle. I haven’t spent lots time looking after the backyard lately. I’ve been a highly preoccupied with different things. A variety of the shrubs and plant life are loss of life and the garden is the pits. What do you think you may do and how much will it value me?” Charles asks.

“I’ll tell you what, just Ralph and I some few seconds, and we will provide you with an estimate. I assume you’ll adore it.” Mike says. Ralph fetches a notice pad, after which he allows Mike survey the belongings. Twenty minutes later they are done. “I suppose this is going to be fun. Do you think so Ralph?” Mike asks and looks at Ralph who was smiling so hard.

“You haven’t been incorrect at any point, and I know that today wouldn’t be an exception. And moreover, we don’t have a choice” Ralph replied. Mike writes a few short notes on the pad. He spots Charles who was heading to another direction and waves him over.

“I’ve were given your estimate proper right here” Mike says “We’ll make three packages. the first week we prune and trim your flowers and observe our special fertilizer. This is not a industrial product however a special organic mix that I advanced myself. It’s benefit is the result of years of studies and trial and blunders. I suppose you’ll be pleased with the outcome it gives”

“Also the second week we can perform a little greater paintings at the lawn, practice our 2nd remedy, do some other stuffs to get the entirety stirred up and active. We’ll also replant any patches of grass that don’t reply to our remedy. The following week we’ll apply some very last additives and make sure the entirety goes as expected. I suppose i can adequately guarantee you’ll have the pleasant searching yard on the street after we are done.” Mike says.

“That sounds perfect. It’s precisely what I’m seeking out. Now go in advance and deliver me the bad news. What’s all this going to cost me?” Charles asks, looking in suspense.

“To be frank, it’ll be approximately twenty-five hours of labor for the 2 people, plus gasoline, substances and our different overhead. Let’s call it six hundred dollars. How’s that sound?”

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Charles suppresses a smile. He budgeted a thousand cash for the assignment.

“That sounds pleasant to me. When do you think you can start?” Charles asks

“We will begin the first remedy right now, if that’s cool with you? I’ll write up the invoice and supply it to you later these days.” Ralph stated while looking at Mike with a smile.

Returning to the house Charles joins his 3 sons on the breakfast table. “I’m going to visit your mom. Poker, do not forget to force Rick and Kevin to their baseball at ten. They are getting a trip domestic with the Williamses. I need you returned here by about midday so you can cope with them.”  Charles tells his children who are already dissatisfied on the schedule he turned into drawing up.

Kevin says, “Dad, we’re twelve. We don’t want Poker to babysit us.”

“Don’t give me a hard time all right. I have a lot on my mind; simply do what I say please.” Charles stated while waving his hand toward them.

Poker suppresses a normal teenaged clever-ass commentary. “Certain Dad, I’ll be here. Don’t worry about nothing. If you deliver me some money I’ll take them to the films.”

Charles reaches into his pockets and arms 40 dollars to Poker. “Thanks. You’ve been a big help lately.” Charles said.


To Be Continued.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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