How to Get a Rich Sugar Mummy in Nigeria Easily

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How to Get a Rich Sugar mummy in Nigeria

To get a sugar mummy in Nigeria is very simple if you know the steps to take. Getting a nigeria sugarmummy requires you to know the places to visit, the type of clothes to wear, and the calibre of people to hang out with.

You can’t be looking like a street guy and expect to get a sugar mummy in Nigeria. This is because the sugar mummy that you intend to get would have to use you as a show-off to her friends too and gain some level of approval from them.

Just imagine you are a rich man, would you go for an ugly dirty girl or a classy girl? The same applies to the way any sugar mummy in Nigeria would also think.

There are several things you should know before trying to look for a sugar mummy. This would make sure that you position yourself in a way that you will hook them easily.

Before I start, I will tell you some of the benefits of having a sugar mummy in Nigeria.



Steps to get a Sugar Mummy in Nigeria

Now the steps to get a sugar mummy in Nigeria are very simple. I wouldn’t want you to fall prey to scammers, which is why I am writing this article. Never believe agents that tell you they can help you get a sugar mummy in Nigeria. They are just scammers who want to run away with your money. Below are the possible steps to get a sugar mummy in Nigeria.

Go to a State with High Potential

This is the most important step to take. If you intend to get a sugar mummy, then you should go to states that have lots of sugar mummies with money. The idea behind having a sugar mummy is to have a woman who will pay you for sleeping with her.

Some women will allow you to sleep with them, but they will pay you nothing. So if you are looking for where to find rich sugar mummies in Nigeria, then you should consider the following states;

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Porthacourt
  • Calabar
  • Enugu
  • Kano

These states have lots of sugar mums that will make your life memorable both in the positive and negative way – depending on the woman you meet.

Visit Dating Sites in Nigeria

With the advent of the internet and dating sites, it has become so easy to meet sugar mummies in Nigeria. I met my own sugar mummy from the popular badoo site back then. I think there are other dating sites that would allow you meet sugar mummies in Nigeria.

To get a sugar mummy on a dating site, you must remember the following;

  • You must have a clean profile picture
  • You must be attractive
  • Must be classy
  • Doing good for yourself.

All these will make her not to see you as a burden. You should also ask intelligent questions, and never discuss the issue of sugar mummy during a conversation.


Best Dating Sites in Nigeria to meet a Sugar Mummy


Instagram tops my list because of the quality of women you meet on that social platform. It is not really a dating site, but you can get lots of women who are willing to give you sex and money on that platform. It is one of the best platforms I recommend for those who intend to get a sugar mummy in Nigeria. The advantage of searching for sugar mummies on Instagram is that you don’t need to beg anyone to accept you. All you need to do is just package yourself very well and start following their handles. If they see you as a good sugar boy, they will surely follow you back.

Facebook Groups

There are many facebook groups for married and single old women who are searching for love in Nigeria. It is a good site to search for a sugar mummy who will take care of you. Most of this groups are hidden, so don’t expect to see them easily. You would have to search deep and even request to join before you can be accepted.

Instant Message

This is a new app that was just created a few days back, but it has started gaining weight among Nigerians. A friend told me of recent that he just got on sugar mummy from the app. When you download the app, it would show you the women close to you. With that information, you can easily locate any older woman on the same app and start pushing for a relationship between the both of you.


I have formerly listed Badoo as one of the best dating sites to get a sugar mummy. But the truth is that your chance of getting a sugar mummy on Badoo is just 50%. Runs girls have taken over the site, making it difficult for guys to locate good chicks and women that will become their sugar mummy. But you can still use it, who knows if you might just be lucky.

Hang out with Classy Friends

Sugar mummies don’t hang out with poor people, so you should know the type of friends you keep. You all must be looking dope and sweet, not looking like hustlers. Wear good clothes, good perfumes, and look expensive.

Visit Expensive Adult Clubs

Those same places where girls go to look for sugar daddies, you should also go there and look for sugar mummies. Most of them visit clubs, so you can give it a try. You shouldn’t go to the regular clubs; it must be an adult club. That is one of the places where you can get a sugar mummy in Nigeria.



Benefits of Having a Sugar Mummy in Nigeria


how to get a sugar mummy in Nigeria


Financial Freedom

Everybody loves financial freedom and that is what having a sugar mummy would help you achieve. This type of financial freedom would enable you to buy anything you want, go anywhere you want, and do anything you want to do.

Majority of guys who have sugar mummies in Nigeria are super rich and live affluent lifestyles. So if you are thinking of getting a sugar mummy, then you should be happy because the money would soon start flowing.


Nobody would be more loyal to you than your sugar mummy. This is because she invests in you, and she knows that you are her investment. Her loyalty to you is because she doesn’t want you to go after other girls that would distract you from her. Nobody is more loyal than a sugar mummy who spends on you.


We all know that money brings respect in Nigeria, which is why most guys with sugar mummies command respect. They are able to get respect by spending money so much and behaving rich. Imagine going to a Friday night club and spending over a 100k Naira on drinks. That is how a guy with a sugar mummy behaves in Nigeria.

What are the Disadvantages of Having a Sugar Mummy in Nigeria

This might sound really scary but I am going to list out some of the disadvantages of having a sugar mummy, especially in Nigeria. We all know how Nigeria is and it means that out of all the sugar mummies in Nigeria, you might end up meeting the wrong ones. These are the disadvantages of having a sugar mummy in Nigeria.



No Relationships Again

When I got my own sugar mummy back then as a young guy in the university, I never had any meaningful relationship again. Any girl I loved, I couldn’t get close because I didn’t want my sugar mummy to suspect anything.

The moment they suspect anything, it might lead to something serious. That is what I tried so much to avoid back then. And because you don’t have relationships, it would lead to the next disadvantage.

You might never get married

If you know the risks that come with having a meaningful relationship while keeping a sugar mummy, then you know that you might never get married while having a sugar mummy. Every sugar mummy in Nigeria wants to make sure that you don’t have any girl distracting you, talk more about marrying a wife. If you insist on getting a girlfriend or wife, then be ready for the next thing that would happen.

High Sexual Workload                             

Your job as a sugar son to a sugar mummy is just to have sex anytime she wants you to do it. Invariably you become a sex slave to her. Whether you are sick or not physically fit, you must always satisfy her on the bed. This can lead to several other medical complications in your sexual life in the future.


Any little mistake you make might cause your death. If you insist on getting a girlfriend or marrying a wife might cause your sugar mummy to ‘waste’ you immediately. This is one of the disadvantages of having a sugar mummy in Nigeria. So if you know you don’t have the guts, don’t bother having a sugar mummy in Nigeria.


sugar mummy in Nigeria


Things to Avoid While Searching for a Sugar Mummy in Nigeria


While trying to get a sugar mummy in Nigeria, these are the things you should at all cost;

  • Never appear desperate – it would make you look suspicious
  • Don’t ask her to be your sugar mummy. Just get into a relationship with her, and you can start making demands after. It is just like those people who are into Yahoo Yahoo.
  • Never go through an Agent to look for a sugar mummy. They will dupe you.
  • Remember to follow her rules when you finally get one.


I have told you all you need to know about getting a sugar mummy in Nigeria, but it is up to you to get one for yourself. Before you go, remember to subscribe and learn so many other things I intend to write about especially;

10 Illegal ways to make money in Nigeria and not get caught

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How I operate

Some women read this post and ask me to connect them to guys who are interested to get a sugar mummy in Nigeria. So if you need a sugar mummy’s contact, you must have the following;

  • A good phone
  • Must be handsome
  • You must be well dressed and presentable
  • You must be young and agile on bed

Steps to register and get a sugar mummy from me

I am not an agent, so don’t think I am an agent. Before you contact me for sugar mummy’s contact and connection, you must do the following.

  1. Send me your name, age, location, and profession to my Whatsapp contact
  2. If I have a sugar mummy in your location, I will tell you.
  3. Then you pay me 3,000 Naira and I will give you her contact.

My contact is 0908605xxx (I had to remove it because people don’t listen).

If you need a sugar mummy around any location, please send me your name and location to

Then pay 3k into the account below;


Umunna Obinwanne Izuka


Then I will link you immediately with the ones available around your location. It is on a first come first serve basis. I will help you talk to her before I give you her contact. This will make the job easier for you.

I am not an agent, so don’t contact me as an agent. I also have my own sugar mummies that give me money too. 

If you can’t pay, please don’t call or send me messages. I will block on Whatsapp immediately.


Also, if you are not handsome, do not add me up on Whatsapp. 

Note: It only happens on first come first serve basis. Thank you.


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Obinwanne Umunna
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