Sugar Mummy/Daddy Format for Yahoo

While many hustlers depend on dating billing for yahoo, and other scamming formats, sugar dating scammers are cashing out. So, I expose the secrets of the sugar mummy format and sugar daddy format for yahoo in this article.

I need sugar mummy format

To become a successful yahoo boy, you ought to know the trending formats. Typically, the trending format for yahoo trends on Twitter. Go on Twitter and enter the yahoo format you prefer. If the search is higher, it is trending.

In 2020, for instance, the Covid-19 format for yahoo trended. Yahoo boys used the format to receive funds from people thinking they are the federal government. Apart from receiving funds, they also collected bank details to use for carding.

Without boring you, let’s discover the latest sugar mummy/daddy format for yahoo. I include all details to guide you from Day 1 to the cashing out date.

Background of Sugar Mummy/Daddy Yahoo Format

Before sugar mummy and daddy format became yahoo formats, it was called hooking. I.e. to hook a sugar baby with a sugar mummy or daddy. Around 2001, in the US, hookers started getting the money from clients instead of hooking them up with sugar babies.

Sites, including Facebook, Tinder, etc., introduced dating platforms to stop the rate of hooking scam.

Until 2007, no yahoo boy used the dating platforms, and people trusted the platforms to find sugar lovers. Around 2008, yahoo boys began to bomb dating sites for clients. The sugar dating industry had about $1 billion worth, and yahoo boys occupied 30% of the money.

Today, the dating industry is worth $5 billion. Of course, over 30% of the money belongs to G boys.

When you implement the sugar dating format for mummy and daddy, you can get a slice of the funds.

Good enough, you can play the role of gay or straight to cash out. It seems gay sugar dating pays even more because gays are recruiting people to the LGBTQ community.

Requirements for Mummy and Daddy Format

In this section, I list the tools to use for a successful sugar mummy format or sugar daddy format for yahoo.

Note: You can use either a PC or mobile phone. However, do not use iPhone, and your browser must not be Chrome.

Below are the requirements regarding the yahoo format for sugar mummy/daddy:

Fake Social Account

The first requirement is a fake dating account such as Tinder, Facebook Dating, OkCupid, etc. You must learn to create a fake Facebook account or hack a Facebook account to bypass the ban if you intend to use Facebook.

Alternatively, you can create a fake social account. The account must be created with the IP of the country you are targeting. For instance, if you are targeting the US or the UK clients, your IP must be set to either the US or the UK.

Fake Promises

Can you lie? If you cannot lie intelligently, then the yahoo format for sugar mummy and daddy is not for you.

For example, a typical sugar daddy or mummy wants to meet you. You need fake stories to delay their requests while they continue to send money to your account.

You can either promise or lie straight up. You can say that your mobile phone is faulty. Or that you do not have the money to repair your broken phone, especially when the client requests a video call.

Cryptocurrency Address

Instead of a bank account, we use a Cryptocurrency wallet to receive funds and convert them to local currency. If you use a personal bank account, the bank can freeze your account or chargeback.

Cryptocurrency is not regulated by the government, so it is easier to scam with it.

Fake pictures

The pictures depend on the yahoo format you plan to use to cashout from sugar mummy and sugar daddy format. For example, if you use medical billing on your sugar client, you need pictures of a sick person or someone that had an accident.


To remain anonymous on the internet, get a VPN. A free VPN is available on any app store, but a paid or premium VPN is better.

Note that the VPN must support the IP of the country you target for sugar clients. For example, if you are targeting the USA, get a VPN with the US IP. The same applies to any country you target for clients.

Fake Phone Number/Email Address

A fake phone number is important. If your country regulates SIM cards and registrations, you do not need a registered phone number. Get a temporary phone number online to stay anonymous.


Is your English grammar bad? If yes, get Grammarly to correct errors in your spelling. Grammarly supports a few other languages, but English is their language field.

If you are targeting someone in Chine, you need a translator. I do not recommend online translators. However, if you explain to the client that you are not Chinese, it is okay to use any Chinese translator app.

Sugar Mummy and Daddy Yahoo Format

In this section, I introduce you to the steps to do the sugar mummy format for yahoo or the sugar daddy format for yahoo. You can follow these steps to do the gay format for yahoo and get away with it.

sugar mummy format pdf

Below are the steps to do sugar mummy/daddy yahoo format:

  • Select a Gender
  • Open a Fake Social Account
  • Participate in the Community
  • Accepts Messages from Clients
  • Discuss with Clients
  • Apply a Scamming Format

Select a Gender

Before you start the scamming format, decide on a gender you can play perfectly. We have the gay, bisexual, woman, and man genders. Gay and bisexual formats for yahoo pays better currently. And like I mentioned earlier, the reason is that LGBTQ is recruiting people to their community.

When you decide on gender to use to attract sugar mummy or sugar daddy, follow the next step below.

Open a Fake Social Account

It takes a few steps to open a fake social account for scamming. You can open either a Facebook dating account, Tinder, OkCupid, etc.

While opening a fake social account, use the pictures of someone that is not available on Google. You can use photos from Google, but a smart sugar mummy or daddy client can perform a picture search to check whether you are legit.

Typically, a successful yahoo boy downloads work pictures of deceased people. They also go to the dark web to find pictures to use. You need yahoo pictures to be at least 50 copies.

You can buy a fake social account, but it must be registered with the IP of the country you target. I do not recommend hacked accounts, though. Lastly, prepare your profile to look real with good pictures and fake likes/comments.

Participate in the Community

After creating the fake social account using the IP of the country you are targeting for sugar mummy or daddy, engage the account. Join groups, comment on timelines, and react to publications.

The more you participate, the more visible you become to algorithms, and they will recommend your account.

Accepts Messages from Clients

Within 7 days, sugar daddies or mummies should message you, depending on your gender. If you set up the account as gay, expect messages from sugar gays and sugar bisexuals.

Do not accept the requests immediately. Give it about 8 hours at least. Be careful not to accept requests from other scammers too.

Discuss with Clients

The next step is to discuss with your sugar client. Find a topic of interest by requesting the stuff they prefer.

Continue the chats with them for about 2-3 days. When they become comfortable chatting with you, you may then make the excuse that you would not be active again.

Of course, the client will ask why. Well, what you must do is in the step below.

Apply a Scamming Format

The sugar mummy or sugar daddy has fallen for your sugar mummy format for yahoo or sugar daddy format. It is now time to decide what yahoo format to introduce.

You can introduce medical billing, dating billing format, etc. just find any format that suits your sugar client, and that you can do perfectly.

In the section below, I use the student yahoo format. Follow the sequence of the conversation to learn how to apply any yahoo format, and cashout from a sugar mummy or sugar daddy:

Sugar Mummy/Daddy Format

sugar mummy format and sugar Daddy

Day 1

Sugar Client:

Hi. Just came across your Tinder, and I love you already. I see you need a sugar mummy. Can we hook up, please?

(8 hours later)


You’re, I need a sugar mummy, but I’m doing it because I need some money. Nice to meet you, and I hope you can make me happy; sugar babies deserve all the love. (winks)

Sugar Client:

Sure. I understand my duty as your sugar mummy! By the way, I’m Anne, and I’m 67. I have a hubby, but he tends to forget his intimate roles. Can you bring in some intimacy? And, am I your first sugar mummy?

(6 hours later)


I know the demands, and, I can bring in intimacy. Yes, you are my first sugar mummy. I kinda wish we could meet though. Also, I hope you are not a scammer?

Day 2

Sugar Client:

Scammer? Of course not, I am real. Thanks for asking. That clears my doubt, I was thought of asking that earlier, though. I feel relieved. Lol.

(Reply the next day)

Day 3


I’m sorry for replying late. We went out of power, and just getting back on. I have a girlfriend, but I understand you won’t be comfortable with the relationship. So, I have been keeping her at arm’s length. Plus, she has been weird sort of, answering calls from guys I do not know.


Well, such is the life, baby. May I have a photo of you? How old are you? What do you do?

Day 4



(Send a photo that is not on your profile to your sugar mummy)

I am 22, and a student.

(Note: Mention the name of a school that is not popular. Assuming you told sugar mummy that you live in the US, find a small school, and tell them so that they can’t research it).

Day 5

Sugar Client:



(contact admin to Unlock)


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