Legend of the Fuuckers: How I slept with my Female Students

We lay exhausted on the bed. I was excited as I kissed her and smiled. I was actually acting like a teenager who just had a successful s*x for the first time. All feelings of embarrassment and worries I had with Omore just disappeared; I was okk, and I’ve found my libido once more.
Moments later, she crawled on top of me. She bent and started teasing my ni’pp’le with her tongue. Then she moved her hands down to my dkk and started caressing it slowly. It responded fully, as soon became turgid with each stroke. I jerked my hips forward and downwards as she did her magic on it. Then she bent over, held the tip against her lips and teased it with her tongue. Gradually, she inserted the entire length of the dikk into her mouth, rubbing her tongue and lips against it.

When she was done straining all the muscles of my d’kk, she picked up a condom and fixed it on me. Then she mounted on top my dikk, gradually inserting it into her spread legs and sat on it. She rested her hands on my chest and jerked her hips forward and backwards. Then she held on me stronger as she rose and landed on it; repeating the process over and over again until I couldn’t take it more; she was driving me mad with pleasure; and I kept wondering how a teenager could be this good, confident and skilful on a man’s dikkk.

I expected he news of my sexcapade with Sandra to fill the school, but I didn’t hear of it. I had expressed my fears over it with Sandra and she assured me she wasn’t going to say anything.

She informed me that the news that leaks to the network were always from a third party. We had few more flings that went smooth.

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Then Omore came back to the picture; like a resurrected case. It felt awkward talking about the last time with her, so I avoided the topic. Then she told me she would like to come to my house the next day.i was surprised and speechless, I didn’t know how to take the news.

“don’t worry, I’m no longer a virgin.” She said to me.
When she came that evening, I tried discussing the virginity case with her. She said she wasn’t going to talk about it so we started our usual romance. I had no feeling of guilt whatsoever. I teased her as usual and when I reached for her p@nts, she didn’t hesitate. I move for my condoms and wore them. Then, before entering, I caressed her inner thighs, gently rubbed her cl!t, then inserted my index finger gently into her, it did go in smoothly; she really had lost the virginity. I didn’t let that border me, my dikk was still hard. I patted her legs and gently moved into her. She held on me tightly as I inserted my dikk, like she felt slight pain. I slowed down a bit, then gently inserted the dkk gradually until a reasonable length entered. Then I thumped away. . .

After the s*x, I caressed her to make her feel needed and liked. After some handling and teasing, I asked how she lost the virginity and to who.
“To no one!” she finally said.
“what do you mean?” I asked.
“I did it myself!”
What the media and publicity aids of the first lady failed to understand that some things are just natural; at this technology-driven age that makes the world a global village, certain virtues are being lost and replaced with contemporary once that is now widely accepted.
The teenage girl is influenced by lots of factors; peer group and the need to feel belonged. They should have understood that the teenage girl loves to feel belonged and follow the tide as it blows. She wants to be seen and accepted as a “happening” girl. They feel the need to practice what the see, read and learn around them.

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I quite agree with her on the resolve to discourage teenage s*x. But if she is willing to stop teenage pregnancy, the spread of HIV and encourage girl-child education, then she should preach safe s*x! Its high time we told ourselves the truth and stop beating around the bush.

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