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How to Stop Facebook from Asking for Phone Number


Sometimes, you don’t want to share personal information, so you want to stop Facebook from asking for phone number. Facebook may be a trustworthy company but not many people think their personal information is safe with them, so it’s okay to prevent Facebook from accessing your phone number.

Usually, according to Facebook, it may be suggested that you add your mobile number due to information Facebook receives about you, such as your mobile phone/tablet, your contact information others provided on Facebook, or you already added a phone number to your Facebook account but didn’t confirm it. Note that Facebook will not force you to give your phone number, even when you’re signing up.

But if you find yourself in this situation, this article has the solution you need to block Facebook from asking for your phone number.

How to stop Facebook from asking for phone number

Why does Facebook ask for your phone number?

Below are the reasons or purposes Facebook will require your mobile phone number:

a. Suggest people you may know

Facebook uses your phone number to make suggestions of people you may know so that you can contact them. However, if you intend to stay anonymous, then you don’t need Facebook to do this for you.

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b. Sign in to your account

You can sign in to your Facebook account using your phone number or email address. Thus, Facebook will sometimes suggest adding your phone number so that you can use it to log into your account, instead of using your email address.

c. Show personalized ads

Facebook also uses your phone number to show personalized ads. So, if you do not include your phone number, you will not receive personalized ads from advertisers. Facebook describes them as “relevant ads” but they can be somehow intrusive, so you may not need them.

d. Account safety

Your phone number is another way your account can be protected. You just use it as your recovery method instead of email. You can even set up two-factor authentication to harden your account security. Facebook will not force you to keep your phone number for account recovery, but you need your email address.

How to stop Facebook from asking for phone number

If you think Facebook should not ask for your phone number, do the following:

  1. Sign up without your number

If you already signed up on Facebook but deleted the account due to your phone number not being on Facebook, you can sign up again without your phone number. Perhaps, at the time, Facebook will not let anyone sign up without phone number—that’s in the past now.

You have several options, including the following:

  • Sign up with an email address
  • Use a fake online phone number
  • A burner phone with a prepaid SIM card

Using another person’s phone number is out of the question—remember, this account belongs to you.

So, when signing up, in place of phone number, you can choose to use your email address. It has to be  an email address you’ve not used before on Facebook or that the account has been closed.

If you don’t want to open a new email address, you can get a phone number online or use a prepaid SIM card in a burner phone. These options make sure that you stay anonymous, except you would want to sign up with your original information such as name and date of birth.

  1. Remove phone number

Another way to stop Facebook from asking for phone number is to remove it. You can remove your number from Facebook in simple steps:

  • Go to Settings & Privacy.
  • Under the Account Settings section, click Personal Information.
  • Click Phone Number.
  • Click Remove below the number you’d like to remove.
  • Enter your Facebook password.
  • Click Remove Number to confirm.

With the steps above, you’ve removed your phone number from Facebook, so no more personalized ads or friend recommendations using your number.

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While removing your phone number, you need to add an email address. If your account has no email address, add one so that you can use it for recovery or account activation when necessary.

  1. Use an authenticator for 2FA

Recall that Facebook uses your mobile number to run targeted ads. Your phone numbers can even be pulled from your friend’s phone book when they decide to upload their contacts on Facebook.

Facebook then allows advertisers to upload information about you to target their ads, which includes your phone number. Now, you can’t completely remove your phone number from Facebook since one of your Facebook friends would have uploaded their contact on Facebook to find new friends.

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However, you can minimize things by using an Authenticator app for 2FA approval instead of your phone number.b2FA is designed to use two authentication layers to protect your account when you sign into it. If your phone number is your 2FA option, Facebook will send a unique code to your phone to verify it. The same happens if you use an authenticator app. So, the idea is now to move the security system to an authenticator and remove your phone number.

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You can install Google Authenticator or anyone you prefer. To use an authenticator app instead of your phone number, do the following:

  • Install an authentication app on your device.
  • Go to Facebook Settings.
  • Click Security and login below Security.
  • Find and click Use two-factor authentication.
  • Click Get Started (Facebook may ask for your password to verify ownership).
  • Click Use authentication app asked to choose your security method.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your setup and authentication.

The 6-digit code changes every 30 seconds to protect your privacy.

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Note: Before enabling 2FA, you would have removed your phone number from Facebook in the steps from the previous section.

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