7 Tips to Stick to Your Goals and Achieve More

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I will show you how you can stick to your goals and achieve all of them. You’ve probably made plans and have probably drawn up achievable for the year, now you are wondering how you can stick to your goals and achieve them. Most times I draw up goals I intend to achieve within a period of time, but along the line, I forget about it and move out of track once more. You might find it quite difficult to focus on your goals, but these practical steps would help you.

how to stick to your goals and achieve them

I will show how you can stick to your goals and achieve more than you’ve ever thought of.  The main reason why people move out of their goals is that the reality of life sets in, and it becomes extremely difficult to keep up with whatever dreams we have.

Whether you’ve made goals to be rich, get a job, make more money, or set goals to get married, these small tips would help you remain focused.

What are the 7 tips to stick to your goals and achieve more?

Create a new belief

Mindsets play a very crucial role in the way we fashion out our lives. The way you see yourself determines the way you act. If you want to stick to your goals, then you need to create a new belief about who you are.

Before you change in your outta world, you need to change within. Who do you need to become to make your goals comes to pass?

It would be a joke when you set a goal to win the next year’s marathon, and you are already adding excess weight just a few days to the race. I wonder how you intend to achieve that.

You need to create an affirmation about the positive change you need to see. E.g.

  • I will be the difference in my —— (fill in the space)
  • I will make a difference in the life of ———– (fill in the space)

You would need to say your affirmation every morning as you wake, and the night before you go to bed. It helps remind you of the bigger picture ahead.

stick to your goals and achieve more

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Break your Goals into smaller Achievable Goals

It is great to dream big, but it is better to start little by little. Just like in football, you can never win the league if you don’t keep winning every opposition teams you play against.

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Your goal is like the trophy at the end of the season, while achievable goals are the oppositions you play against in your quest to achieve the main goal.

For an armature runner looking to win a marathon race, it starts by learning how to run 1km, 2km, 3km, 10km, etc. Just when you are making progress, you then push up to running 50kms.

When you are comfortable running such distance, you start working on your timing. If you intend to stick to your goals and achieve more, then you should break the big picture into smaller bits.

Schedule Time to Work on Goals

If your goals are your top priority, and you intend to work on it and stick to your goals, then you should learn to schedule time just for them. If you are probably an accountant looking to set up an online business as your major goal for the year, then you need to take out time and work ON it.

  • You take classes for it
  • Gather the resources for it
  • You source for the materials you need for it and the personnel

The time devoted for all these will give you the ability to stick to your goals, and you would end up achieving more than you imagined.

Block out time to work solely on tasks that would help you achieve your goals and stick to them. Guard such time carefully. Success is something that requires a dedicated time to put you first.

Get Necessary Support

No need trying to figure how life works, just get a mentor who has been there to help you out. No matter the goals you have set for yourself, a lot of people have been there and doing fine. Just find a mentor, a cheerleader, or any support group that would hold you accountable, motivate you, and help you when you come crashing.

Celebrate Small Achievable

If you are working extra hard to stick to your goals and achieve them, then you need to reward yourself when you make progress. You should find an exciting way to reward yourself when you reach certain milestones.

A movie night, drink with the guys, dinner with your spouse, or anything to celebrate your wins is highly necessary. Find a reward system that motivates you and encourages you to achieve more.

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Visualize the End Result of your Goal

Most times what keeps me going and pressing further to achieving my goals is the vision of a wonderful ending. It plays in my subconscious anytime I feel like giving up.

When you see yourself achieving your goals in your mind, it triggers your subconscious and sets you to work. To stick to your goals and achieve them, you should always visualize what it would be like when you’ve accomplished those goals.

Get to work

The tools, information, and support you need to accomplish your goals should be around.  When you see them often, it reminds you that there is work to be done.

The aim is to remind your subconscious to stick to your goals and plans, so as to avoid implosion.

Do you need to rebrand the business or build a new website? Should you hire a copywriter? Should you hire a lawyer?

Everything you need to achieve the goals should be ready.

Whatever your goals may be, there are lots of books you can read, people you can talk to, courses you can take to make it a reality. You should invest in anything that would make your goals a reality.

Whatever your goals are for the year may be, I hope this post would help you learn how to stick to your goals and achieve every single of them.

I wish you success. If you have any contribution to make, let’s interact using the comment section.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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