#Module 1 Part 1(10 Reasons to start an online home business in Nigeria)

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Are you still looking for a reason to start an online home business in Nigeria?

Picture this!

You have a neighbour who wakes up very early every day and runs off their house in a bid not to get fired by their boss, while you can just wake up and stroll to your office without minding what anyone would say.

Or maybe they mess up at work, and they are scared to death that they are going to get fired, while you relax with no one on your tails.

What about the Vacations, the freedom you have the financial freedom that comes along?

It might sound too good to be true, but believe me that it is 100% possible and I will be showing you with these online lectures. Please put in your Email to continue with the lectures.

[emaillocker]Imagine you put in the same amount of energy you invest in your employer’s job; you would be amazed at the resultant output.

I wouldn’t want to sound withy washy by claiming that “building a home business is so easy”


Hell No! It isn’t! I have been there and it wasn’t a smooth ride. I remembered I had no picture of what I wanted to achieve, no clue of who would buy my product, got a headache about getting the right traffic, etc.

I can only smile now and say that “it was truly worth it” Ask all online business ‘gurus’ both in Nigeria and abroad, it was never an easy ride, but they all smile to the bank on monthly basis, cashing out a huge amount of foreign currencies.

“You Too Can Also Achieve That”

If all I have explained up there isn’t enough, let me show you some other reasons to start an online home business.

waiting to start an online home business

You can start Part-Time

The best part of trying to start an online home business in Nigeria is the fact that you have nothing to lose. To start an online home business, you don’t need to give up your main day job. You can start it part-time and when you are beginning to make excessive money from it, you can then choose to fire your boss. Test the waters, see how it goes. If it is something that interests you, then go ahead and delve fully inside of it.

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Freedom with Time

When starting up your home business at first, you need to put in a lot of time and energy for the first few months. After that, you can have all the freedom you want.

I remembered starting up my own business last year, the first few months were so hectic; after few months, I do my thing when I feel like doing it with discipline attached to it. If you are someone who loves freedom with time, then you should start thinking about how to start a home business in Nigeria.

Freedom with Place of Work

If you have money to rent a small place, you can go ahead and start a home business. If not, anywhere can serve. All you need is just a P.C, Internet connection, and you can work from anywhere you like; your parent’s house, café, library, etc. Can anything sound much better?

Six Figures Income

It takes almost a year and some months for fresh graduates (in most cases) to make their own six-figures. Setting up your home business can see that come to pass within the shortest possible time.

to those who don't want to start an online home business

As a starter, your home business can see you earn a minimum of $100 in a month. If this is augmented with your monthly income flow (If you work part-time), then you can see the potentials that abound when you finally expand.

Easy to start

Anyone who ever told that to start a home business is difficult, is probably a naysayer. I have listed out the steps to start your own online business, and they are as simple as ABC could ever be. For further information about setting up your own business, please see  “How to Start an Online Business for Beginners”

It is a worldwide Business

A client who operates an online bookstore testified how she got orders for her books from Canada, and she was paid in foreign currencies.

Setting up a home online business positions you to run a business that attracts consumers from all across the globe

Everything is ready for you

No matter what you intend doing, everything is already set up for you at your disposal. Even if you decide to become an affiliate of any company, they have already set up landing pages for you. All you need do is just the promotion. As long as you are well adept to the techniques, success is yours already.


 lazy people who don't want to start an online home business

A lot of Help and Support

Before I decided to start my own home online business, I had the fear of not having a mentor. It was difficult for me because I had no mentor – save for my few white friends who spent time training me.

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On this, I have decided to help back and train as many people as I can. You can contact me with the details on the blog, and I will answer all the questions you might have.

Anyone can do it

It doesn’t matter if you are 16 years, 30 years, 60 years, tall, old, or bald. All you need is to have a clear vision of what you intend to achieve, stick with it and watch success flood your gate.

Not forgetting the fact that you have to get some little training at some point. Getting a practical knowledge of digital marketing is one of the starting points to start an online home business.

Retire Rich and Young should be your dream

I saw my boss drive in with his Lamborghini. I welcomed him, and he gently called me to his office and said to me; “If you work hard and think outside the box in your time, I will buy another model of this car next year”

If anything can make you retire rich and young, then it should be a home business online that would end up becoming a million dollar business – if handled properly.

my boss quote

I have listed all of the reasons to start an online home business in Nigeria. You must be kidding if you decide to observe from the stands, while others are making real money online.

You have nothing to lose by starting and everything to lose by not starting.

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