Module 2 Part 1- How to start a Good Online Business in Nigeria – Tips for Beginners

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This will be a step by step guide on how you can start an online business in Nigeria for beginners like you who are reading this article. At the end of this article, please endeavour to subscribe, as I would be sending you a detailed guide to start your own online Business and make money from it.

I have seen several blogs teaching how to make money from Nigeria online business; truth be told, they only want to make you feel happy and tell you things you want to hear without practical terms attached to it.

Starting an online business in Nigeria isn’t as easy as people have made it sound, but I will be leading you all the way to make your first $1000. You can click here to see how I did mine.  Are you ready to begin?

These are the steps to start an online business in Nigeria without much capital.

start an online business in Nigeria

Find a Problem on a Niche and Solve it

Whoever told you that you can start an online business in Nigeria without solving any problem with it, and still make money from it is not being frank with you.

A lot of people would tell you to look for a product first before customers but, it doesn’t follow such pattern in reality.

Make a list of keywords and use the google suggestion tool to find the number of searches for the keyword. You can then go ahead to check the supply ratio of those keywords on Google.

According to Dean {A digital marketer},

Supply divided by Demand = Supply/Demand Ratio

This means that;

The lower the supply-demand ratio is, the better for the fortune of your business. This tells you that there is more demand than supply, and you are more likely to make money with this Online business in your niche market.

Create your own Product/Service or Become an Affiliate

Once you have identified the niche you intend to establish your business online, it is the time to either create your product and service or become an affiliate to major companies. For those with the aim of becoming Affiliates, I will be releasing an extensive write-up on that, do well to subscribe and be informed when I write about it.

If you are selling your products or rendering your services, it should totally be in relation to the skills you must offer. The question is, “what can you offer?”

If you intend to become an affiliate, then you should consider the following;

  • Your chosen Niche: You can’t be in the Health niche and sell Technological services or tools as an affiliate.
  • The reputation of the Company: You should make sure that the parent company is one with good reviews and reputation, to avoid getting entangled with the law.
  • Shipping Ability: If your parent companies don’t sell information products, you should make sure that they help in the shipping process to customers. This will help you know how the products will get to the customer’s destination.


Build Your Landing Page/Website/Blog

Whichever method you intend to use to start your online business in Nigeria, you can choose from any of the three (3);

  • Landing Page
  • Website
  • Blog

They all have their pros and cons, so you decide which you go for. The essence of the website or landing page is to have a housing for your online products. Since communication and conversion is done online, customers need where they can get more information concerning the product/service you are offering.

You should also remember to register a domain name. A domain name should basically reflect the product or service you intend to offer. If you intend to sell spare parts online, a good domain name can be;

E.G. “,,, etc.”

You should also have a “Subscribe form” built on your website. This is very important when starting an online business because it helps you know people who are interested in your products/services.

You should also endeavour to send them newsletters with useful information about your offerings.

Write Your Sales Letter

The same way you would convince someone to buy your offline products/services, the same thing applies to any online business you need to start in Nigeria. The sales letter is what does the conversion for you.

In starting an online business in Nigeria, you should learn the art of writing contents that are rich in keywords. (Maybe attend a digital Marketing Training to learn so). Your Sales letter to start to help your business online should take the following format;

  • What you are offering
  • Who needs it
  • Why they should buy it
  • What would happen if they don’t buy it
  • Discounts that would be activated if they buy it now.

If you write this the right way, you are bound to make many sales.

Choose a Web Hosting Company

Since you intend to start an online business in Nigeria, then you need to be hosted online. You should look out for a company that would offer you the following for a fair price;

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Email accounts
  • Support (very important)

Promoting Your Website

This is the most important aspect of setting up an online business in Nigeria. Without promotion, there can be no sales. You are to devise your own means of promoting your products and services.

There are free channels and paid channels.

The steps to promotion require an in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing and online marketing.

steps to start an online business in Nigeria

You can explore the free channels;

  • Facebook fan page (if you have a good number of followers)
  • Related groups on Facebook
  • Using Guerrilla Marketing Methods (You can contact me for this)
  • Nigerian Forums (Nairaland, etc.)
  • Google Search Engine (You must be good at SEO)
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter and Instagram

Other paid channels require;

  • Running Adverts on Search Engines and Social Media. If handled properly, it can generate a good amount of profit for you, even as a beginner. (You should employ the services of experts to handle it for you)
  • Using Influencers (People with a good number of followers to help you with promotions)

To start an Online business in Nigeria isn’t as difficult as lots of people have projected. It boils down to how much passion you have for it. Please keep in touch as we continue our lectures.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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