6 Social Skills that would make Everyone Fall in Love with You

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It is everyone’s dream to be respected, admired, and accepted. Possessing these social skills can easily help you achieve that. To be admired and accepted is practically up to you to achieve. It takes your ability to build up these social skills that will create emotional awareness in the minds of others. Social skills like I am about to list are part of the life lessons you should have before becoming an adult.

Have you ever seen someone who is loved, respected, and accepted anywhere he goes? If you check properly, there are some traits called social skills which the person exhibits that cause such lovable reaction from people.

This article isn’t trying to force you to live someone else’s life.

“I can’t such a person” – someone would say

You don’t really have to be someone else. All you have to be is just yourself while putting these social skills into action. Then you would see the magical outcome of it.

Below are social skills that will make you loveable easily

social skills to learn

Always Smile

Naturally, I know there are some non-smilers out there, but you should probably learn this. When you are meeting someone for the first time, they would only get attracted to you when they perceive a warm reception from you. Psychology has it that the social skill of smiling when meeting people for the first time is always reciprocated.

If you want to feel loved, then you should develop the habit of smiling everywhere and anytime. It endears people to you and keeps them warm. Smiling is one of the social skills that will make you loveable anytime and anywhere.

Listening Attentively

Nelson Mandela is regarded as a good case study because he is universally liked and seen as a great leader. You can take other personalities and depend on the nation, they would have different personalities about several leaders. But when it comes to regarding Nelson Mandela across the world, he was seen as the best leader you could ever be with. What social skill that will make you loveable just like he was loved should you copy from him? The answer is his listening ability.

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Nelson Mandela was asked one day “how did you learn to be a great leader?” He answered…

“When I was young and went to tribal meetings with my dad, I only remembered two things.

  1. That the meeting was held in a circle sitting position
  2. My father (the village chief) was always the last to speak”

You must have been told your whole life that you need to learn to listen – which is quite good, but I would say “you need to learn to be the last to speak”

The skill to hold your opinion to yourself till everyone has done speaking would help you achieve two things;

  • You give people the feeling that their opinion counts
  • They believe that you are the caring type.

Who is more loved than someone who is caring? You can answer for yourself.

Good Communication

As long as you are able to communicate with people and they love it, they would always love to flock to you. Back then in school as soon as our teacher left the class, several people would gather around me just to hear something – just anything.

Communicating properly and intelligently is an art that everyone wishes to have but can’t have. As long as you are a good communicator, people would naturally love you and wish to always have you around. It is one of the social skills that people pay so much just to acquire. The aim is to communicate intelligently and always have something interesting up your sleeves.

Maintaining Eye Contact During Conversations

I learnt this social skill as a rookie salesman, and it has always been a part and parcel of me. If you are communicating with someone, maintain eye contact shows a level of trust, and the person tends to trust you in the conversation.

When someone trusts you, the feel relaxed with you. When they are relaxed with you, they wish to always have you around. Eye contact with someone shows confidence, but be careful not to make it look awful.  It simply takes commitment to look at someone in the eye during a conversation. Social skills like making Eye contact and communicating intelligently is gold.

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“Nice to see you today, you actually look so good on this hairstyle”

People especially females spend so much just to look good. It is also applicable to the male gender, but it doesn’t count so much. Giving due compliments to people is one of the social skills that will make people love you and would always want to be with you.

Remember you have to accompany it with a genuine smile to show honesty in your compliment.

Focusing on the other person Instead of yourself

Have you ever heard “that people who talk about themselves all the time are proud and miserable?”

If no, then you should take note. Humans are most likely always willing to talk about themselves, so take the back seat always and let them have fun. When people start talking about their lives and achievements, just smiles and give due compliments when needed. It isn’t really one of the best social skills out there, but it would make you so many friends instead of enemies. It would also keep your life without threats from people who aren’t happy about your success.

Which other social skills do you think can make people love you? Use the comment section, and don’t forget to subscribe below;

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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