2 Simple Skills that have made many Youths Rich in Nigeria

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Elections are over and uncertainty looms everywhere; but one thing is certain, which is the fact that new millionaires would be produced again within the next four years of this present government.

I became a millionaire within the last four years, while others kept shouting about how difficult the economy has become. The secret lies in what I will show you in a couple of minutes.

A few weeks ago we read about the youngest CEO generating millions of Naira in revenue  from Church-owned school, and one thing was common;

“They were all into Information-Technology”

If that thread never inspired you, my own story should inspire you at least.

It took me 6 months after learning an IT skill to improve my financial status. Yours shouldn’t take that long if you take action today.

What are the 2 skills that have made lots of youths in Nigeria become Rich?

Aside from internet fraud (yahoo yahoo) – which is still a product of Information Technology, these are the skills that will change your financial figures.

Software Development (Python, Javascript, PHP)

When a friend finished his ICT training in one of the cheapest ICT schools in Lagos, he felt that was the end and nothing else could come out of it.

A few months later, he created software that was bought over by one of the big banks in Nigeria. Then BOOOMMM – his story changed and he is currently having his vacation in Dubai as I type to you.

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He no longer remembers how he struggled to pay his registration fee – I guess he wouldn’t even recall.

The world is changing and companies are looking to digitalize their services. They would always request the services of software or a Software Developer. The Nigerian economy spends more than 2 million dollars yearly importing software. This would show you the huge gap in that industry that is begging for attention.

Why running after crowded sectors like accounting, economics, front desk, etc., when software is coming to replace all of you and render you jobless.

Whether you studied Economics or Agriculture, the software Development field is begging for your attention. The GOODNEWS is that you can learn all of it with 3 months of good practice.

Mobile Application

What is common between, Gokada Max.ng, Piggyvest.ng, Techpoint.ng.

The answers are very simple;

  • They all learnt how to create Mobile Applications
  • Their owners are Nigerian
  • They are less than 35years
  • They generate millions of Naira yearly in revenue
  • They are all online applications designed to solve problems for Nigerians.

Is mobile application a lucrative course?

The answer is YES!

If you don’t have the strength to create your own applications, people are going to pay you thousands of Naira monthly to help them create their own application.

Companies are going to BEG you to join them, and you will negotiate your own terms and conditions.

These two courses are the most lucrative courses you can learn this year and become a hit. No need thinking about anything else; just register for a class and start learning.

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No matter your course of study, you can adapt and fit in immediately. All you need is a willing spirit to start learning.

Even your teachers are working for Top companies but are willing to let you have their knowledge for a fee.

Ready to become the next Millionaire CEO?

If you are in Lagos, click the link to register for your preferred class. If you have questions to ask, call this number and get answers.+234 (0) 803 426 5103

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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