These are the Type of Skill Acquisition Programs that are Lucrative

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Have ye not heard?  “The future belongs to those who invest their time in skill acquisition.” This statement goes a long way to show that skill acquisition is what gives birth to riches. I will show you the type of skill acquisition that can make you rich depending on your knowledge level, and I will explain in details in this article.

Someone once said that acquiring profitable skills is what will end up paying your monthly bills; this is absolutely true. When you check out all the richest men in the world, you would discover something common among all of them; they all had special skills.

If you are skeptical for a second about the importance of having a skill, let us use a very clear example. Have you ever imagined what it would be if you finally have the skill to make flying cars? I bet you’d be richer than the world’s richest man in a few months. This is basically one of the reasons for skill acquisition. There are so many other reasons for skill acquisition, but we would, first of all, explain exactly what skill acquisition is.

What is skill acquisition?

the several type of skill acquisition that should be taught right from primary school

Kids involved in skill acquisition

Skill acquisition is a specific form of learning. It is the ability to be trained on a particular function or task till you become an expert on the skill. When it comes to skill acquisition, there are some types of skill acquisition that are useless and don’t add much.

Let’s say that John starts schooling at a tender age; he starts from the primary school to the high school, till he finally enters college or the university to further his education. You would notice that the moment he enters the university, he is no longer learning everything – but a streamlined area of interest.

That is exactly what happens when you decide to acquire a skill. Therefore we can say that the process of acquiring a skill is called skill acquisition.

Reasons for Skill Acquisition

Understandably, everyone needs a reason to do something. When it also comes to the issue on ground, there is also a reason for skill acquisition.

The following are the reasons why you should consider acquiring a skill;

Means to wealth

In 1999 when Jeff Bezoz started off a software engineer in his garage, little did he know that he would later create an empire that would make him the richest man on earth? With his skill, he was able to create an online marketplace where people can be able to buy and sell. It isn’t the first, but I guess his idea was unique.

If you want something that would help you start a business, create wealth, and diversify your income, then you should focus on skill acquisition.



You stand a great chance of getting a job

When you think you don’t feel like creating your own business, you can also get hired easily. I recently wrote about the skills to learn while unemployed. When you focus on acquiring useful skills as an unemployed graduate, there is a great chance of you getting a job.

While skill acquisition helps you get a job easily, it would also help you remain on your job. When others are getting fired due to company downsizing, it would surely not affect you.

You aren’t dependent on anyone for survival

This is also one of the reasons for skill acquisition; you tend to live off the skills you’ve acquired. But it also depends on the type of skill acquisition program or the skill you acquired. When you have acquired the right skill, every other thing falls in place. You no longer beg for money just like others will do.

I will still show you the types of skill acquisition that we have, and you can make your choice based on your qualifications.

What are the types of skill acquisition?

The type of skill acquisition and empowerment program you go for is dependent on your qualifications and what you intend to achieve.

Vocational Skill Acquisition

The vocational skill acquisition is the process of acquiring skills that don’t require excessive mental intelligence. There are lots of certain vocational skills that are very profitable to acquire, and I will be listing them out in details.


This is one of the lucrative vocational skills for people to learn. The good thing about barbing is that it doesn’t take much to set up your own shop after you’ve acquired this vocation skill.

Fashion Design

skill acquisition programs

Girls learning a skill at a fashion institute

In a country where everyone is fashion crazy, fashion design is a type of skill acquisition program that would put so much money in your pockets. Creating a trending fashion can be the height of what would make you a billionaire. Both graduates and non-graduates can acquire this fashion design skill.

Automobile Repairs

It has been proven correct that the average Nigerian family has about two cars. This means that there is a huge demand for those who do this type of skill acquisition program. I will suggest that you find a specialty in the kinda automobile you repair; it would give you more credibility and authority.



Everyone might disagree with you that this isn’t a profitable type of skill acquisition, but I tell you to neglect them. Most people have realized the financial potentials of real estates, and houses are springing up everywhere. This is a good time for those with painting skills to make money by utilizing their skills.

You can advertise yourself, or get referrals from past clients. Whichever one you intend doing, it is actually a good skill to survive on.

There are other types of skill acquisition programs that you can attend to teach you other forms of skills that are quite lucrative. The other lucrative vocational skills are;



Hardware Engineer


So when you decide to acquire of skill, it is right to acquire the right skill. Skill acquisition in the vocational sector is quite lucrative if you know how to maximize its potentials.

Aside from vocational skills, we have another type of skill acquisition that is mainly for those who are quite educated.


White Collar Skill Acquisition Program

This is a type of skill acquisition and empowerment program that allows educated people get the skills that would help them become experts in certain fields. There are lots of skills under this category, and I will group them according to their sectors.

Information Technology

Skill acquisition under this category involves learning the skill that can help you become a “computer guru.” There are lots of skills to acquire information technology, and this guide will help you in the right direction. Some of the skills under information technology include;

IT skill is a type of skill acquisition program

Students learning IT skills

Computer Hardware Engineering
Network Engineering
Web Design
Web Application Development
Graphics Design
Software Development
Cyber-security and many more others.

Management and Administration

Skills acquired under this sector are for those who are interested in the management and administration.

Project Management
Microsoft Office Suites usage
Database Management
Communication Skills and many others



Media Skills

If you are thinking about going into the world of media and entertainment, then be ready to acquire skills that are profitable and useful in this sector. There are several skills that can be acquired if you are interested in being a media person, and they include;

Video Editing
Script Writing
Sound Editing
Graphics Design
Content Writing

I have listed several skills under several sectors; right now it depends on you to find the type of skill acquisition that would favor you and help you achieve your goal. I will still be updating this page with more useful information, so do well to visit it after a while and get more knowledge.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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