How to Become a Model in 7 Simple Steps

Becoming a model is one hell of an intimidating career path to follow. Aspiring models sometimes feel like they don’t have the right physique, face, and body structure to succeed, so they end up giving up their career though.  I will share with you all how to become a model in seven simple steps.

No matter what you feel about your body, it is an unacceptable reason not to pursue a modelling career. In the modelling industry, there is space for everyone in the modelling industry.

The number one question I get as a fashion photographer is “How do I become a model, and what steps should I take.” I will cover the steps you need to become a model.

If you’re thinking about how to become a model, this is how you can get started. I’ll share with you guys my story on how I became a model and got started; and hopefully, you can take something from it. I never really wanted to be a model I was a tomboy I loved dinosaurs. I loved Pokemon and bugs but my grandmother was a model and she modelled swimsuits on television. I thought that was awesome, but I never wanted to do it myself. It was like I didn’t consider myself model material back then, but in my small hometown at the mall, there was a contest where young girls could enter a competition. And so basically, how it worked was you would be assigned a store in the mall and they would close you if you would walk on this runway in the contest in front of a set group of judges and they were going to pick a winner and a runner-up the prizes were really cute.

one of the girls who wanted to become a model

And it was like the winner and the runner-up both got like a mediocre photoshoot with a photographer and you would also win modelling classes. I was assigned the buckle and they clothed me in this really cute outfit. I was 12, I think at the time I got on stage and I kind of realized like wow, I kind of like this and I won runner-up. I’ve got my photo shoot and the pictures turned out kind of silly. I looked really awkward but at that time I thought it was so awesome like it meant the world to me that I got an actual photo shoot and got to take actual modelling classes.

The classes that I took were at John Casablancas and John Casablancas is kind of like a franchise they have locations all over the world.  As far as I’m aware and a lot

of people will say like oh no John Casablancas is like a school they’re gotten agency they’re not going to get you work you’re not going to go anywhere with them. You’re basically just blowing your money and pissing it to the wind. But personally, I beg to differ everyone has to start somewhere.

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The steps I listed in this article might be quite simple, but aspiring models should put in enough time and effort to take them.

These are the steps to become a model without spending money

Work on your Mindset

You don’t need to have a perfect body to become a model. Figuring out what you want your look to be which is very important. Everyone has a different look. Please, do not think you cannot break into the modelling industry because you don’t think you’re pretty enough or skinny enough or tall enough.

mindset that leads you to become a model

A plus-size model

Believe it or not, those things about yourself that you may not like a client might like about you and they might find that unique. Whenever I talk to people about this, I always bring up the model that is in the get the London look commercial that has the huge gap between her teeth; her name’s Georgia Jagger. She probably didn’t think that that was a cute thing growing up she probably thought that that made her ugly but a client thought that it made her unique and now she probably has like a million dollar contract with that makeup company and probably has pictures of her teeth framed in her house.

One of the reasons most models ditch their ambitions is because they feel they aren’t good enough to become runway models. Runway model is just like a fraction of the industry. Most successful models today have never stepped their feet on a runway before.

Plus size modelling is becoming rampant these days, and the demand for overweight women who carry themselves in a classy and confident way is on the increase.

Modelling isn’t just about the runway or cover of a magazine. It is about the appeal you create to a specific age group using your photo as a marketing tool.

Practice Your Poses and Smiles

Now you have the right mindset to become a model, it is time to get serious. You need to perfect your smile, poses, and everything that would bring you out as classy. Top models have this ability to create stunning poses, and that is what separates them from amateurs in the industry.

You can use Google images as a motivational tool. You can just search for modelling poses by supermodels” and you would have several images to choose from. You can employ your mirror as a learning tool for practice. Keep practising till you’ve perfected it, and it becomes natural to you.

She is looking forward to becoming a model

A small model with a cute pose

To become a mode – a top one at that; your face, arms, and legs should be involved when striking a great pose. When you master your pose, it becomes easy when posing for photographers.

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Find a Photographer before searching for an Agent

Experience should come in before you start searching for an agent. You should have quality photos you can present to agents when you finally get a couple of them. One of the best places to meet photographers during your early stages of trying to become a model is at photography schools or colleges. They always need models to help them horn their photography skills, and you can get amazing photos at no cost.

It usually takes more than 10 shots until your photos get the quality needed to become a supermodel.

Beware of Modeling Scams

Modeling scams are so rampant in the industry of recent, and newer models are sure to meet them. One of the major scam formats is when you receive an email explaining how you’ve landed a big gig, which you’d get your money in advance. They forward you a check and ask you to send them a portion of the cash to help facilitate the logistics of your make-up artist, stylist and all. The shoot never becomes a reality. By the time you realize what a bad check you’ve received, they’ve cashed out yours already. Be mindful of emails you get as you strive to become a successful model.

Find a Mentor or Coach

Getting someone who is already part of the industry is a huge success towards becoming a model. There are two people you need to get started if you wish to become a model without any hassles.

  • A mentor/coach
  • A photographer

These two people would groom you for success. In the modelling industry, it is difficult to make it without the help of others. You should be selective of people you choose, and also promises they make. Once they are too good to be true, I suggest you walk away from such a person.

In making a decision, you should check out for references, and also referrals from others. It is also important you know that 70% of people you meet for help will never have the best intentions for you.

Now you know exactly how to become a model and the steps involved, you need to take action and get moving. Follow the steps I outlined above, and do not give up.


Learn how to accept rejection; for without it, nothing of value came forward. Nothing good – in most cases comes easy.


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See you later…

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