Simple Skills to Learn while unemployed to get a Job

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Are you unemployed? And you are searching for a job to do to earn money? Have you ever thought of asking yourself that if you do not see a job to do what do you venture into? Well, do not worry about yourself because in this article I will be talking about the skills to learn while unemployed.

Majority of the unemployed youths of today in the world just sleep and play around the streets doing nothing when there are skills to learn while unemployed. It is important for youth to engage in skill while they are unemployed so that they can be able to have something to fall back on as at when due. It is also important to learn the skills which are associated with what you like and not anyhow skill.

Look for the areas you perfectly fit in and try to fix yourself in that area because it would be beneficial as time goes on. Before I begin to talk about the skills to learn while unemployed, let us take a brief look at why it is necessary to engage in skills to learn while unemployed.

Do you need to learn a skill while unemployed

The simple answer is yes, and the following points below will help answer the question.

  1. helps you in staying busy during working hours
  2. It will greatly assist you financially
  3. Helps you get you equipped with the right knowledge
  4. It gives you access to make friends who could be of help to you.



The above points state clearly the reason why you should learn a skill while being unemployed. Now, let us dive into the topic of the article. The skills to learn while unemployed vary, and it all depends on your passion and what you are able to derive from the skill you want to learn. Not having a job can be so depressing, heartbreaking and very worrisome to individuals who crave solely for one.

However, if you do not stumble into a job to do and earn money, what do you do next?  You cannot remain idle just because you have no present job or spend your precious time on the things that do not matter at all. The best and most proper thing to do is to find the right skill to learn that matches your style and taste.

know the skills to learn while unemployed

Don’t learn the wrong skills

The skills to learn while unemployed include:


Coding is one of the best online skill to learn when unemployed. It involves mobile applications as well as custom plugins. Becoming a Coder makes a way for anybody who has a passion for the online world and who have a slight interest in it. Coding involves the process by which you design, write, test, troubleshooting, debugging and maintaining the source of computer programs.


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Coding enables us to create computer software and applications. Applications emanating from your smartphones such as your browser, Facebook and OS are all made from codes. Getting equipped with coding is a sure way to make applications and so on.

Digital Marketing

When you see the world, you discover that every buying and selling is done on the internet. Check out the number of companies springing up, one thing is common among them all – they are all establishing their online market.

Digital Marketing is one of the skills to learn while unemployed because it increases your chances of getting a job.  Every company needs a digital marketer, and you can even work from home when you don’t get a job. This practically makes you an entrepreneur after a few months because there would be lots of opportunity for you on the internet.



Translating languages is one of the best skill that can be learned while unemployed. You can either translate a website into a second language or create a brochure which will have different languages.

It is important to note that different companies of multiple styles are always in search for translators even without the knowledge of the second language. There are multiple lists of choices for the languages to learn out there, it all depends on what you feel is right.

There are also companies out there who are in search of translators who are able to translate languages such as Spanish to English and otherwise. In addition, translators are also much sought after by individuals who enter a particular country for the first time and are not able to flow with the language being spoken there. They would then hire the translators who would assist them in translating it into their preferred language.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are needed almost everywhere in the world. They deal basically with designing flyers, handouts, and anything that concerns anything beautiful. Their job is also categorically done with the use of a computer system.

Learning this skill while unemployed requires you to enroll in any computer school or computer tutorials. You could also opt to be taught by an experienced person privately. This skill requires you to be extremely creative as well as be able to design to the pleasure of those that hired you.


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Graphic designing may range from Corel draw to any other pc applications connected with designing and drawing. It is sure a good skill to learn while unemployed.


Copywriting is closely related and under the term freelancing. It is a type of skill which brings out the best in you in terms of writing well. You must be able to restructure your words in the best possible frame.

As well as using the right grammar and tenses. Both companies and individuals will be cueing up to hire you to write for them if they know you are very good at writing articles. Copywriting is a skill closely related to academics because it takes good knowledge to be able to write well. Believe me when I say there is a large profit to be made from the business of copywriting if you are a very good writer.

The skill will also be helpful for future endeavors e.g writing official letters if you get one. So if you are interested in the skill of writing while unemployed, you can build on yourself as well as your grammar, use of tense, writing structure and other important things by learning from someone or enrolling in a school that teaches it well.




This is also one of the many good skills to learn while unemployed. This skill involves taking pictures of people in a manner which benefits the person that you are taking the picture for. You might begin to have it in your mind what type of skill is needed to become a photographer, but I tell you that there are a lot of technical things associated with the skill of photography and which you can only learn when you are being taught in a photography school or being taught privately.

In addition, photography being a skill brings in a lot of money. For an unemployed person, he/she should be able to devote their time to occasions and events where something is happening in order to go there and take pictures of people and get paid.

You can also get paid when anybody wants to have a photoshoot. So basically, there is money in the skill of photography.

The above article contains a list of the skills to learn while unemployed. I urge you, therefore, to engage in any of the aforementioned skills and any other skill which you know you will enjoy doing and which you know you will like. Skills basically are for both the employed and the unemployed, but we have written this article specifically for those people who are unemployed.

See you in the next article below, and keep the hustle going.


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