5 Simple Goals You can Still Achieve This Year

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We are in the middle of the year and as usual, many plans and goals are looking unachievable. There are many factors to this, of which most of them might result from the harsh reality on the ground in the country.

It is quite unfortunate that we have found ourselves in a hostile country that makes life quite difficult for its citizens, but we aren’t going to relent – we keep fighting.

The aim of this post isn’t to tell you how to achieve some goals you’ve marked out to achieve this year. I understand how important achieving a goal is to those who accomplish them.

This post will show those of us who wish to achieve something tangible this year some fantastic goals we can reach this year with ease. I have highlighted a few achievable goals which you can focus on and accomplish it with ease.

Simple Goals you can achieve this Year

Learn a Skill

It might surprise you to know that skills are not taught in the university, which is the reason why most of our graduates can’t start something unless someone employs them. It sucks to see a graduate earning just 30,000 Naira after spending 5 years in the university. Whereas, a simple Web Designer makes such an amount in a single day doing something he loves. Interested in this, you can register to become a web designer as fast as you can; this is one choice that would change your life for good.

No matter how much you’ve spent in the university; without a skill, you will end up with peanuts as a monthly paycheck – unless you have the Nigerian connection. Before the year runs out, I suggest you get a skill, and I recommend one of the lucrative skills like Web Design and Development. It would set you on the path of greatness just before the year runs out.

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Start an Online Business

Whether Fiverr, Upwork, or any other freelancing site, you can set up on your own online business and start making money. Depending on the N-power scheme or any job that pays you 50k per month is foolishness, and you are just making your boss richer with your little knowledge.

I acquired a skill by working full-time and attending weekend classes. I was just below 50k per month when I started; the moment I completed classes and acquired my certificate, I was up there above a 100k paycheck monthly. If you don’t invest money trying to acquire a skill, you would end up begging those who did to help you.

Gain a Certification

This can be one achievable goal you can get this year. Achieving this goal can open up unlimited opportunities for you to excel. Most people undervalue the essence of certifications in Nigeria, but the dynamics of employment has shown that they are missing a lot. Once you are able to acquire a skill in any field of Information Technology (due to its unlimited opportunities in Nigeria), you can just go ahead and get your certifications.

This is something you can easily achieve before the year runs out, then you position yourself to something great in 2019.

Get to Know Few Influential People

These are people we call helpers – but they only help when you have helped yourself. Nothing is more difficult when someone wants to help you but you have nothing to offer. One of the main things that can make you stand out when you meet someone influential is to talk about the skills you have, areas of expertise, and certifications you’ve acquired. It makes you sound like a read professional.

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Nobody wants to know what you studied at school – because it means nothing to them. They only want to know what you can do, and how you can do it. Once you are seen as a problem solver, you automatically get links to places you’ve never imagined.

I always do recommend the IT field due to the fact that it has lots of opportunities for you to earn big in life. The average starting salary of any good I.T personnel is above 100k Naira, and you can be part of it.

For more information on how to start you I.T career in Web Design and Development, please visit the blog for more information. Please click here to get started

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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