How to Identify a Romance Scammer – Don’t be a Victim of Scam!

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Top Hidden Signs of a Romance Scammer

Have you ever been scammed by someone online while the person toyed with your feelings and emotions? Do you not think that this is the right time to be educated on the signs of a romance scammer?  A lot of scammers out there often take advantage of people in search of romance partners. The scammers do this through dating websites, dating applications, and social media. What they do is to act well and play on your emotional meltdown to get you to send them money, gifts, or also personal details.


signs of a romance scammer

A romance scammer’s work desk


It is essential to state that there are different romance scammers out in the world, looking to rip you off your hard-earned money and at the same time, toy with your feelings. They are known as yahoo boys, and this is how they become scammers.

I am sure that there is nobody out there who wants to be taken for granted while exhibiting their love online. Research has it that over hundreds of thousands of people are scammed through online dating each year. Reports are flying here and there daily about people who are getting scammed while they fall for their partner online. This article will assist you in avoiding the various romance scammers out, thereby revealing to you the signs of a romance scammer.

When a romance scammer wants to take advantage of you, he/she has their ways of going about it. It is the best that you become aware of the signs of a romance scammer so that you will not fall victim for the scam ever again.

This article is not written to drive you away from visiting online dating platforms, there still good online dating schemes out there.

I have designed this post to make you aware of the various signs of a romance scammer. What are the signs to be wary of?


7 Top Signs of a romance scammer


Unrealistic or fake photos

Using unrealistic images or photos is one of the signs of a romance scammer. It is also one of the dating formats they use.

Everyone while chatting with themselves online updates photos of each other, but that is not the point here. The point, in this case, is to be on the lookout and be aware of the significant unrealistic or fake photos in which they upload. Suspecting your romance mate’s picture gives you a foresight that he/she is a romance scammer.


a romance scammer unrealistic picture

A Typical Romance scammer profile picture



If you are so open, you must do your research to see if you can find the same set of pictures somewhere else. By chance, you may know that you were right about what you had earlier suspected. Images are the backbone of scamming. No real and honest person will be afraid to upload his/her photo online or send to their online partner. It is only the ones who seek to scam you, that will become aggressive when you speak or ask them to send you more of their photos.

Also, no scammer would be willing to post his/her pictures on the internet, and so if they are unable to provide more photos of themselves, you should then be aware that they are potential romance scammers.


Money inclined

Everyone needs money, Yes, but when you are materialistic-driven, you are giving your online romance partner the chance to have the belief that you are a romance scammer. When your online romance partner begins to demand money from you for some things which she considers very important, you should start to suspect that you are dealing with a scammer who would block you once you send the money.

A lot of people are getting scammed daily through online dating because they are blinded by what they have seen or what they have heard.

Sweet words, beautiful pictures, and videos have now taken over them that they fail to see ahead if the person that they are dealing with is a potential scammer. My piece of advice to you is that if any romance guy or girl who asks or pleads with you to send him/her money for some crucial and vital thing, do not ever send it.

No matter the kind of circumstance which it can be, it is one of the signs of a romance scammer.

Everything the romance scammer is adopting by forming a touching story is to convince you to send the money. Once you submit the payment, you will then find out that you do no longer have access to talk to the person online again because he/she has gotten what they need from you. Also, never feel forced to send money to your romantic partner, especially if she is a lady. A lot of guys are now being scammed daily, and it is essential that you be aware of the happenings so that you do not also fall victim of their scam.


Sudden emergency

When the said scammers have succeeded in gaining your trust, they will then capitalize on that and go ahead to scam you. Most romance scammers adopt this style, and that is why I have included it in the signs of a romance scammer. Like I said earlier, when the scammer had gained your trust, and you have grown over some months or years to trust him/her, then they will begin to strike with an action that will rip you off.

What the scammers do is to contact you and inform you that he/she has a sudden personal emergency that they have a very ill family member or friend, who is in need of immediate medical attention which may be in the form of expensive surgery or operation in order to save their lives and that you are not financially capable of helping out. Due to the said “love” for each other, you may feel pity and proceed in sending the money to the scammer to pay for the bills of the family member in need of the surgery or operation.

Another instance where this sudden emergency could take place is when the said scammer has gained your trust, and he/she tells you that they would like to visit you to see you but are not financially capable of funding their trip to see you. Since you will need them to travel from wherever they are for you both to know, you will then see the need to fund her trip to visit you.


romance scam sudden messages

Unsolicited yahoo messages


Look out for their responses

Replies are very significant in knowing or differentiating a romance scammer from a right romantic partner. There are some specific replies in which your romance partner will give to you and enable you to detect if he/she is indeed a scammer or not.

For example, a romance scammer would not chat at length with you, while a right romance partner will talk at length with you to know indeed who you are and where you come from and possibly where you are heading to in life. A romance scammer would be so engrossed in your sexual life while forgetting that both of you are yet to know each other very well.

In addition to what I said earlier, a romance scammer would never be interested in you as a person; they would as well not be open to you about their life information. They would never answer the kind of questions you would ask them to your satisfaction all because they are hiding some specific things from you, which you are not supposed to be aware of. The romance scammer would, in a way have a programmed series of responses in which they would be replying you, and it may even get you frustrated.

Once you begin to notice that his/her responses are never detailed enough to reveal their full self to you, then you can start to desist from that particular individual online.


Be aware of Email discrepancies

Throughout your online dating schemes, have you for once exchanged emails with each other? To be sure if it is the same person you are talking with. On second thought, have you also had the idea that the person you are chatting with via an online dating app needs someone to help him/her with the language you are both communicating with?

Meanwhile, none of these email discrepancies is anything to worry about because a lot of people are not experts at the language you are good at. However, if you notice different email discrepancies, then you may begin to know that you are dealing with a scammer.

Refusal of Video Calls

The man or woman you love constantly refuses a video call with you for unnecessary reasons. You’ll get excuses like “my camera is bad” or “I have a bad phone”. How come the camera is so good for the pictures? Press your online lover for a video call or cut them off because you’re about to become a victim. Never offer to send them money for a good camera or a camera at all. Ask them to buy and show you alongside the receipt before you make send the money for replacement.

A romance scammer hates to talk about videos because it gives them a bad goosebump. Be smart on this one.

Refusal to take Instant Photo Shots

If he is real, he will never give excuses for instant photos. For example, sending you evening and night photos. Even early morning photos will help to bolster the relationship. In fact, be persistent while asking for photos at any time. Ask him whether it is raining. If he says “yes”, tell him to snap his/her face near the rain. This way, they’ll either run from you or show more signs that they’re fake.


Be careful when you enroll in an online dating scheme or if you are in search of a romantic partner because a lot of scammers are out there to devour you of your money.

A majority of these scammers are known as Nigerian scammers. Aside from these, you can still see some other tricks they use to making sure you send them money.

The so-called romance scammers will create fake online profiles to make you fall for them. I believe that this article on the signs of a romance scammer has made you aware of the ills going on in the online dating world and will make you informed so that you do not fall victim of any scammer.

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