Sickness Billing Format

Good day hustlers, you may have been looking for a sickness billing format on the internet for a long time, and I now have one for you. I know that the sickness billing format is limited, which is due to the fact that no one wants to share the scam with other people.

The sickness billing format is effective, and it is a tried-and-true billing format that enables you to charge your client quicker than the accident, hospital, or medical billing formats.

First of all, to bill a client with the sickness billing format, you’ll need an email account (ideally Gmail), a smartphone/PC, Grammarly, your client’s email address, pictures showing you unwell, and a social account. Additionally, you will also choose a disease that will elicit sympathy from your client. You can choose from a variety of illnesses, including strokes, renal failure, and liver failure.

In this post, I’ll tell you all you need to know about the various sickness billing format.

Furthermore, I will go through the criteria for utilizing the sickness billing format to bill successfully.

The criteria to ensure the sickness billing format successfully include:


Fake Social Media Account

A fake social media account is the first thing you’ll need. As a yahoo guy, though, you should already have a plethora of fake social media profiles. To communicate with your client, you may establish a made-up Facebook or Instagram account. You can hijack a Facebook account and utilize it to gather personal information from your client if you can’t create a fake Facebook account.

In addition, you could also use a dating app like Tinder, OkCupid, or eHarmony to create a false profile. The gender of your profile must correspond to the preferences of your client. If your target is homosexual, for example, you’ll need a gay profile; if your target is interested in either male or female, you’ll need a male or female profile.


Target’s personal information/email address

Your prospective client’s email address may be revealed on certain social media sites. However, if a social network does not disclose your target’s email address, you must interact with them until you get their contact information.

Because social media platforms like Facebook conceal your target’s email address, you’ll have to get to know them and share personal information. In terms of personal information, you only need information on your targets’ countries and occupations. From there, you can choose the amount of money you want to charge your client after you know their nation and profession.

Note that a target is not yet your client until you send the illness letter. When you can persuade a target to trust your trick, you’ve gained a client.


Fake Email Address

To utilize the sickness billing format, you’ll need a fake email address. I often encourage hustlers to avoid dealing with Google. Gmail, on the other hand, is recommended since it is secure and Google conceals your IP address.

Your yahoo sickness message will probably get up in the spam folder of your intended recipient if you use other email providers. Of course, unless they are anticipating an email, people rarely check their spam folder.

However, if your targets consistently designate your messages as spam, Google may suspend your Gmail account. As a result, you must be genuine in your email messages and personally send them to all targets.



Every unlawful hustler needs Grammarly. Grammarly premium is not required if you have good English grammar. Meanwhile, Grammarly premium is required and compulsory if your English grammar is bad.

Alternatively, you can also use Ginger, Sapling, WhiteSmoke, and ProWritingAid, among other applications. They all provide excellent grammatical checks, and I recommend using any of them.


Furthermore, if you have someone you can trust to assist you with writing, do so, but keep your intentions hidden from them. Simply inform the individual that a sick person has requested your assistance in writing a letter to their uncle for financial assistance.


Smartphone or Computer

At the very least, you must have an Android phone if you want to use the sickness billing format. I wouldn’t even suggest a PC for sickness format for Yahoo since it’s not the same as carding, hacking, or establishing a phishing site.

You may write the yahoo illness letter on your phone, send it through email, and get a response all with your phone. It is, however, acceptable to use a PC for sickness yahoo billing if you have one.


Sickness Note

The main component of the sickness billing format is the sick letter. If you need to bill a client, your letter must be persuasive and simple. Most yahoo hustlers make the error of sending the same sick note to numerous people. Unless you want the illness billing to function, you must send several copies of the same yahoo letter.

You must submit the illness letter twice, just like you would in FBI style. Your client will be informed that you are unwell and need immediate assistance in the first letter. Consequently, you’ll add your bank information, photos of your illness, and the name of a hospital without a website in the second letter (the main letter).


Pictures of Illness

Clients will not take you seriously if you are not careful of the illness pictures you provide. Get picture editing software for your smartphone or computer first. After that, download photos of a sick individual and properly edit them.


It’s important to remember that the photo must reflect the client’s perception of your identity. If your client believes you are from Mexico, for example, the images of a sick person must be from Mexico.

The significance of altering each illness photograph is that it stops the client from tracking the photographs’ origin. EXIF data, for example, is included with photographs.

EXIF data also aids in tracing a photograph’s origins. Google also offers an image search function that enables users to search for images. Your client will most likely do an image search to discover if you are authentic or not.


Sickness Billing Format

I’ll show you how to use the sickness billing format for yahoo. It’s one of the most basic yahoo formats for billing your client quickly. It’s important to note that the format for illness billing varies from that for medical billing. Anyway, you’ll understand more as I talk more about it.

The procedures for creating a sickness billing format are as follows:

Gather your Tools

The tools and criteria for the sickness billing approach have already been discussed. The requirements are simple, and you may get them from the comfort of your own home. As you can see, none of the prerequisites are free, with the exception of Grammarly.

The letter for the illness billing method, a fake email address, and your client’s email address are the most important needs. I like the sickness yahoo format since, as I already said, you do not require your client’s personal information. Nonetheless, note your client’s country of origin and employment.


Locate a Target

Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, OkCupid, and others to locate a potential client. Understand what you need in a client before opening a social account. To target homosexuals, for example, you must create a gay profile. The same applies if you’re aiming for the opposite gender, which will be determined by the gender role you’re capable of playing.

I also found that a sickness billing format and a dating billing structure work well together. For example, you can start a romantic hoax with a client and then tell them you’re ill later.


The client will, of course, send the money because they love you and believe you love them. You may be able to get their banking information in order to pay for the illness’ treatment. This approach is more effective with clients over the age of 59.


Make your client the target

You must convert a target into a client after you’ve found one. The trick to cashing out on sickness billing is to become good friends with your client. However, you may wait for the client to calm down for seven days or more.

Find a target that your client is most interested in to keep your discussions going. Also, don’t send them a message every time you see them. It might be once a day and they must be available in the evening. The time zone will be different if you do not live in the same country as your client. That is, your morning may be their night, so know when to contact them.


Gather Personal Information

It is not difficult to get personal information from a client. Simply lie about your information to them throughout the discussions. You might tell them, for example, that you live in Dubai and would want to learn more about their home country.

Additionally, you can also make them empathize with you by lying about your profession. You might say you’re a construction worker, a retired combat doctor, or a common merchant.

You may start writing the letter after you have their information — email, profession, and country. It’s still OK to utilize the social account’s sickness billing format.


Send a Letter of Sickness

Two types of sickness billing letters must be sent. Your customer will be informed that you need their attention in the first letter. If you don’t hear back, don’t send the second letter, which will contain your bank account information so they may transfer money to you.

Find another client if the first client fails to respond to your email. As a result, a hustler should have at least ten targets, if not more, so that if one fails, the others will not.


Keep in mind that the second letter you send to your client will contain fake sickness pictures. Otherwise, the client will suspect you of being a fraudster.


Bill the client and cash out

Once your client pays you money, the sickness billing format is considered successful. If you don’t wish to cash out, don’t ask for your client’s bank information in the sickness billing method.

You may create a fake payment receipt and give it to your client if you want them to trust you despite the fact that you billed them. The name of the hospital or clinic where you were treated for the illness must appear on the fake payment receipt.


Sickness Billing Letter

In this part, I’ll show you how to write an example letter for illness billing. For your client, below is an example sickness billing format letter:

First Letter Example

Dear [client’s name],

Email Subject: Please assist me in curing [insert your preferred illness here].

I hope you’re having a wonderful day out there, even if mine isn’t going so well. I’m not sure whether you’ll respond to my message, but I’m hoping you will since it means a lot to me.

I’ve just been diagnosed with [name of illness], and I can’t afford to pay for treatment. I also don’t know how to beg, which is possibly due to the fact that I own a little company that keeps me afloat on a daily basis.

I’m not going to get into specifics right now since I despise bothering people. However, if you are interested, I will respond with further information after getting your answer. Please keep in mind that your answer will be very valuable to me, and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

[Your fake name]

An example of the first letter is shown above. The goal of the first letter is to get your client’s attention rather than to charge them. You’ll need the second yahoo sickness letter after the client replies.


The following is a copy of the yahoo sickness billing letter:

Dear [client’s name],

RE: Please assist me in curing [your preferred illness].

I just contacted you about [name of illness] that is now ruining my life. I had begged with you to respond, and you have, for which I am thankful. And I express my gratitude by saying, “Thank you.” I hope everything is going well for you.

I was diagnosed with [name of illness] on [add false date], which the doctor claimed has been present in me for some time. Prior to the diagnosis, I had observed some odd changes in my body, such as [name the symptoms of the fictitious illness].

Currently, the hospital has invoiced [insert the amount in the currency of the nation where the illness is being treated (for example, $200)]. I’ve collected 20% of the bill, but I don’t want to access the money in my account since it would deplete the capital of my little company [name of business].

I humbly request that you consider me and help me in overcoming this illness. I don’t want to pass away alone.

The following is the information you may need:

  • Hospital/Clinic Name
  • Treatment Costs
  • Images of a Sick Person that Aren’t Real
  • Bank Account Name
  • Bank Account Number
  • Image of a Fake Hospital Bill

The information shown above is what I believe you’ll need. If you are unable to assist with my outstanding expenses, I would appreciate it if you could make a donation. I’m on my hands and knees.

Thank you very much.

[Your Full Name]

Note: You may use your mobile wallet’s information, such as Payoneer, PayPal, and so on.



So, that’s all the information you’ll need to complete the sickness yahoo billing. Without a doubt, as long as you contact the appropriate client, it’s not difficult to cash out.

It’s important to note that the sickness billing format is illegal, and if you’re discovered, you may face severe penalties.

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