How to Shoplift Expensive Items from Stores

The time is ripe for me to teach you how to shoplift expensive items from stores. Of course, shoplifting is one of the hustling formats like carding, collecting bank account, hacking Gmail, etc.

how to shoplift expensive items from stores

To shoplift without getting caught, visit a store with your item(s), shoplift item(s), and hide it in-between the item(s) you brought. When you enter a store, walk around, and pretend to search for things to buy. Try to Identify the cameras and back them while shoplifting. You can shoplift online, but the process would include a credit card chargeback, carding, refunds, etc.

You can shoplift any item that picks your interest. But you must hide from the cameras; otherwise, the police will track you down by camera.

The most commonly shoplifted lifted items are Fitbits, makeup, clothing, headphones, and cosmetics. You may shoplift iPhones, computers, jewelry, etc. The store will know when you shoplift if you look suspicious.

In the section below, you will learn how to shoplift expensive items from stores.

How to Shoplift Expensive Items from Stores

In this section, you will discover the steps for successful shoplifting at any store. I will explain all of the 6 steps to shoplift without getting caught.

how to shoplift any store

Below are the steps regarding how to shoplift expensive items from stores:

Identify and Know the Store

The first step, regarding how to shoplift expensive items from stores without getting caught, is to identify a store. It must be a store that is mostly busy and with a few attendants. If you target a store with many attendants, you will have too many eyes on you.

Go online and search for stores available in your country. Note, do not search for stores near you because when your face accidentally appears in the camera, the store will easily track you using the police.

You can search for stores in far neighborhoods, or a town you can board a taxi to within a few minutes.

When you identify a perfect store to shoplift at, search for their website. Most modern stores have websites for listing their items. Simply visit the site, navigate to the important pages on the site such as Policy and About pages. Read up to find whether the store keeps strict policies and security.

Get a Partner

Can you shoplift alone? Of course, you can shoplift alone, but some shoplifting methods work only work when you go in twos. To find a partner is not a problem; the problem is associating with a partner that is timid. When your partner is timid, you will not shoplift successfully.

Regarding how to shoplift expensive items from stores, endeavor to pick a partner that is smart. You can have a few minutes rehearsals with your partner before hitting the stores.

Also, you will disclose the policies of the stores to your partner; I mean the policies you read on their website. Let your partner become acquainted with how the store operates, and plan how you will shoplift without getting caught.

Shop Once from the Store

Before you go to shoplift expensive items at the stores, you should visit the store once and buy a cheap item. You can go there to buy an item worth between $1 and $5.

If you are going to use a shoplifting method that requires more than one person, you must go to the store with your partner. He does not necessarily have to buy while at the store. But I recommend that he buys during the process of assessing the store.

While in the store, try to find the location of cameras and note the number of security personnel.

To make things easier, you can simply pick a particular spot at the store and note the items around.

Target Small-Sized Items

After your first day of studying how the items are arranged, the security level, and cameras around at the store, wait for about 3 days. The reason is that the store might be suspicious of you if you return the following day.

When you return to the store on the third day, your targets will be smaller items such as a wristwatch, phone, necklace, perfume, notebook computer, etc.

You can also shoplift larger items, but you will require advanced shoplifting skills such as the receipt passing and, fake bank transfer. Of course, these are techniques that require having a partner. Shoplifters prefer to shoplift into their pockets but I advise you to shoplift into stuff such as a baby stroller, umbrella, newspaper etc.

Be Sure Nobody is Looking

Before you pick items, be sure nobody is looking; it is a principle regarding how to shoplift expensive items from stores. If you shoplift carelessly, of course, the nearest witness will alert the security.

It always never ends well, especially when the store security persons are armed. So, you must target a store with no armed salesperson or security. Interestingly enough, most stores do not arm the security personnel. What happens is that security or watchman will confront you.

After picking the item, do not immediately walk out of the store. Take some more seconds and walk steadily as though you are searching for an item.

Exit with a Fake Phone Call

Whenever people leave a store without buying, a salesperson will keep an eye on the person. Sometimes, a salesperson will approach the person and ask to search them. Stores do not always search for people who leave without buying, except they caught you picking an item.

To avoid any drama, put your phone on your ear, and move about slowly as if you are making a phone call. You can download a fake phone call maker app to keep you busy.

When a salesperson or an attendant sees you on a phone, he/she will not be too suspicious. Some of them will walk away to keep eyes on other buyers.

Ways to Shoplift Without Getting Caught

In this section, you will discover the various ways to shoplift without getting caught. Out of every 50 cases of shoplifting, only about 20% get caught. You should not get caught because the treatment from the store will not friendly.

how to shoplift without getting caught

Below are the ways to shoplift an item from a store:

Replica Switch

Replica switching is a common way to shoplift expensive items without getting caught. When the replica is similar to the original item, the store will not inspect the item. If they ever inspect, it is to confirm whether there is damage to the item.

The first thing you want to do is visit a store where you want to shoplift and window-shop. Stores allow people to window-shop as long as you do not try on the items. You can inform the salesperson that you only want to window.

Get your camera and snap the item. You can take photos of a gold watch, a necklace, etc. When you leave the store, search for the replica of that item. Typically, the replicas cost cheap, so you should afford a replica. You can buy a replica of an item worth $200 for just $10, depending on your seller.

When you get the replica item, return to the store and switch with the original. When the salesperson sees the replica item in the place of the original, he/she will not be suspicious. You may then sell the item online and receive the value in cash.

Refund Theft

The refund technique is an advanced shoplifting technique similar to the replica switch. The difference, however, is that in refund theft, you will purchase an item. I do not recommend this method because you might get caught if the store identifies the clone or replica.

Regarding how to shoplift without getting caught in a store, you can employ the refund trick. First, find out about the refund policies of the store where you want to shoplift.

An ideal store to use the refund trick must allow refunds, which you take advantage of to refund a replica or clone item instead of the original item.

After buying an item from the store, return home, and buy a fake of the item. The fake must be similar to the original for the trick to work.

Return the next day and request a refund telling the store that you do not like the item.

Note: You should ask for a refund within 48 hours. Some stores allow only 24 hours, so find out.

Note: The refund trick also works on e-commerce sites such as Amazon,, Depop, etc.

Receipt Passing

In the receipt passing method of shoplifting expensive items in stores, you need a partner. It is a two-person scam and you can’t pull it alone.

In this shoplifting method, you will walk in and buy an expensive item such as a gaming computer. While going out, you will give the receipt to your partner that is also coming entering the store.

Your partner will pick up another expensive exact gaming computer and a cheaper item like a gaming pad. He will show the receipt you passed to him to the cashier, and tell the cashier that he has paid for the gaming computer already and that he forgot to buy a gaming pad.

The cashier thinks your partner purchased the computer already and the shoplifting becomes successful.

Fake Check Technique

If you plan to use the fake check method, you need a fake checkbook and it should be printed with fake details.

You also need extra money on you for this shoplifting method to look real. Assuming you want to shoplift an item worth $50, you need about $15 in your pocket and a fake check of $35.

First, find out whether the store accepts checked payments. Visit the store, pick the item(s) you need, and approach the cashier. Tell the cashier that you intend to complete the payment with a check. Try to be in haste, pen down the amount in the fake check, and hand to the cashier.

When the cashier sees that you are in a hurry, he/she will not steadily confirm whether the check is fake or original.

Distraction Technique

Another way to shoplift without getting caught is the distraction method. You need a partner but the partner must act like he/she does not know you. If you appear to know each other, the distraction method will fail.

When you arrive at the store, one of you will go in first and start inspecting the items. After about 10 minutes, the second person should enter and start a conversation with the salesperson.

While the conversation is on-going, look around, and start shoplifting expensive items. Do not join in the conversation or show a sign of knowing your partner.

The Fake Bank Transfer

The fake bank transfer is one of the methods to shoplift expensive items from a store without getting caught. To shoplift successfully, download a fake SMS sender app that supports a custom sender name. For instance, if the name of the seller’s bank is American Bank, the SMS app must customize your sender name as American Bank.

Pick the items you want and inform the seller that you want to make a bank transfer. Try to hasten the process and send the fake bank alert to the store attendant/seller. When the SMS arrives, they will allow you to leave with the items.

Things You Need for Shoplifting

For both the normal and advanced shoplifting techniques, you require certain tools. In this section, I will mention the things you should carry along for shoplifting.

how to shop lift

Below are the things you should carry along for shoplifting:

Neodymium Magnet

You need a neodymium magnet to remove the tags on the items you want to shoplift. You can buy a neodymium magnet from any hardware store near you.


You will hang on your elbow to drop items inside. You also will have to tie a rope around so that the umbrella does not spring when you drop the item.

Folded Newspaper

You need a newspaper to shoplift common items such as wristwatch and necklace. Roll up the newspaper and shove small items you shoplift inside.

Baby Stroller

If you have a baby, you can make the baby your partner. However, for the sake of humanity, do no go shoplifting with a baby. But if you have to, stroll the baby in, shove items inside the stroller, and leave the store.


The purpose of this article is to disclose how people shoplift expensive items from stores. I advise against involving yourself in the act.

Final Thought

Knowing how to shoplift is one thing, and shoplifting is another. Before you shoplift, think of alternative ways to make money. It could be Amazon carding, carding, etc. you can also learn to hack a Facebook account to help your friends recover their accounts for money.

Understand that when you shoplift, the loss may go to an innocent salesperson. The policy of some stores, depending on the country, pushes the loss to an innocent store attendant.

Have in mind that the Rule of Thumb for shoplifting is “never get caught”.

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