Under the Hijab: My Secret Doings with Zainab the Hijab Girl

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After a few hours, we decided it was time to call it a day and I helped her get her gear back in order. I asked her to walk out before me just in case anyone was in the vicinity. It became the first of many interesting visits to my office on weekends. We talked about the weekend over the phone and soon that was all we wanted to talk about. Every time she was near me she would tell me how wet she was getting. I had never felt it for myself but I was glad I had gotten her comfortable enough to tell me. We met again in the office on another weekend about 3 weeks later and this time we had all day. We were both there at 9 and as soon as we were in, I drew the curtains and locked the door. First, she sat on my lap and from behind her, I was able to strip her down into the trousers she had underneath her cover garment.

Once again I caressed her breasts with both my palms, playing with her Tips gently between my fingers. They were a perfect fit for my hands. Not too perky but not saggy either. Just the way I liked them. With her bareback in front of my face, I began to kiss her. I kissed every part of her back I could reach as she sat on top of me never letting go of her breasts. “Bad boy. You’re so spoilt. Who’s teaching you all this?”, she muttered as I continued to pleasure her body.

We switched positions. I knelt on the floor as she sat in the chair facing me. The fragrance of her perfume filling the air, I buried my head again between her breasts sucking as could while rubbing and caressing them. For the first time I tried to kiss her lips. She had no experience so it took her some time to learn the ropes but she did ok. I kissed her neck, and her ears but her breasts drew me back shortly. I could see the puddle forming between her legs through her tan-coloured trousers and I decided it was time to explore her womanhood.

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Getting behind her, I reached over her shoulder, unzipped her trousers and slid a finger down her panties. They were soaked by now. I was flattered. I reached in to stroke her clit gently. I flicked up and down a little bit and then rapidly from side to side as she moaned quietly. I had her labia around my middle finger and with the spaces between my middle finger on either side, I gently gripped her tender Kittycat lips as I stroked her down below. I refrained from slipping my fingers into her since I knew it would probably hurt her. When I lifted my hands from between her legs, I showed her wet my fingers were and she giggled, a little embarrassed by what I had shown her.

I sat on the table as I unzipped my trousers revealing my erection. As soon as she saw it, she placed her right hand around the shaft, touching the moist tip with her left index finger, as she coated the top of my Joystick with the pre-Pour it was oozing.

“What do I do with it?”, she asked innocently.

“Like this?”, she said as she held it in her hand.

I asked her to just do whatever she wanted and soon she running her hands up and down my throbbing erection.

“You could suck on it you know?”, I said wondering how she would fare.

She tried to take it in her mouth but for some reason (most likely due to lack of experience, it couldn’t go down far).

“It’s too big. It won’t fit”, she said as she tried to put a little more of it in her mouth. I rubbed her hair and told her not to worry about it as

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I withdrew from her mouth. She wanted me back on her breasts and I was happy to oblige as I knelt down to suckle on them once again. This time I was tugging away at my erection as I suckled her. It wasn’t very long before I came. I motioned her to stand up and as I held her close, I gave her bum a good feel. It was huge! I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn’t get my hands off her butt cheeks as I held her close and kissed her neck. There was no stopping me. I was lost in her body and hours passed by without my notice.


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