Under the Hijab: My Secret Doings with Zainab the Hijab Girl

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I’m a big fan of women that are taboo. They represent a conquest, a challenge, an accomplishment that you can secretly smile to
yourself about.
There’s something exciting about pretty girls who wear (long) hijabs. They give you only a glimpse of their beauty leaving your
mind to wonder what lies beneath the surface. Sometimes beneath the lustre of the silky fabric, you can see the outline of enormous
breasts. That drives me over the edge and I start to fantasize about what it would be like to experience them in bed.

my sex story with Zainab

The first girlfriend I had during my undergraduate days was one of them. Nobody thought I would succeed with her. Her name was Zainab and she was devoted to her religion. I mean she didn’t shake hands with boys, she never showed her hair and she never missed her fasting and prayers. We took some classes together and occasionally, we worked on some assignments together. I was
friends with her for two years before I actually let her know how I felt about her. She was one person I thought I would be last with all the way to the end. She had grown comfortable with me and we had become inseparable on campus. We never had any time alone together because we both lived with our parents at the time.

However, I had an office as a student since I worked part-time. On Saturday, we found ourselves in the office. Alone. Together. For the first time. It was like being 13 again. I knew she had never been with a man before or even had a boyfriend. She had never been kissed or touched or held before. Completely innocent. We were sitting in the office working on a programming assignment together. When we were done, we started talking about her innocence and why she had chosen to live the way she did. Before long I was able to convince her that she wouldn’t burst into flames if I held her hand. It took some patience on my part but eventually, she became comfortable holding me. My hands moved to her thighs and with some resistance, she starting asking what I was doing. I told her to relax and I reassured her that I would be gentle. I caressed her thighs gently, running my hands over the tights she had beneath her outer garment. She felt so good and considering that it was my first time with her, I revelled at the moment. I could tell that she enjoyed it even though she kept telling me to stop.  As I loosened up her garment, I caught my first glimpse of what her breasts looked like.

They were big but not huge. A small D I think. My hands wandered from her thighs to cup them but she was having none of it. She covered them across with her left hand still asking what I was doing. And once again I had to reassure her that if she didn’t like it after I started, I would stop instantly.  She resisted but eventually I had my palm on her top, gently caressing one of her breasts. It was an amazing feel.

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“Who’s teaching you all this?”, she asked as I leaned in to kiss the little cleavage she had exposed. I could sense that her words were slurred because of what she was experiencing. My hands wandered through the open part of her low cut top to feel her actual Bosom. Skin-to-skin. I enjoyed playing “find the Tip” with her Bosom as I searched frantically for what seemed like forever inside her bra. I raised her top eventually, enough to access her bra. And without taking it off completely, I had both breasts out. They were much lighter in complexion than her face and the sight of them was entrancing.

Soon I was gently suckling them and I could feel her hands on my hair, caressing my head as I sucked, licked and kissed her Tips. I tried in vain to stuff as much of her breasts as I could into my mouth but they were too big. “Where did you learn this?”,she asked again.

“You’re a bad boy.”

This time, she had no resistance left. I took my time to explore her breasts with my fingers and my tongue. They kept me busy for ages and as my erection grew harder and harder, I could feel pre-Pour leaking onto my boxers. I didn’t want anything more. I wanted her to be comfortable first before we went any further. Soon she was directing me. Lick the other one. Come back to this one. In my mind, conquering Rome wouldn’t have been as satisfying. I had broken down the first barrier. And they said I wouldn’t succeed. I wish they could see me now.

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