My SaLLah Knackings – My Sex Experience with my Colleague

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Day 2 of Sallah Holiday – Unusual experience during action

So last Saturday, after I finish work, because dem say make welcome work despite sallah tinz, I drove to Ikeja to see one babe wey be supervisor for one fast food joint. This babe na funny babe, after I don toast her for her fast food joint some months ago, she visit me for house for the first time. Not wanting to waste too much time because delay is dangerous, I try to rush the matter, na so she take escape from my house without even allowing me to touch bobbi. Since then, she no gree come house or follow me commot again. Anytime I call her she go laugh say chance no dey. Dat na since over 2 months ago, even though say I buy am something for her birthday. But as I call am on Wednesday befor Sallah to ask how far, she gree say she go follow me to hang out “a bit” on Saturday when she close work.

So around 6 O’clock I go carry am. Damn, these girls wicked…the ass just dey shake like say e dey independent and I just know say she no wear pant and the bobbi na bigger than average. I be bobbi guy o. She say she wan grilled fish so I drive am go Stadium for Surulere. I dey drink my Origin and she dey drink her Smirnoff and we dey listen to music. Na there we dey till around 10 pm she come say she wan go. Brothers, I no lie o say make I form tough guy, I begin beg the babe say why she dey do me like this say na because of that thing wey happen, say make we go house just hang out say this 4 hours we don spend dey gist say e mean so much to me. Small time she say oaky make we go but say she no go stay long.

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To cut the story short, when we reach I tell am say make I go shower as I dey uncomfortable. when I finish she too say she wan shower, if you see as I dey laugh for inside my mind you no go believe. She shower finish and still wear her cloth commot sitting room. I go sit down near am and my hands begin do Mungo park and the resistance wey I see even pikin go know say na half hearted one. while she allow me finger her she no let me near bobbi o. I come dey wander for my mind say wetin. Anyway, as the matter be, my d–k don dey run mad and before I pull boxer finish she don commot dress but with bra still on and Mouth Action don start. The view of that ass as she give BJ, I not fit bear am again and na from Doggy we start…kneeling and lying down. The way the ass dey move as I dey hammer I just suspect say I go soon pour so I change to missionary. by then the girl dey shout in enjoyment so I use one hand cover her mouth make neighbours no come to watch free porn. From missionary I put am in split position continue to hammer but say I never suck bobbi still de vex me na so I try one more time to remove bra and this time because of the level we don reach there was no more resistance. The way I take dive the bobbi ehn….honestly I no know wetin happen. as I suck with all the passion of a denied man, na so my mouth just full…

My waist suspend for air for some seconds as I do quick calculation to figure wetin happen and wetin dey my mouth. by then the girl don reach frenzy and na she begin raise her waist to meet my own. I pull out run go bathroom to empty my mouth. Brothers…na baby milk!!! honestly I just tire say which kin wahala be dis. See wetin I don dey plan for since. My d–k sef fall small but maybe na because of the origin e no gree fall too much. she come meet me for bathroom say she dey sorry dats why she no wan commot bra before. She get pikin wey dey 7 months old and all the story that touch

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As the matter be, I don already go far so eventually, we continue the action only say I had to contend with a very milky situation because e go hard me to f–ck without sucking bobbi. Na by around 3 we finally sleep. By 8 we take morning safari for another 1 hour before she begin go house/work. We still meet on Tuesday after sallah but that na story for another day. My brothers na so I take drink baby milk by force o.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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