See the Simplest Ways to Receive Money from Abroad

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Do you live in the USA? And you want to send money to your family members or business partners in Nigeria? Then look no further. In this article, I will be educating you on the simple steps to send money to Nigeria from the USA. There are some money transfer companies around which you can send money from the USA to Nigeria but they will take their percentage of the transaction. In recent times, sending money from foreign countries is a lot easier considering how technological advancement has gone.

A whole lot of changes have happened in our world today unlike in the past where we had lots of difficulties sending money to Nigeria from USA, China, Britain, and Europe in general. In our today world, sending money from anywhere around the world can be done via your phone or your pc.

If you are also into illegal businesses like Yahoo Yahoo, you would also find this post quite interesting. This is because it will show you the possible payment channels you can use to bill your clients.

These are the Simple Steps to send Money to Nigeria from the USA


receive money to Nigeria from outside the country


Select your Preferred Payment Channel

There are lots of payment channels to explore if you decide to send money to Nigeria. You need to be careful with this step. Not every payment channel that promises delivers accurately. You would need to read reviews and see what others are saying about that payment channel.

Another way is to ask friends and acquaintances who have sent money to Nigeria before; they would be in the best position to advise you properly on the transfer channel to use.

Let’s say you intend to use MoneyGram, I suggest you ask questions of people who have used MoneyGram before; it will enable you to make an informed decision.

Inform the Recipient in Nigeria

Before making that transfer, make sure you inform whom you intend to send the money to; it would enable him/her ask questions about the payment channel you are about to use. Some states in Nigeria don’t have specific payment channels available, and it would cause lots of stress for all the parties involved.

Carry out the Paper Work from your preferred Transfer Channel

The paperwork you should consider would include presenting all the required details needed from your payment channel (Western Union) to facilitate the transfer. With a company like Transfast, you would be required to carry out the following;

  • Select Nigeria as a country
  • You will enter the recipient’s and payout information
  • Fund your transfer by entering your bank, debit or credit card information.
  • Tell them how you want your recipient to receive the money you intend sending.

Track your Transfer

Once you’ve carried out the above correctly, you’d be given a payment tracker/ID that will enable you to know when your money has gotten to its destination. Upon receiving the cash, you will get a notification that the money has been safely delivered to Nigeria. What are the best ways you can choose to send money to Nigeria from the USA? I have given my preferred list of ways to send money to Nigeria from outside the country.

Below are the simple ways through which you can send money to Nigeria from the USA securely.

  1. Western Union

This way to send money has been in existence for some years now and it is very trusted. It is not surprising to note that there exist over 5000 western union outlets in Nigeria. Western Union is currently in working partnership with 22 legal deposit money banks and over 900 microfinance banks in the country. To send money, you can do this via their agent, online or through an application. The receiver of the money will get the transferred money from western union agents’ location or through their bank accounts directly.

If you know that you intend to receive illegal money to Nigeria from the USA or abroad, then I suggest you shouldn’t use this platform. In collaboration with much security intelligence worldwide, Western Union has begun to track down online scammers who intend to use their channel to receive money from abroad.

western union can help you send money to Nigeria from the USA

But if you are sure that you intend to receive legit cash to Nigeria from abroad, then you should consider using Western Union.

If you are in Nigeria and intend to use Western Union to receive cash to Nigeria from the USA, then you will be charged a certain amount to the tune of =N= 15,000 Naira flat.


  1. PayPal

PayPal being powered by eBay is an online paying platform where you can send money from different locations. It is known and regarded by everybody as the oldest and most efficient online payment platform. In PayPal, individuals and organizations can make online payments internationally without any stress.

Majority of the public uses PayPal to purchase on eBay, Amazon and other famous e-commerce web pages. In other different cases of sending money, a majority of online users makes good use of PayPal to make payments online. The more reason why PayPal is always listed in the majority of online paying schemes is that it is effective, reliable and very secure.

It can transfer any amount of cash from the USA to Nigeria but has its cost option attached to it. If you want to try PayPal, you are required to open a verified PayPal account, both parties must have a PayPal account. When this is done, you can then transfer money using his PayPal email address. The receiver can either decide to store the money in his PayPal account or withdraw the money to his local bank account for usage.

The downside of using PayPal to send money to Nigeria from abroad is that they don’t allow Nigerians to receive money through this channel. The issue of fraud which has become global caused this development. But to send money to other countries across Africa, you can consider using this platform.


  1. Payoneer

This is one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to sending money to Nigeria from abroad, and If you wish to send money to Nigeria from the USA, Payoneer is the way then. Payoneer and PayPal work hand in hand, there is no much difference between the both. Payoneer is trusted and reliable for sending and receiving money. The recipient can withdraw from his debit card in an ATM. The slight difference between Payoneer and PayPal is that Payoneer makes it possible for someone sending money to transfer the money directly into the receiver bank account. They give bonuses of about $50 if you were sent above $100.

a payment platform to send money to Nigeria from the USA

Payoneer Platform

Once the receiver opens a Payoneer account using the link, they receive a sign-up bonus of $25. This is the reason millions of people use Payoneer as their preferred payment channel.


  1. MoneyGram Global

MoneyGram is an international platform where money can be paid and sent through. It is currently in 200 countries thereabout and operates in over 300,000 locations in the world. If you decided to use MoneyGram to send money to a particular person in Nigeria from the USA, you are required to stop by at any MoneyGram banks. They will request some details like receivers name, amount.

MoneyGram has the ability to convert any currency to the currency in the receiver’s country. Money gram operates their own currency exchange rate and that is the downside of this payment channel.


  1. Domiciliary account

You can as well go with the option of opening a domiciliary account if you wish to send money to Nigeria from the USA. You are required to open a domiciliary account with your bank before you can transfer money. The account permits the owners to save money in foreign currencies.

Domiciliary account makes your international transactions safe and reliable. Money can be transferred via cash inflows, cash deposits, and travellers’ cheque. It is one of the top ways to transfer a huge sum of money to Nigeria from the USA.  If you are sending money to Nigeria from outside the country, provision of details like amount, receivers name and amount is very vital. The receiver would receive their credit alert within 3 days of the transfer; the same thing applies with the sender.

  1. World Remit

This type of transfer way is based on a low-cost policy. You can send money from the USA to Nigeria via your smartphone, or computer. Using your credit card or bank account, you will be able to send money directly to the receiver’s bank account. Examples of Nigerian banks that world remit is allowed include Skye bank, GTB, union bank, UBA, first bank, FCMB, Wema bank, Zenith bank etc.


  1. Azimo

Azimo is present in over 190 countries of the world and it is perfect for sending money from the USA to Nigeria. It is also in support of over 80 currencies, and Azimo enables you to send money as well as purchase airtime for somebody. You must first open an account with Azimo, then select your preferred currency and the receivers bank account details or phone number as the case may be.


  1. Skrill

They are direct rivals to PayPal. Its account opening is free. It was recently inclined into Nigeria as a way of receiving money. The use of skrill enables money to be sent from USA to Nigeria using an email address and they will withdraw the money from their bank account.

Other simple ways to send money to Nigeria from the USA include:

  • Transfast
  • Xpress Money
  • Ria Money Transfer
  • SimbaPay

The steps to send money to Nigeria from outside the country is quite simple, but the channel you intend to use remains a priority. Once you get the best payment channel, other paper works become easy.

This article was written specifically for people who wish to send money to Nigeria from the USA easily. Now you can start your transfer and be sure to be on the safe side.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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