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How a Scammer Can Send Fake Money on PayPal

It is possible to fake sending money to someone on PayPal but how? This publication discloses how to send fake money on PayPal, which is, of course, illegal.

Sending fake money on PayPal would require manipulating the recipient to believe that they have your money in their PayPal account.

This means you would have to lie about the transaction and try to convince them to buy your lies.

There would have been a PayPal scam in place, of course, which could be advanced fee fraud, shipping scam, PayPal money flipping (overpayment scam), etc.

If you managed to get your mark, target, or a seller on PayPal to become a victim, you want to give them the benefit of the doubt for earlier suspecting your scam since it appeared “too good to be true”.

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The benefit of the doubt is probably getting them to believe that you have fulfilled your part of the bargain. You want to be the perfect con man to get away with sending the fake money on PayPal.

How to send fake money on PayPal

How to send fake money on PayPal

There are lots of ways to deceive someone to believe you just sent money to their PayPal account. The one thing these methods have in common is the fake PayPal receipt you generate and share with them.

Follow the steps below to send fake money on PayPal:

  1. Clone PayPal email address and email

The first thing to do is to create a fake PayPal email address and set up the email message to look like it is coming from PayPal.

PayPal uses different email addresses depending on the account location you want to use. The international email address is You need to create a custom email address that looks similar to PayPal’s official email address or buy a website domain name that is similar to It can be something like “” to imitate “”, then create an email from it like

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PayPal also uses a unique message to notify about payment. They can send something like “You have made a payment of [amount] to [name of PayPal recipient].

Below is a sample PayPal notification for sending money.

Can you fake a PayPal payment

Design your message template like it or try sending money on PayPal to know if there are any recent changes to the template.

  1. Collect the mark’s PayPal email address

PayPal allows you to send money to another PayPal account using their username, email address, or phone number.

To fake sending money to them, you need their PayPal email address. They will not hesitate since it is one of PayPal’s acceptable forms of sending or transferring money to other users.

If they send you their username, you will not have an email address to send the fake payment notification to.

  1. Connect to a VPN

In a situation like this, you want a VPN to protect your internet identity. With a VPN, the email service you use cannot tell your location to the email recipient.

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Normally, email services like Gmail do not reveal the sender’s IP. They use proxy IP to deliver emails, which hides your location.

Even at that, using a VPN will further keep the email service you use from knowing your location since this act is not legal.

  1. Send a little amount to buy time

Suppose your victim is expecting $100 from you after you scammed them through PayPal cash flipping. You can send between $1 to $10 to make it look like you are serious.

You can even send them a fake PayPal account balance so they believe you have the funds for payout.

Fake PayPal payment confirmation
Fake PayPal balance

They will question the amount you sent, so you tell them it is an error on PayPal’s side that will be corrected within 24 hours.

You can even say that the same thing has happened to you twice in the same month and was fixed without contacting support. This will keep the mark from contacting PayPal support, thinking you are true to your words.

  1. Send the forged PayPal email

If you prefer to send the victim a fake email from PayPal, prepare the fake email address and email template you gathered earlier.

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The falsified email address will have to look like a real or authentic message from PayPal. You can download a sample template for money sent on PayPal online and follow it carefully to design a similar email.

Many people do not even confirm the sender of emails to them, especially if the subject reads a big company they already know. This means that the victims are less likely to check the email sender to see if it is legit PayPal.

Tell the victim or seller that you just sent them the money. They will check their email address only to see the fake customized PayPal notification you sent to them.

Unfortunately, the money will not reflect in their PayPal balance, so they will get back to you.

Explain to the person that you have been debited and that the money is on hold. You can create and send a fake debit notification to them.

If the person is a seller, tell them that PayPal has placed a hold on the funds until they send the shipment tracking number. This means that the seller will have to ship the item immediately, thinking that the PayPal balance status will be updated.

  1. Send them a fake PayPal receipt

If the person or seller is not satisfied with the fake PayPal email notification, send them a fake copy of a normal PayPal sale notification email. Only do this when the seller requests it.

The seller would have sent you the package and provided the tracking information. They will continue to believe that the money is pending as long as you can make them believe it.

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Eventually, they will try to contact PayPal, so you have to keep them engaged and hopeful to quickly receive the item before investigations lead to shipping getting canceled.

Final thoughts

Sending fake money on PayPal is a scam typically used for shipping and other related services completed on PayPal or that uses PayPal as a payment method.

A seller relies on their PayPal notification to know whether to ship items or not. And if the falsified notification and receipt look real enough, you are getting away with it.

If you engaged in a PayPal scam like cash flipping, there may be a chargeback if you do not quickly move the funds from the PayPal account.

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