How to Sell Your Soul to God for Money

Are you surprised to find yourself in search of how to sell your soul to god? Honestly, nothing is surprising here. Besides, millions of people sell their souls for cash weekly.

how to sell your soul to god

Note: This site does not conjure spiritual powers. Thus, do not be sacred finding yourself here as this blog only attempts to help.

In the days past, several people believed there was a superior being we should be submissive to. However, when the philosophy of humanism sets in, the relevance of the existence of a more extraordinary being in the universe ceased.

It has resulted in guides exposing how to sell your soul to god for money.

Today, the economy is severe and unbearable with viruses tormenting humans. Interestingly, the ‘strong always survive.’ I discovered that to sell your soul for cash simply makes one equal with the elites. I have compiled how to sell your soul to god for money, not because I’m paid to. Moreover, this compilation exposes what happens when you sell your soul to god for money or powers.

How to Sell Your Soul to God for Money and Powers

Circumstances do make us humans develop wild thoughts, such as bargaining with our soul. For me, if you’re willing to sell your soul for cash, you’re the real man.

how to sell your soul to god

Before you see how to sell your soul to god, understand the quote below:

Apart from your soul, there is nothing sufficient you can offer a god.”

  1. Make Up Your Mind

Even after people go through guides like ‘how to sell your soul to god,’ they end up making one mighty mistake. The mistake is that they sign in without the knowledge that there is no going back. I often find this difficult to believe because it’s something obvious. I understand that people who do the initiations keep mute over this but it’s not enough reason for a man to selflessly sign up.

Be a man or woman enough to make up your mind whether to proceed or withdraw.

How do you make up your mind?

Enjoy this brief story:

It was a rainy 1:00 am during the eight-month of 2008 when my phone rang. Being that I was awake for business, I answered the unknown caller and boom; it was a friend. He sounded helpless and could barely say why he called. Soon, I made the atmosphere comfortable enough for him to speak his mind.

“Thanks.” He said. “how did you make up your mind to sell your soul for cash?” He added.

I pretended I didn’t hear that and asked him to repeat himself. He kept mute while I pressed on. Soon, he added, “Friend, teach how to sell your soul to god for money and tell me what happens when you sell your soul to god.”

I sighed, chuckled, and told him I understood what he wanted. I could sense the happiness in him through the phone. I tried to explain to him that I wasn’t what he thinks but he wouldn’t listen. I gave up and offered to tell him how to make up his mind. Below are the things I asked and said which you should learn.

  • Who are you in society?
  • Are you ready to serve a grandmaster of torment?
  • Can you cope with the rules?
  • You’ll have money and powers enough to rule kings.
  • You can never decide for your soul.
  • Would you mind living without a family?

These are the things he needed to make up his mind. Today, he’s a grandmaster after just a few minute calls with me. I spoke a lot with him, though.

  1. Pick a Suitable Fraternity

There are a couple of fraternities to pick from to sell your soul for cash. For me, this is the most essential phase concerning how to sell your soul to god. I recommend opting for a famous fraternity in your country.

If you desire to sell your soul to a god, understanding a fraternity plays a considerable role. In my case, I do not recommend joining a particular fraternity because a friend of yours is there.

There are quite several fraternities to choose from. Some of these include Alpha Phi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Lambda Sigma, etc. Each of these fraternities also has something they are unique for. For example, Pi Kappa Alpha focuses on leadership and the likes of Ozumba promote fame and riches.

If the fraternity you like is not yet available in your country, I’m afraid you’ll have to travel out.

Are you convinced as to why you need to join what nobody chooses? Besides, we’re in the information age, which means you can quickly review a frat before joining.

  1. Locate the Frats

Understanding how to sell your soul to god for money without knowing where to find them is useless. A lot of people ask, “where do I find frats?”. Although nobody writes “I am a frat” on their faces, it’s very cheap to find the frats you desire.

The laziest way to find a frat is by using technology. That is, simply google the name of the frat you reviewed, and their location will pop on Google maps. Unlike in around 2010s, where frat houses were secret, it’s no longer secret.

The better option, however, is to attain frat parties. I have been to a couple of frat parties and trust me; these guys are the coolest out there. They neither force you to join nor disclose their membership. If they reveal their membership, unless the person loves you, you must enter. Other things to do after going for the party includes:

  • Make your party attendance late at night (sometimes, attendance is restricted to the brotherhood).
  • If attendance is restricted to brotherhood, obey the order.

In cases where attendance is restricted, you have to make friends with one of the frats. How do you make this happen? I experimented with this in 2013, and it worked.

What to do is rapport and pay one of the attendants to find out about a member. In short, getting the name and location of just one member is enough. Trail the member and make your intentions known. Whomever the member is, he may first deny the fraternity identity. Just keep pressing, and you’re right.

  1. Opt for a Demon with Your Desires

There are couples of demons out there, but not all carry wealth. In a decent fraternity, you would be asked what it is you desire. It is at this point that you pick a demon.

Since this piece is all about how to sell your soul to god for money, I will recommend 5 wealth demons to summon and pick.

Shax – Shax is excellent in terms of money but he can be very ruthless, especially when you fail to make appropriate sacrifice.

Astaroth – A right choice! Although kind-hearted, do read a few more about Astaroth.

Seere – Quick wealth demon; Seere wastes no time in making you uniquely rich.

Bael – Many conceive Bael as a creative demon when it comes to money.

Mammon – Quite demanding, but a brave heart like yours should quickly appease Mammon.

  1. Disclose Your Mind

Before a demon is summoned, you must have been ready with what you want.

Note: You may or may not be granted direct access to a demon!

In most cases, the grand master serves as a link between you and a demon. Also, these demons are the messengers of the god you want to trade your soul. You can command them or be free to disclose your mind without fear because you have something that they want in return.

A demon may appear intimidating, but that’s just a characteristic of theirs. Demons are, in fact, your servants the moment you sign a pact. Moreover, demons mildly torment but not kill while you make demands. However, there is no way a demon will part ways if you decide to leave.

If your reason is to pact with another demon, the grandmaster may be able to summon it but this is rare.

My message, concerning how to sell your soul to god, while negotiating with a demon is to be bold. Don’t be pressurized to accept what may ruin your life instantly.

  1. Sign a Pact

Do not make demands you will not afford. Requests like shortened lifespan, killing a loved one, etc. are silly. Any request that demands instant blood is a no-go area. But, if you’re brave and your desires are great, expect a more significant cost.

The reason why I like individual fraternities over others is that a member is free to counter a pact. Whatever is agreed usually is what the devil or god will charge.

Here, you may state things such as how you want a demon to be summoned, when they are not needed, how you’ll pay for the services, etc. Come to terms and seal either with blood or a signature. You’ll likely seal the agreement with blood, especially from your thumb.

Note: Some demons have a signature way of summoning them. That is, you don’t decide how they are invoked.

An example is Paimon that is summoned with the key of Solomon. You have to wear the demon’s sigil, draw a magical circle, a triangle outside the ring and put the demon’s sigil inside the triangle. The demon will appear right inside the triangle where you placed its sigil.

  1. Confirm You’ve Sold Your Soul

In stage 6, you would have agreed on a means of summoning a demon, if possible. There are 2 traditional ways to summon demons known to humanity and they include:

  • Séance
  • Writing

By using either séance or written summon, it’ll help to confirm the initiation.

For séance, you may require a particular room with darkness lightened by candle(s). You may structure the scene in a recommended manner or however way you prefer.

But then, the room must be quiet and the summoning resources must be made available. If you were given words to use, use them. Otherwise, use any summoning word of your choice with a bit of command.

In terms of writing, it is commonly done using blood. In most cases, you have to cut your body before summoning a demon. The only difference between a written summon and séance is that writing may require blood. Séance, on the other hand, requires that you possess a specific strong belief to be able to summon.

how to sell your soul to god

Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul

Several persons are not aware of when they sell their soul to the devil. Below are the top 4 signs you’ve sold your soul for money and powers.

  1. You’re Able to Summon a Demon

If you can complete stage 7 successfully, congrats, you’re now a citizen. If possible, limit the number of times you summon a demon but summon as much as you like though. What are servants for?

  1. Changes Happen Quickly

Your soul is tied to the devil when anything you touch flourishes. You might venture into the least business and find yourself trending within a week.

  1. You Feel an Energy

Every citizen senses energy that nature does not give a man when he/she is born. However, selling one’s soul makes it a reality. At a point, you can make things happen with a few words of the mouth.

  1. Your Emotions Become Stiff

You will find it surprisingly challenging to grant people access to your wealth or be free with them. Although you may try to, it will be challenging to keep up.

As time goes on, you’ll become more difficult. Think about the rich and successful kings of old. They each had a fraternity that provided them with the supernatural strength and boldness to handle affairs of the state.

What Happens When You Sell Your Soul to God

When you sell your soul, a certain god bounds your soul for eternity. Do you think you have no soul to sell? Stop sleeping, wake up, and face reality. Why do you think the influential men in society remain on top? Because they have money? No, it’s because their relevance is being managed by the unseen.

Selling your soul is equivalent to being an empty but powerful vessel. You are controlled and made to live the life of a demonic soldier. The Armageddon war? Have you forgotten? Side by side, you shall stand with the devil to fight another supreme power.

Final Thought

Here you go with a complete guide to sell your soul to god. Before you depart, there is something I would love to emphasize. The god, which this article refers to as the devil, is often straightforward. However, there is no forgiveness for messing up.

Finally, while dealing with the devil, there is nothing like ‘brotherhood,’ although claimed. A group of brothers may decide to pick you as a sacrificial lamb to game longer. Get in the game, play wise, stay vigilant and most importantly, stay alive.

If you need money to get started, check out the messages to ask for money.

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