Ways to Save For Future – Confirmed!

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Money is not something that stays for long. Money is like what the Igbos call Obanje and what the Yorubas call Abiku in Nigeria. It cannot stay forever with you. Do you sit down for once to wonder why it happens this way? Let us think about it, spending too much might tie you down at a point. This is why this article will assess the best ways to save for future.

In Nigeria or the world as a whole, we obviously have different categories of money spenders some of which are;

  • Spenders with replacements

These kinds are usually the big spenders. They have enough to put back in place after spending a big cut. They are spenders with replacements because they can always easily replace whatever amount they blow off. But one thing is sure, they are not exempted from the savings culture as they have a future too.


  • Spenders for showoffs

Trust me, these are the most disliked set of spenders. They are regarded as ‘resource wasters’ because they are capable of spending everything in a twinkle of an eye.


  • Spenders because money is meant to be spent and lot more

Before I proceed, I once was a member of this group, a fulltime ambassador. Spending with the mentality that money is meant to be spent can be emotionally digressing. The persons you are likely to find here would include;

  • Lottery winners
  • Fraudsters
  • Armed/unarmed robbers
  • The lucky ones to get a monetary gift
  • Theorist who naturally believe in spending (for no reason)


 Why Exactly do people spend money?

Okay, forget about others now and take the question for yourself. Why do you spend? Would you want ways to save for future?

People spend for so many reasons. Like me, I spend for so many reasons but there is this one thing I spend on most. Yes, there is. What I spend money on the most is ‘Data’ for browsing. If I should calculate the amount of Nigerian Naira I have lost the telecommunication networks in Nigeria, I will file for a refund. But is that necessary? No! Why because I do not buy this browsing data for nothing. In fact, I would not emphatically call that ‘spending’ because I use it to make money.

Worldwide, the strategy behind money looks to make sure that nobody saves. Did you know this?

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The Government loves it when you spend so that the money can circulate for everyone to have a feel.


Why People Spend Money

  • Investment for their future
  • To taunt or mock others
  • Celebrating an achievement
  • To cater for their needs
  • To make more money

Surprised? This came as the last because there is something you must understand. There situations where you spend just to get more money. Let me list some of the situations that will warrant this

  • Gambling
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Estimable investments


Best Ways to Save for Future

Avoid Unnecessary Things in Your life

If a man has a problem that requires a car, he will not buy a television to fix it. Or will he? Of course not. Spending on things that are not primarily your needs are often the major causative agents of wasteful spending.


Be Focused and Discipline

You do not require ‘plan’ to be focused. This is because anything can happen at any time to disrupt your plans. All you need is discipline.

Once, when I started saving in my piggy bank, it did not last even with the plans I made and the decisions I took. I kept borrowing from my piggy bank till it could no longer have what to pay out.

This was tough to take but Man! I learnt my lessons real big. It is about you being disciplined and about you


Remind Yourself Regularly of Your Goal

This is more like being disciplined but a different thing still. It is like what helps you to be disciplined even with your money. Giving yourself a big reason for keeping your money will help boost your chances of keeping enough for the future.


Try to Spend Away from Your Savings

This simply means devising ways upon ways of making more money. You could always make up ways that will bring you extra cash. There are so many ways to do this including jobs that you get paid while sitting under your own roof; money from freelancing, from Google and many more!

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Why You Should Spend but Wisely

This heading is an inclusion because in life, you must spend. This will further lead into us considering those things that will help us spend wisely.

To spend is not bad, why? Simple, because you are not burning the money. Any amount you blow out lands in the pocket of another man. It could be a man who will spend or save.

As the case may be, there are reasons why you should spend. When I say reasons, I mean plausible reasons.  Let us consider the following;

  • Securing a fortune for yourself
  • Contriving ahead of your future. This could include the expenses you incur while educating yourself
  • To defend an estimable course and lots more…


Why You Should Save for Future

This really should not be a question of ‘why’. It should be a question of ‘Do’. This is in the sense that no man should be told to save or shown the ways to save for the future. It is what men should know. It is like a natural law on earth where every man, even the newborns are already aware of what to and not to do.

Saving, although having a concealed difficulty is still one of the most important life element that we require. In the early Nigeria, people were highly concerned with the culture and uniqueness of saving which they later made good use of. But now, it is the other way round. A lot of factors have been put in place to prevent savings although so many do not know about it.

This is why the write up has identified the money spenders and many other factors that continue to mar the proper and working ways to save for the future.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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