How to Make Money in Less than 5 Minutes By Selling on Jumia

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Do you have the interest to sell on Jumia and become a seller on Jumia? This post is strictly for those who want to become sellers on Jumia as a way of making money for themselves. Selling on Jumia doesn’t involve creating your own website or E-commerce stores like people would tell you, it is just a simple process that affords you to set up your profile as a seller and make money as fast as possible.

E-commerce is one of the best online business ideas out there, and it has the potentials to make you rich – I mean rich! I will show you how I was able to set up my account and sell on Jumia in 5 minutes.

Quite a number of people would complain about the lengthy process involved in the registration, but that is one of the ways Jumia uses to get rid of scammers and con-men who are out to prey on the gullibility of online shoppers.

Jumia offers vendors the opportunity to create their own online store on the website. One of the advantages of this to those who want to sell on Jumia is that it enables you just to list your goods on sale, while Jumia handles the rest for you – and you smile to the bank monthly.

How to Register and Sell on Jumia in 5 Minutes

Any online vendor who wishes to sell on Jumia should know that it takes just six (6) steps to become a seller on Jumia. Interestingly, Jumai handles five (5) of the processes, while you are required to handle just one (1).

This is done by Jumia to make the registration process very simple for intending sellers on the Jumia platform. Every other logistics such as customer support, delivery, and other stressful activities is carried out by Jumia. All you have to do is to smile to the bank at the end of the month.

How to register and sell on Jumia

Step 1 – Sign Up as a Vendor

To become a vendor with Jumia, you just required to complete the signing-up process.

Immediately the registration process has been completed, you can access your sales dashboard (the backend of your online store on Jumia), where you can upload, write descriptions, monitor your sales and cash-out your monthly proceeds.

They also offer a free training course for new sellers. It helps you understand the process and how you can be able to make money from the website by selling your goods. Once the training process is over, you can then know the secrets of making money on Jumia. They also have a communication line that is opened just for their online sales vendors. This will help you a lot of you intend to sell on Jumia and make a living from it.

sell on Jumia training


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Step 2 – Start your Sales Process

Here comes to process everyone loves – selling on Jumia. This is the step that determines if you are going to go out of business or remain a seller on Jumia. If you understand the sales cycle of your target market, it would become easier for you to start making money once you start to sell on Jumia.

Steps to help you sell on Jumia

Drive traffic to your online store

If nobody visits your store online, you won’t make money. This is a very important aspect of selling on Jumia. Jumia spends so much money on advertising, but that doesn’t mean you will rely on them to help advertise all your products for you.

You can drive traffic to your store by doing the following

  • Promoting via social media
  • Forum promotions by answering questions and attaching the links to your store
  • Advertising on blogs
  • Blog commenting on related niches

Set-up a competitive Price

You should consider competition before you state any price for your product. Online shoppers are looking for quality products with a reasonable pricing, so you shouldn’t make yours sound ridiculous – even if it has a great quality.

Be Customer Friendly

One of the things that would spoil your business when you sell on Jumia would be a bad rating. This is one of the things that online shoppers look out for before making purchases. Endeavour to do all you say you would do – if you want to get a good rating (5-start rating).

Step 3 – Jumia Warehouse Delivery

This is the step that focuses on customer satisfaction when you sell on Jumia. Any error you make here would result in a bad rating from the customer, which would ruin your sales.

Once you receive an order, Jumia would verify that you have the goods available. Once the availability of your goods is certified, you would receive an order from Jumia to take it down to the nearest Jumia warehouse where it would be shipped to the buyer.

Any order received from Jumia to deliver to the warehouse is to be done within 24 hours.

Step 4 – Goods Delivery

Once your item has gotten to the Jumia warehouse, the company is now in charge of the delivery. It is shipped to the customer’s shipping address.

Step 5 – Customer Care Services

Jumia as a company is in charge of customer’s complaints and issues arising from the delivery and payment of the goods. They attend to the customers on your behalf – which is a great plus to those who sell on Jumia.

5 Reasons to Sell on Jumia as an E-commerce Beginner

Unlimited Products to Sell

Jumia allows their online vendors to list as many products as possible. There wouldn’t be any need for site maintenance, domain, hosting, and any other expenses that might come up

Low Stress of Selling

As easy as the steps to sell on Jumia above, that is actually how easy selling on Jumia is. There is no stress to worry about like;

  • Customer feedbacks
  • Complaints
  • Delivery
  • Inventory
  • Warehousing


Wide Reach

It is undeniable that Jumia is one of the most visited sites in Nigeria. They boast of about 3 – 5 million monthly visits from online shoppers.

This basically means that about 4 million people would get to see your product should you decide to sell on Jumia.

No matter how big you decide to start your own personal store online, I don’t think you might be as big as Jumia is. So why don’t you leverage their reach and start making money from selling your products?

Trust from Customers

Customers know Jumia, and they would be comfortable buying from them that when you start your own store.

It usually takes time and money to create customer loyalty, which I believe you might not be able to do with a small budget.

But any product that is sold on Jumia unconsciously becomes a product of Jumia – irrespective of the individual seller.

Important points to Note before you decide to sell on Jumia

  1. For every product category, there is always a standard category that sellers pay. You should also be mindful of product price because you are required to pay your shipping cost.
  2. The payout is done directly to your bank account after seven days of successful delivery
  3. You are required to upload just about 5 products at once
  4. It actually takes less than 5 minutes to sell on Jumia and become a vendor. minutes


Now that you have known the steps to register and sell on Jumia as a beginner, you start making money from leveraging on the wide reach of Jumia’s network. If you want to explore other smart ways of making money, then you can click on this link immediately.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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