Questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy

Top Questions to Ask your Clients as a Yahoo Boy

Greetings, hustlers, and how is the hustle going? Without a doubt, it is quite a daunting task to discover the perfect questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy. Besides, if you fail to ask your clients the right questions, you won’t be able to access their bank details or obtain money from them.

The questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy need to be precise and match the available yahoo format you plan to use. For example, you cannot ask clients about credit card information while persuading them with the dating billing. The reason is that it makes the client doubtful and wary of your format, which, in turn, won’t allow you to bill him.

However, this article will expose the questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy and finally get that client you have been chasing. As a yahoo boy, there are different questions you are supposed to ask your clients, and they all depend on the format you are using and the circumstance that surround the format.

Questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy

questions to ask your clients

Take a look at the questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy below:

  • Can you love me beyond sex?

If you meet a client on any of these dating sites to meet rich clients, one of the numerous questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy is if they love you beyond sex. Assuming your client loves you more than the sex he seeks for, surely, he won’t be propelled to ask for your nudes regularly. Make sure you ask this question and wait for a reply. Meanwhile, if your client loves you for only the sex he gets, it is not good because it would be challenging to bill him.

  • Do you feel like having sex all the time?

Asking your client if he is horny is one of the questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy. If your client portrays that he is constantly horny, it simply means that he will demand your nudes most time. Although it is the right platform to bill him, you must be prepared to stay up all through the night and have a sex chat with the client.

  • Do you know about romance scams?

Asking your client about romance scams will make your client wonder what prompted you to ask the question. Meanwhile, in a bid to prove his innocence, your client will try as much as possible to defend himself. In fact, your client may even inform you that he is searching for love online and not looking to play with anyone. This now gives you a perfect chance to exploit him and bill him.

  • Are you willing and capable of helping someone you claim to love?

Perhaps, there is a high opportunity that your client will be ready to send you money and gift cards, especially if his answer to this question is Yes. This is also one of the numerous questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy that portrays you are ready to bill him in due time.

  • Can you tell me what you hate most in a relationship?

Another popular question to ask your client as a yahoo boy is discovering what they hate most in a relationship. For example, if a client dislikes when their lover asks series of questions, you should try to limit or shun the questions you ask him.

  • Would you prefer I come and visit you?

This particular question will put your client on edge and make him consider his decision to go into a relationship with you. Meanwhile, if a client loves you, he will be prepared to do whatever it takes to bring you to wherever he is, and this gives you the chance to bill him.

  • What are your current and plans for both of us?

Knowing your client’s current and plans towards you is one way to add to the billing. Since they do not want you to begin to question the relationship and leave them for someone, they will be willing to treat you happy by sending you money or gift cards.

  • Have you invested in the past, and do you plan on investing?

When communicating with a client, try to know if they have invested in the past. This particular format is meant for investment purposes, and it is a question to ask that portrays you as a real investor. Additionally, do not forget to add your recent investments to convince your client.

  • Do you fancy BTC investment or real estate?

A confirmed yahoo boy must convince their client into trusting and accepting that they have a prior understanding of the several investment platforms. Besides Bitcoin, you can ask your client about other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, and discover the one he prefers. On the other hand, if your client prefers real estate, you will need to ask questions relating to real estate and check how you can bill him.

  1. Do you have faith in my organization to expand your ROI?

This is another question to ask a client as a yahoo boy that relates to investment format. If your client answers “Yes,” inform him that all you see in him is the greatness and nothing more. On the other hand, if your client responds “No,” it means that the level of trust he has for you is still mild, and he is not willing to risk his money with you.

  1. Which gift card services do you prefer the most?

This is one of the best questions to start with regarding yahoo questions relating to a gift card format, instead of asking your client if he has conducted or handled gift card transactions in the past, concluding that he has carried out a transaction already and ask the gift card service he used.

  1. Why do you love me?

This question to ask your client encompasses several formats, including dating, gift card, credit card, etc. Before carrying out any transactions with your client, endeavor to find out if your client loves you.

If you discover that your client likes you, he can even go as far as sending you gift cards for free, send you money without doing anything and carry out other things that will shock you. The reason for liking you should be what you need to exploit and continue billing your client until he is out of money.

  1. Which particular country do you dislike?

To progress as a yahoo boy, you must know the particular country that your client dislikes. Knowing the country your client hates will save you the embarrassment of mentioning that you stay in the country that your client dislikes. For instance, your client might not like countries such as Nigeria, China, Afghanistan, and other African countries, so ensure you find out this particular information from them before billing them.

  1. Will you be open to me at any time?

As a yahoo boy, you should never ignore this question because it is one of the easy ways to bill your client. For instance, if your client is sad that you cannot engage in a video call with him, he might be willing to send you money to purchase an iPhone 12 or something valuable to keep you happy.

  1. Am I beautiful to you?

Your looks on your profile will determine if your client will love you or not. This is the reason you must find out from your client if you indeed look beautiful on your profile or not. If your client says you look lovely, the chances are that he is already falling for you, and you can proceed to start billing him while following other formats.

Popular Frequently Asked Questions

How to answer questions asked from clients?

To answer questions asked from clients, ensure they are in a good mood, and be sure you are strategic with your replies, so you don’t end up embarrassing yourself and losing the client.

How can I get to bill my client?

First of all, make sure they love you and are willing to do anything possible to get you. If you realize this, you can bill them money, gift cards, investment funds, and so much more.


As we conclude, I am sure that I have deliberated and exposed the best questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy. It is only your responsibility to start communicating these questions to your client and bill them by following the right process. If you are confused about the numerous questions to ask your client as a yahoo boy, ensure you take some time to discover the format you want to follow before proceeding.

To succeed as a yahoo boy, you need to be patient, and once you have landed the right client, it only takes the suitable format you earn more than $10,000 from your client.


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