Before a job interview, what are those questions to ask? In the quest to sound perfect and impress the employer, a lot of job seekers cram a lot of interview questions before a job interview. This might make them end up looking like programmed robots, instead of being natural and impress the interviewer without stress.

In this article, I will be writing about those questions you should ask yourself before a job interview, not just for self-assessment; but rather, a better way to impress the interviewer whenever you attend a job interview. The little secret is that; asking yourselves these questions makes you have an already professional view about yourself. Below are some of the questions and where they are applied.

Before a job interview

Who am I?

Who are you really? This should be the first question you should ask yourself before a job interview. Some job seekers even don’t know who they are and where they are heading too.

An Interviewer asks you, “Can I get to meet you?”. Instead of popping up those programmed answers you’ve already crammed upstairs, it is better you sound natural. As a job seeker or working personnel, it is imperative you have a clear explanation for “Who you are, where you are heading to as you focus on your career”

E.g.: My name is Bush and I am a professional Salesman. I studied Agricultural Engineering, but I have about 3 years cognitive sales experience. I have sold more of services than products and I believe that is where my strength lies the most. Also, I look forward to being considered among the top sales people in the country soon with a good reputation for myself.”

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Why should we Hire You?

What are you bringing to the table? Of all the candidates waiting outside, why should they hire you.

It is advisable to do a thorough review about the company you applied too, before you finally head for an interview. Let’s assume they are hiring a Marketing Analyst, you should know that all of you have almost the same skill set when it comes to marketing, that was why you all was invited for the interview. So, the question again, “why should they hire you?

Let’s consider the following options

  • Can you prove yourself in the role you applied for?
  • Can you go extra miles to get the desired result?
  • Do you have influence? (Know people and have the contacts?)
  • Can you help them solve other problems aside the job role you applied for?

Let us consider a marketing interview. Let’s assume of all the 5 candidates invited for the interview, just one person has an ICT skill (Digital Marketing, Networking, Web Development, and etc). It would be foolish of any interviewer to do away with such a candidate. That is why it is always advised, you need to get that extra skill. It not only opens your chances of landing a great job, it gives you an edge over those who have none.

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E.G. “Aside being a born Marketer and having the work-rate to smash home my monthly targets, I have extensive knowledge of Digital Marketing. This means that the company doesn’t need to stretch finance in order to hire a digital Marketer. I also have good webdesign and development skills. This means that we don’t also need to hire a web manager for our web projects Sir.” How does it sound?

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Now that you know all these, what are you going to do about it? Time and tide waits no for nobody. Till we meet again, how many skills have you acquired?

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